Top 21 Best Project Management Software of 2024 [Free & Paid]

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Do most people ask why project management software even we have a team leader? Then, my friend, this is the time to get one because, in this busy time, we can’t manually update our spreadsheet or give the details on little changes through team meetings. So what’s the solution? The answer is project management software.

And here in this post, we will share every little information about project management tools along with the top 10 tools to have a look at. So let’s start.

best project management software

What Is Project Management Software?

When people work in a team, they have to do multiple tasks as a team. And all these things can’t rely on human memory or manual note-taking. You have to organize multiple things to complete the task at the time.

Also, sharing all the details in 10 meetings a day over email is a productivity disaster. To deliver the project on time need to plan everything. We have to note down the information, share documents, plot deadlines, and share tasks with the respective person. It means a team member needs to communicate with one another frequently. And here, the project management tool comes into the role.

Project management software is an online system that helps a group of people work and collaborate on a project. It is a remote workspace where people work on the same task without sitting around the table together.

One can update all the details related to the project. Even outside members can keep an eye on the work if invited to do so. In short, it helps the team to handle all the common problems like deadlines. It could extend the deadlines if any other task is added to the work. It also gives work insight and time to spend on a specific piece of work.

Note that project management apps are the opposite of work management software. The project is a part of work that starts on one date and needs to be finished before the decided date. For example, designing new software is a project. And to make this happen, you need a perfect mapping of your work. For that, you can use project management tools.

How does Project Management Software Work?

Project management software is a crucial tool to enhance the communication and productivity of the project team. A dedicated project manager designs the project schedule and monitors the progress of team members.

However, this can’t be done manually if the unit is significant. A Project manager can collect the Progress report or status from each employee when the team is of a hundred people. In such a case, the project management software comes into the picture. All of the team members, including the project manager, have access to this project management software. A project manager has more authority than a team member.

People involved with the project can use this software to submit their work and update the assigned tasks. They need to login into the project management software and enter the details of their work. Employees can share their work status, and they can also submit files and relevant documents.

Employees, Contractors, and even some clients are also part of the project management software. All of them have access to this software. It will help to create transparency in the business. Employees can share all relevant documents and files on this platform. It is easy for documentation purposes.

When the project is on time, you can consider that the employees also complete each milestone, task, and subtask. It will help to finish the job within the given deadline. When the project is behind schedule, you can monitor the aspects we lack and then improve them. It will enhance the productivity of employees.

You can manage various events to maintain the timeline of the project. Having visibility to each employee’s work helps the management team analyze employees‘ mentality and introspect about the project management’s problems and issues. For example, if you have two tasks due by tomorrow, you will select the work according to priority.

This software also provides the visual representation of work by bar chart and Gantt chart. It will help the Project manager to see the broad picture. This software has many customization options. So, you can modify the software according to your requirements. The project manager has the admin power to supervise other employees.

This project management software also addresses some problems like storage space like Google and iOS storage. It provides some free and paid cloud storage. The cloud storage’s size depends on the program you select. Project management software can easily integrate this tool with many other third-party tools.

Why Should We Use Project Management Software?

The project management tool’s main benefit is that it helps the project manager analyze the team’s work throughout the different phases of the Project. There are many other advantages of project management tools.

#1. Effortless Project Planning:

For any project manager, it is very tough to make a plan for the Project. Project planning and scheduling is very tedious but the most critical work. With a project management tool’s help, the project manager can quickly and efficiently perform this task. Project management tools have specific features that estimate the time and capture various constraints like cost, scope, and schedule.

#2. Balanced Resource Management:

For a project manager, resource management should be effective and efficient. So, they need to develop a strategy that balances the company’s resources and proves cost-effective. Overbooking and underbooking employees with work are futile, and this will decrease productivity. Project management software has a unique tool for resource management. These tools use historical data and analysis to book the resources for the Project.

#3. Pipeline Forecasting:

The project manager has to deal with multiple projects simultaneously. Because taking projects at a time will be more time-consuming. That is why most of the project manager initiates their projects parallelly.

It will improve profitability and also create healthy competition between different project teams. However, the manager can do multiple limited projects without project management software. This tool provides an overview of the Project to each member and helps in giving a task.

#4. Improved Team Collaboration:

When the team can see all team members’ work and progress reports, it will help design a schedule that improves team collaboration. Teamwork is essential for any project. With the help of Project Management tools, you can create a small team in the Project and assign them to work with reasonable deadlines. It has tools like a discussion panel, timelines, dependencies, and many more.

#5. Real-time Project Budget Management:

Budget management is not the same for all kinds of projects, and even it fluctuates between the projects. So, it is essential to create such a budget that allows efficient working. Project management software has budget forecasting tools that help you visualize each Project’s financial picture with appropriate Financial metrics.

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#6. Reliable Up to The Time Reporting:

To achieve long-term success in the Project, submission of all tasks is essential. If all task is submitted within the time, the Project can meet the deadline. Project Management software is dedicated to this task. It plays a major in the reporting of the task. Each employee can submit their task and update the progress status according to work done. The project manager can also modify the team member’s work and assign a new task after completing one.

#7. Effective Internal and External Communication:

Project Management software helps to communicate with all members who are associated with the Project. It is an all-in-one platform that allows user to share their quarries and submit the work on the deadline. The project manager can supervise them. It increases the transparency between the management and employee level.

How To Select The Best Online Project Management Software?

The Project Management tool is beneficial in project management. It tracks down the deliverables for managing resources and also forecasts the project budget. You have to consider so many aspects while selecting the best online Project management tool. These aspects are essential to have in a project management tool. It includes:

#1. Task Lists:

The tool has a feature to assign and update the task and work status so that each team can reach the same page and communicate fairly.

#2. Schedules:

For Scheduling, the Project management tool must have calendars, Gantt Charts, or milestone tools. This function helps to map the project’s progress into time. It is helpful to set realistic deadlines as per the performance of the employees.

#3. File-Sharing:

It is essential to have various features on a single platform to avoid any confusion. So, the Project management tool also has a file-sharing option. Due to this function, the project management tool becomes an all-in-one platform. Various teams can now submit their work through this software, and the Project manager can also look into the files from this platform.

#4. Communication:

If you want to improve the team’s productivity and efficiency, you should increase communication and transparency in the group. The project management team should have a chat option that allows users to discuss one particular topic and share announcements.

#5. Reporting:

If the team members can submit work on one platform, this will be easy for the management level to assess their work, and it also helps the employees with the reporting. They can easily change the work status and submit the work report in the Project management tool.

Best Project Management Software in 2024

#1. Zoho Projects


Zoho Project management software

Zoho Projects is cloud-based project management software that helps teams plan projects, track their progress, and execute them effortlessly. It caters to projects and teams of small, medium, and large businesses.

With Zoho Projects, teams can plan by sectioning large projects into different levels, such as milestones, task lists, tasks, and sub tasks. Its collaborative features like the Feed module, Forums, Pages, chat, and comments enable effective communication with internal teams and clients.

The Calendar module in Zoho Projects presents a month-by-month view of project activities. The tool’s integrated Timer lets users quickly log their billable and non-billable hours in the Timesheet module.

The customizable Dashboard offers an immediate picture of the project status. Gantt chart enables teams to visualize the project schedule and the dependencies between tasks. The Resource Utilization table shows team member availability and indicates overworked resources.

The wide range of reports gives clear insights on task completion status and the work hours split among team members. Zoho Projects offers no-code task automation with workflow rules, Blueprint, and custom functions. This improves team productivity, minimizes delays, and ensures the execution of approval-induced processes.

Zoho Projects makes it easy for teams to carry out end-to-end project management, as it seamlessly integrates with a number of in-house and third-party apps.

With independent mobile applications available for iOS, Android, iPad, and other tablets, Zoho Projects users can manage their projects from anywhere.


Free: $0
Premium: $5/user/month
Enterprise: $10/user/month

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Monday project management software

Next up we have, which is simple and user-friendly project management software. It is ideal for building custom workflows across the team. is trusted by millions of users around the world. It provides an easy way to get started and customise your workflow to speed up work.

It is an award-winning solution that can be used for organising projects and tasks remotely. Due to its high efficiency, it is trusted by many big companies like BBC Studios, Hulu, Adobe, L’Oréal Paris, and others. is packed with an array of features, which are needed for efficient project and resource management.

It also includes features for collaboration, reporting, and time tracking. Not just that, but it also includes a central dashboard for reporting. It can collect data from other boards to track progress.

However, it lacks the tools needed for invoicing and solutions. To make up for the drawback, it offers other tracking tools for invoices, hours, and timelines.

What users like about this software is that it is highly customisable. You can tailor it as per your team and project requirements.

It can automate some parts of the process. This is possible with the workflow tools offered by the software. can be integrated with other apps such as Google Drive, Slack, Jira, Gmail, Typeform, Google Calendar, and many more. This makes it an efficient solution for you and your team.

With, you can also view pending tasks by timeline and individual. This will help you to review outcomes and team efforts.

Using will not only boost your team’s alignment but will also help them work with full efficiency. So if you want to increase your team’s productivity. this is for you.


  • Individual: $0
  • Basic: $8 per seat/per month
  • Standard: $10 per seat/per month
  • Pro: $16 per seat/per month


#3. Mavenlink


Mavenlink project management software

Mavenlink is an industry-standard project management tool that is specifically designed for the financial and operational sides of businesses.

It helps connect the entire organisation by serving as the Operation Service of Record. It comes with several unique functions and features that make it stand out from other tools.

Some of the notable functions include project management, business accounting, and resource management.

The implementation of this tool helps you to bring your team members together while working on a specific project or task.

It also includes budgeting and resourcing tools. With the help of these features, you can improve the financial visibility within your company.

Mavenlink is trusted by several agencies and organisations across the industry. Using this tool, you can smartly scale and deploy teams in real-time.

It also gives you the convenience of responding to changing business realities. Mavenlink gives you the power to help your team make informed decisions.

It is designed to boost productivity and enable your team members to work efficiently. Simplify and streamline operational processes for better collaboration, project accounting and management.

It provides out-of-the-box integrations, so you can make the most out of your systems. By connecting your system with other tools, you can integrate data and automate workflows.

Mavenlink also provides insights into the project that you are currently working on. You should leverage the insights to improve visibility and project outcomes.

Using Mavenlink for your organisation can give you various advantages. It leaves a positive impact on the day-to-day functions of your company.

This software is ideal for agencies and organisation with extensive functionality to manage projects and resources.

It is also easy to get started with. If you are looking for an efficient project management tool to fit your budget, you should consider getting Mavenlink.

Pricing: Not specified

#4. Clickup


Clickup project management software

If you want a project management solution with unlimited seats, you should try ClickUp. It is a reliable tool that gets all your projects in one place.

It is packed with powerful features that are helpful in organising, completing, and managing all your team’s projects.

With the help of this solution, you can plan projects, manage resources, and schedule tasks, in a centralized workspace.

Not just that, but it also promotes easy collaboration and communication with team members as well as guests.

For effective task management, it includes task templates, subtasks, and task checklists. It also can sort, filter, re-order, search for, and view tasks.

ClickUp is designed to make project management easy and convenient for everyone. It is an efficient solution with all the right features you need.

It allows users to create calendars, timelines, and Gantt charts to visualize tasks. It also has features for sharing, creating, and collaborative editing for documents and Wikis.

Users can leave comments on tasks and documents, chat, and assign comments to other team members. It includes reporting features that allow you to create reports and custom dashboards for team reporting.

Like most other project management tools, ClickUp also offers integration with many popular apps and software. This includes G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, and many others.

By implementing ClickUp in your office, you can bring your team together to work on projects. It makes the whole process much easier.

From organizing projects remotely to tracking progress, everything is possible with ClickUp. With the application of this tool, you can build the perfect workflow for every project.

To make things convenient, it also provides 10+ customizable views. This will come in handy when creating a project workflow.


  • Personal: Free
  • Unlimited: $5 per seat/per month
  • Business: $9 per seat/per member
  • Business Plus: $19 per seat/per member

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#5. Hive


hive project management software

Hive is another great project management tool that helps your team to move faster. It is an intuitive solution that is best for messaging and collaboration.

This powerful tool is trusted by some of the top companies like IBM, Starbucks, WeWork, and Uber. It is the first-ever community-built solution that is entirely designed based on customer requests.

Implementing Hive in your organization can help you simplify workflows and complete projects quickly.

With unlimited projects, countless integrations, dependencies, and flexible project views, Hive streamline your projects in a single centralized platform.

The best thing about this tool is that it is suitable for all team sizes. Whether you have 10 members or 100, you can rely on Hive and its functionalities.

Hive is different from other tools. It is the world’s first productivity solution that is made by the community. This is why Hive’s features are constantly developed based on users’ feedback.

It includes many useful features like analytics, time tracking, view capabilities, and more. These features help you to understand the work done by other team members.

It also provides full email integration, using which you can receive and send Outlook and Gmail messages from the app.

Hive is mainly popular for its amazing range of communication features. It helps collaboration be smooth and easy.

It also comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, so your team members find it easy to use. That’s not all; it is also easy to integrate with other tools and apps.

Hive is a scalable tool that can be tailored to meet your project and team requirements.
With the help of this tool, you can stay updated about deadlines, progress, and what other members are doing.


  • Hive Solo: $0 up to 2 users
  • Hive Teams: $12 per user/per month
  • Hive Enterprise: Not specified

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Forecast project management software

Next in the line, we have Forecast, which is a smart automation platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.

It is an all-rounder tool for project and resource management. It leverages the power of AI to predict project scope and duration.

It takes just a few clicks to allocate team members and resources to each project. It also can manage resources across multiple projects.

Forecast is used in 40+ countries around the world. It is trusted by agencies, companies, and organizations of all sizes and shapes.

It is arguably one of the best project management tools you will ever use. It makes it easy to plan timelines and projects.

Forecast is packed with useful tools that are needed to manage invoices, quotations, etc. Additionally, it provides smart automation to predict project duration, delivery dates, and others.

This is an efficient tool with an amazing resource utilization feature. It enables your team to understand, where individuals are over or underutilized.

One feature that is worth mentioning is the Auto-Schedule option. It helps you to schedule projects, assign resources, and provide estimates for different tasks.

It also includes a drag-and-drop option that helps you to adjust resources and plans instantly.

It has a special tool that automatically creates a budget for every project based on important financial metrics. Not just that, but it also has support for various billing types.

With Forecast, you can create and customize up-to-the-minute reports and manage your projects in a retainer setup.

The dashboard makes it easier to track the financials of your current and ongoing projects.

Last but not the least; you can integrate this tool with various applications and software. It also works perfectly with accounting systems like Xero and Quickbooks with PM capabilities.


Lite: $29 per seat/per month
Pro: $49 per seat/per month

#7. FunctionFox


functionfox project management software

If you are looking for a user-friendly project management solution, you should try FunctionFox.

It is a widely popular project management software that is trusted by top names in the industry. It comes with a modern interface along with a hoard of useful features.

FunctionFox is the perfect solution for creative teams and agencies. It provides easy-to-use tools to track progress, create detailed projects, and much more.

It also includes interactive calendars and Gantt charts that come in handy while managing your resources. Within the tool, you will find several options for collaboration and communication.

FunctionFox enables you to easily connect with your team members even while working remotely. It is a web-based tool, so you can access it from both the office and at home.

It enables you to promote a seamless working schedule for all your team members. With the project scheduling option, you can conveniently assign work to your team members.

Not just that, but you can also schedule important meetings and mark dates using milestones.

Keeping a check on your team’s progress and capacity becomes much easier with the availability and to-do lists tools.

With project calendars and Gantt charts, you can keep a check on project timelines to complete them on time.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the blog options. It helps your team members to communicate with each other in real time.

Additionally, it offers comprehensive and flexible reports that can be exported in Excel format.

Unlike other tools, FunctionFox is not complex. It is easy to use and includes helpful tutorials as well. You can also seek unlimited customer support without having to pay any extra charges.

Before you get the paid version, you can try out the free demo version to find out whether it is suitable for your organization.


Classic: $5 per user/per month
Premier: $10 per user/per month
In-House: $20 per user/per month

#8. Celoxis


Celoxis project management software

Celoxis is the perfect solution for teams dealing with customers. It is a web-based tool that facilitates work collaboration and project management.

It is chosen by the world’s leading companies like Rolex, HBO, Del Monte, Virgin Care, and others. This should give you an idea of the tool’s potential.

It is used for streamlining processes, projects, and people. It comes with powerful features like interactive Gantt charts and project schedules that help you to bring your whole team together.

You can rely on Celoxis’ efficiency even while working from different time zones.

It includes lots of useful features like an in-app timer, customizable widgets, a tasks-per-user option, and others.

Celoxis provides unique tools for task management. By implementing this tool, you can eliminate the need for multiple software for your team.

It gives an edge to your team members and enables them to work efficiently. It allows them to see their to-do-list, and tasks, manage tickets, or report bugs.

They will also receive relevant notifications in their inbox. That’s not all; it enables them to send quick updates, without logging in.

Celoxis provides powerful collaboration features using which you can discuss projects with your team. It allows you to share files, mention comments, activity stream, and control document version control.

It brings all important functions like real-time project trackers, timesheets, to-dos, resource availabilities, and project finances into a single dashboard.

With strong analytical capabilities, it can add life to your project data. Organizations can take the help of this tool to gather real-time insights on project health.

It also makes tracking financial KPIs easier. Celoxis is a highly flexible and customizable solution for industries.

It is one of those project management tools that are available in both on-premise and SaaS flavours.


Cloud: $22.50 per user/per month
On-Premise: $450 per user/ yearly

#9. GanttPro


GanttPro project management software

Finding an online project management tool that is suitable for your organization can be tough. But not when you have a solution like GanttPro available.

GanttPro is one of the best and most trusted online project management solutions out there. As the name suggests, it is based on Gantt charts.

With the help of this tool, you can easily plan projects using interactive Gantt charts. You will also find this tool helpful while dividing projects into tasks and subtasks.

It helps you to efficiently allocate tasks and resources to your team members. Other than that it also helps you to measure out team availability and resources.

It also provides the convenience of estimating project costs. With GanttPro, you can keep your planning simple and your team members engaged.

New users can sign-up for a free trial. After you are satisfied with the tool and its functions, you can decide which plan to opt for.

GanttPro has been reviewed by the top software review platforms, which claim it to be the best project management tool.

With interactive Gantt charts, you can easily plan and control multiple projects at once. For convenience, you can split projects into tasks, subtasks and milestones.

It also allows you to schedule and organize tasks, durations, and set due dates, and dependencies. You can create a detailed Gantt chart online and set accurate estimates to manage your project resources wisely.

Use different workspaces for team projects as well as personal tasks. Not just that, but you can also delegate the whole process to team members.

Make sure that all members of your team are responsible and contribute to the project. To make things more convenient, it also allows users to prioritize tasks, and set dependencies in just one click.


Individual: $15 per user/per month
Team: $8.90 per user/per month

#10. Nutcache


nutcache project management software

Managing your projects from start to finish becomes easier with Nutcache. It is all-in-one software, where you can plan, track, and organize your projects with ease.

Nutcache was founded in 2013 and since then it has been offering quality services to users. It has the most robust features that make it stand out from other tools.

It includes powerful features like collaborative boards, project dashboards, and reports. These features are targeted for complex projects.

Nutcache is a flexible collaborative project management tool that enables you to track time and progress to know the status of your project.

With expense and invoicing management, it helps you to streamline the whole process from creating quotes to receiving payments.

It includes a centralized screen where you will find collaborative boards, expenses, attachments, invoices, and expenses. Besides that, you can also manage logged hours.

With the help of Nutcache, you can assign a specific task to members and promote greater collaboration within the team.

Reports and project dashboards will help you see the bigger picture and thus, enable you to make informed decisions.

It also offers a board overview to show the board’s key information, so you can track the project outcome.

The time tracking option allows you to use multiple web timers. Using this feature you can track time by the start/end values or duration. It also enables you to link members or tasks to specific projects.

Using Nutcache, you can group all expenses into respective categories and subcategories. This way you can simplify cost management.

Like many other project management tools, Nutcache also has free and paid versions. Before getting the paid plan, you should opt for a free trial to see if the tool is suitable for your business.


Free: $0 up to 20 users
Pro: $7.95 per user/per month
Enterprise: $15.95 per user/per month

#11. PSOhub


PSOhub project management software

Using PSOhub comes with plenty of benefits. This tool is popular because it offers a wide range of customization options. It also makes tracking and invoicing easy.

The biggest highlight is that it enables you to build projects for diverse teams. Whether complex or simple, it meets all your project management requirements.

With the help of PSOhub, you can smoothly run your business operations. It is a diverse project management tool that impacts the growth of your company.

Companies prefer PSOhub because it includes many important features and functionalities. It helps companies to optimize their business value and processes to ensure desired results.

PSOhub is the perfect tool for diverse project management. The implementation of this tool can boost the productivity of your organization.

It enables project managers to align their processes without complications. It is modern software that is designed to make the project management process flexible.

It includes everything that an efficient project management tool should have. It simplifies budget management, collaboration, and scheduling.

It offers ready-to-use templates to save time. Besides using smart contracts, you can also report, prioritize, and delegate your projects.

It has a task board that makes managing and tracking easier. With the help of this software, you can easily log and track tasks within the PSOhub browser extension, timesheet grid, mobile app, or calendar.

It also makes invoicing easy. Whether it’s automated or manual invoicing, you will surely save time with PSOhub.

In short, PSOhub is multi-faceted software that enables you to manage tasks and resources efficiently. It is the most diverse project management tool you will use.


Base: $8.50 per user/per month
Starter: $12.50 per user/per month
Rise: $16.50 per user/per month
Growth: $20.50 per user/per month

#12. Xebrio


xebrio project management software

With the Xebrio project management tool, you can work efficiently right from beginning to finish. It covers every phase of your project to ensure great results.

It allows teams to deliver products and apps with complete control, management, and tracking. It also promotes hassle-free collaboration, issue tracking, and task assignment.

The specialty of this tool is that it breaks down complex projects into manageable, smaller chunks. Doing so, gives you a clear picture of your project.

It also helps you understand the user stories and product requirements. It also enables you to include all stakeholders in your planning.

With the help of Xebrio, you can assign and manage tasks easily and quickly. It also makes collaboration and communication within the team easier.

This tool is equipped with useful features that help in tracking issues, releases, and planning sprints. You can do all this while maintaining your budget.

Some of the most notable features are approval workflows, Kanban boards, requirement traceability, file sharing, task lists, and milestone tracking.

With Xebrio you can manage requirements efficiently. It helps you to start your project in an organized manner. Not just that, but it also aids you to keep your team on track.

It can track the status of each requirement separately and that too at various stages of the project.

You can also integrate this software with other important apps and software to improve the workflow.

The good thing about Xebrio is that it offers a 30-day free trial. Before investing in the software, you should opt for the trial period. After you are satisfied, you can get the paid plan.


Task Management: $10 per user/per month
Requirements Management: $25 per user/per month
Requirements & Test Coverage: $40 per user/per month

#13. Trello


Trello Project Management Software

Trello is based on a card-based management system known as Kanban. If you want a simple start with a free trial and an easy-to-understand interface, this name is best for you. Trello project management system is ideal for small businesses and individuals.

It is a much more flexible and free tool that manages all the resources and tracks progress each day. The dashboard and cards are easy to understand. Whether you want to manage ongoing work with a team or an individual project, you can do both seamlessly.

You can’t imagine its hidden features. One can attach images, files, due dates, hyperlinks, dropdown menus, and others with the cards. When you have set any card with project details or work, it shows on the dashboard until you complete the task.

Once you are done with the board or card, it can be archived and can access in the future if you need some time. It offers 3 different plans according to use and money.

Trello has limited inbuilt reporting functions, but you can use multiple extensions to add more options. You need to look at other names for advanced needs, but it is a great name for the starters. It is available as a web version, desktop app, and mobile app.


• Free: $0
• Business Class: $9.99/ user/ month
• Enterprise: $17.50/ user/ month

#14. Wrike Project Management Software


Wrike Project Management Software

If You are looking for versatile and robust project management software, Wrike is for you. If you see that Trello has a limited set of functions and wants some additional, go and check Wrike.

The learning curve of this tool is not steep. You don’t need to spend hours learning and setting up the tool. It offers some standard and excellent features like comprehensive reporting, Gantt charts, and easy an and understandable dashboard.

If you are working with small to medium size team, you can use it without much learning. Even the free plan offers quite amusing features like board view, file sharing, real-time activity streaming, and integration to google drive, dropbox, one drive, ad MSFT office 365.

A built-in time tracking tool works best for the individual person and manages a project in a team. You can’t replace it with a time-tracking system, but it is good enough to handle your basic requirements.

The functional interface is refreshing and does a fine job. The free plan is charming. It does not bind you with any restrictions like the number project. However, there is a restriction on the number of users. Compare to other names, the paid plans are a bit expensive. It is available for android, iOS, and the web.


• Free: $0/month (up to 5 users)
• Professional: $9.80/user/month (up to 15 users)
• Business: $24.80/user/month (up to 200 users)
• Enterprise: Ask for the quote

Try Wrike

#15. Basecamp


Basecamp Project Management Software

Basecamp may be one of the oldest names in the list of project management tools. It is present in this industry for over a decade. Over time, it has a great customer base around the globe.

It replaces most of the monthly paid services like Slack. Yes, you can’t call it a perfect replacement, but yes, to some extent, you can choose it over other tools. The features and inbuilt tools at fixed prices make it different from the rest of the names. Some of them are file storage, private message, real-time chat, calendars, scheduling, etc.

The official website is a little cluttered, but the tool is quite clear and understandable. It makes the tool straightforward to use. One can easily find images, messages, tasks, and reports quickly.

Email integration, sharing individual tasks, personal messages, and messages to people outside the organization make it ideal for clients to work. One can customize all the notification, shut them off according to time or resume it anytime.

Yes, the fixed plan pricing is best for the big organization. Small to mid-size firms find it quite expensive. However, it offers a 30-day free trial with all the functions and features. It is available for desktop, mobile, and web.


• Free: 30- day free trial
• Personal: Free (3 projects, up to 20 users & 1GB storage space)
• Basecamp: $99/month

#16. LiquidPlanner


LiquidPlanner Project Management Software

LiquidPlanner is one of the smartest project management software. This software tries to bind big teams with many things, and unlike the other name, it succeeds in this aim.

It has powerful features to run the projects traditionally. What I like about LiquidPlanner are its general resource management tool and helpdesk-style issue tracker. Built-in strong reporting and integration to the major cloud are also there. The Zapier support lets you build your automated connection with other business tools you are using it.

When extra work is assigned to a specific person in the group, people’s performance is taken into account for those people while estimating project deliverables. With extra features, you will find little complexity. However, the liquid planner shows a good explanation for such aspects. It still needs your time to set up, learn, and master it. For that reason, it is best for longer teams and terms than for small teams and individuals.


• Free trial: 14 days
• Professional: $45/user/month
• Enterprise: Ask for a quote

#17. ProofHub


ProofHub Project Management Software

ProofHub is for those who love simplicity. It mainly focuses on small to mid-size businesses. One can assign tasks to clients and groups. From this, one can discuss, share, and edit the work. Proofhub creates custom roles for users. It can create Gantt charts.

Some of the features are custom roles, workflows and boards, task management, Gantt charts, reports, discussions, time tracking, chat, calendar, notes, file management, and in-app notifications.

Its graphic skills and email notification are one of the best features. Files can be uploaded securely from anywhere. It offers great comfort and flexibility. Powerful tools for data storage and communication are also a plus point.


• Free: 14-days free trial
• Essential: $45/month (no user restriction)
• Ultimate: $89/month (no user restriction)

#18. Microsoft Project Management Software


Microsoft Project Management Software

Microsoft Project is unbeatable for the time, as it has been around 30 years in varying forms. Still, it is a preferred tool for many people. With the high price and steep learning curve, people used it for large and complex projects. It means people, with time, expertise, and a hefty budget can invest in this comprehensive tool.

The interface of this best project management software looks almost similar to other Microsoft Office apps. The new members find it daunting, but tutorials and hints help them.

Trained professionals appreciate this tool and its in-depth details available for each task and resource. And all the resources are for a specific person, team, physical material, role, and something else.

Reporting is also powerful for customizable and pre-built reports. All the reports are quickly exported to Microsoft PowerPoint. Third-party integration is limited, which is one downside to this tool.

You can use it with an office 365 subscription. One can use it as a cloud-based subscription or on-premises. The price is based on users and the type of plan you chose.


A. Cloud-based project:

• Plan 1: $10.00 user/month
• Plan 3: $55.00 user/month
• Plan 5: $55.00 user/month

B. On-premise solution:

• Standard: $620
• Professional: $1020
• Project: Ask for a quote

#19. Teamwork


Teamwork Projects Management Software

If you ever wanted easy-to-use project management software, the teamwork project tool is for you. Even though it offers a full set of features, the interface of the app is quite adaptive. It shows all the useful information easily without any long list and complex charts.

It automates various actions. You can even choose such action within the app or using third-party tools and services. Its flexibility is such a time save thing after you have done the setup.

One can view the tasks as a definitive list or Kanban boards. You don’t have to go through multiple screens to find out the details you need, and all thanks to its sensible menu option.

I like its various pricing model as well. However, it offers a free trial version to 2 projects with limited storage space. Those who required the best project management tool with high-end functions or want to handle more projects need to switch to the paid version. It supports the web, iOS, and Android platforms.


• Free Forever: $0 (up to 5 users, 2 projects, 100 MB storage)
• Pro: $10/user/month (30day free trial)
• Premium: $18/user/month (30day free trial)
• Advanced: ask for a quote



Nifty Project Management Software

If you are looking for advanced project management software that reduces the work, notably, then Nifty is for you. It will surely reduce the development cycle and improve team productivity.

It combines all important features in this tool, and as a result, it offers excellent progress. It is combining all of the important features of project management into one software. And the end, the result is amazing. It inspired the team to work better.

This software ensures that your organizational goals are completed on the time. You can manage the task through a list view and Kanban. It also has an inbuilt calendar and can integrate with Google. It also allows you to share files and other documents.

Teams can collaborate with a team or have an individual discussions in a specific communication way. It has an integration with Github, which makes it unique.

It offers different packages and can get as many guests or clients without extra charge for a specific package.


• Free: 7-days free trial
• Starter: $39/month
• Pro: $79/month
• Business: $124/month
• Enterprise: ask for a quote

#21. JIRA


JIRA Project Management Software

JIRA is the last name on the list, but it is quite a popular project management software. It was developed based on agile software teams. Within the software, teams can customize scrum boards, Kanban boards, and the agile method to improve productivity.

Users can track bugs, find issues, and monitor the task and time spent on it. It has a robust set of API that allows users to connect it with multiple third-party software.

Users can create a project roadmap to map out the progress of projects. The Project Board has a drag-and-drop interface to manage every little detail of the project. The system functions to create issues, plan sprints, and stories, and distribute tasks to team members.

Users get direct access to thousands of business applications and access all information about them. One can get info from design to monitoring tools and source code to productivity apps.

The prices are monthly based, not per user. A mobile app is available for android and iOS. You can get support through the portal or video tutorials.


• Free: $0 (for 10 users)
• Standard: $7/ user
• Premium: $14/ user
• Enterprise: ask for a quote


It is all about the 10 best project management software to look at before investing in it. The great part of these tools is that most of them are available for a free trial to know which one to invest in. We have tried to include all the information we can; still, if you have any doubts, you can ask your questions using the comment section below.

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