10 Free Novel Writing Software For Windows 10 in 2024

Find the list of the best free novel writing software to write a novel. We have shared a comparison list with prices and features.

Writing a novel is the evergreen choice of humans. When humans started to think intellectually, they write their philosophy, way of life, observation of the world, and introspection of human life inner as well as outer. So writing a novel is the instinctual tendency of humans.

Long ago, philosophers who wrote novels had a pen and paper to write all of the content, and they hire some proofreaders to find out any writing mistakes. The underlying human tendency of humans is to always go from low efficiency to a higher one. Presently We have computers and laptops and a lot of programs as well as applications to improve our writing skills, sentence formation, grammatical errors, find a pot, and overcome it.

For writing novels, you need to have passion, creativity, deep thinking, ideas, and an intellectual thought process. Free story writing software increases your efficiency and makes your path very easy. If you are searching for particularly this type of software, then your search is over, Today We are introducing your Free Novel Writing Software for Windows 10. Before we go in deep on this topic, first of all, I want to show you types of Novel Writing Software free.

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Free Novel Writing Software

How Can Free Novel Writing Software Help You?

It can help you in the following ways:

  • Organizing content
  • Developing, structuring, and restructuring plot/content
  • Exploring grammatical error and correcting it
  • Editing using various frameworks
  • Publishing and marketing

Best Free Novel Writing Software

If you think that all this technology controls your artistic-intellectual freedom, then you are wrong. Computers can do what most intelligent humans can’t, but computers can’t do what 9-year-old humans can. I mean that technology never overcomes your artistic intelligence, but it helps you to achieve it by lessening your writing task. Free Novel writing software for Mac and Windows are divided into four categories, which are given below:

1. Organizational Writing Software

Writing a novel is such a fascinating thing to do, playing with words, and playing with characters. Here you will get notes on the theme, setting, and characters. You can continuously improve the plot as the story take shape. By using it, we can accumulate bundles of research notes according to your subject and novels. You can easily find some dialogues which are written in the novel which you have never known.

Sometimes lots of articles and research notes pile up creating a mess that is not suitable for your artistic peace of mind; it just distracts you from your work. So this type of software eventually helps you to form peace of mind by organizing secondary work.

This type of novel writing software is way better than Microsoft Word or Pages, where nearly 96% of features are unnecessary for writing novels. It is specially designed for writing novels and literature.

2. Story Development Software

The second type of software is story development software. It will suggest you in creating writing plots and characters. Some of the advanced software also helps you in developing story themes and story world, which includes storyline as well. By using this type of software, keep in mind that they are nothing but programmable robots.

For example, if you type some lines in the box, it gives you an outline plan for your novels, which is the bulk of sentences that makes nothing but a fictitious storyline created by a robot. It looks excellent but disrupts your artistic freedom, so be aware of this fact also.

The downside is when fiction is written, it breaks rules which are established before, and it is called artistic freedom, but when a computer algorithm writes a particular story, and it does not break a single rule and stick to the blueprint. It is where the real trouble begins. This situation creates a minor conflict between humans and machines/algorithms/software.

3. Proofreading And Editing Software

This software helps the user to shine the manuscript created by the user before publishing it. It is an essential task whether you want to publish it in a traditional way or online; this software will help you.

A particular time ago, when we haven’t this type of technology, novelist or writer had higher proofreaders to correct their mistakes. Creating a mistake is natural. If you know all the rules of grammar, then also you can miss out on some errors.

So hiring a human to correct your grammatical and fundamental mistakes is not an efficient and economical way. By using this type of software, you can get nearly 100% accuracy in your work. It is a free novel writing software, so it is also monetarily efficient.

4. Publishing And Marketing

This type of software solves all your business-related complex problems. It simplifies complicated terms into merely one. It is not necessary to possess, but if you haven’t any knowledge about how things work in the industry, then this type of software gives you the edge to understand I or make your way simple.

Best Free Novel Writing Reviews best free novel writing software that can change your experience of writing novels. You can surely fall in love with its features that initially help you to write the best content or make it the best.

Free Novel Writing Software For Windows 10

#1. Reedsy Book Editor

Website: https://reedsy.com/write-a-book

If you are at the primary stage or you are doing good in the writing profession. You always have to upgrade yourself. No one can decide and write a novel sitting on a couch, but it is a very tough job to write, and getting mastery in writing is even tougher. So there are plenty of serious writers using Book Writing software. Reedsy is one of those books writing software.

If you need professional feedback, looking for a writing coach, or just a final eye on your manuscript, Reedsy is the best software for you. The interface of the software is designed in such a way that you can only focus on your writing part, and the interface gives a distraction-free environment. The formatting toolbar is very convenient to apply. You will learn about the descent format of the books, and typesetting makes the writing consistency and obstacle-free.

Reedsy Book Editor

You can prevent yourself by continuously re-reading and revising chapters, which eventually saves us time. You can now work on your manuscript in real-time and make necessary comments also.

After completion of your book, they provide an editor to verify your manuscript. As editors are professional, they also guide you in the right direction. It is a professional theme that is specially designed for eBooks, authors, and publishers, so you don’t have to depend on the expensive typesetting processes. After all this process, they are also ready to distribute in bookstores because they have various tie-ups that will help you. So we can say that from 0 to 1, from production to publish, they help you in every stage with professional as well as personal hand-holding.

#2. FastPencil

Website: https://www.fastpencil.com/

FastPencil is a small platform in size but capable of doing a lot of things because it has lots of tools. You can also use this software to distribute your books. You can use this platform for writing free of cost, but other services are chargeable.

You need a network connection to access your file on pc because it is a browser-based platform. With this free novel writing software free for windows 2010, we can write different types of books with a suitable format, and we don’t need to worry about privacy/security.


This software can convert your content into a book with suitable modifications like page design, etc. And this software also helps you to give a professional touch-up for the final product, which eventually helps you to get on the bestseller list. You can also invite your colleagues, friends, and even hire editors to improve the quality of your work.

You can publish your book in different formats by using this software. Like, PDF format, ePub 3.0, Mobi, Paperback and Hardcover with retail barcode also. This software also takes care of distribution channels, eCommerce, and even delivery after publishing the book. All the papers are published globally and distributed through the ISBN channel, so you don’t have to worry about the middle-level distributors.

Also, there are several tools inside the software that will take care of promotion, sales tracking, and royalty counter. You just need to select packages like free, catalyst, Fast Track, Marquee, and Maestro, and the software will do according to it.

#3. yWriter

Website: http://www.spacejock.com/yWriter.html

yWriter is one of the best novel writing software which is available to us. It breaks your novel into different sizes of fragments considering scenes and chapters. It tracks all your work and helps you to design your story efficiently. It also gives suggestions from time to time and also observes your performance.

It also gives you liberty for the creative task by not interfering a lot. The best part of it is free to use, and you also can register your copy as well. It also organizes a framework of the novel by adding a specific chapter, scene, characters, items, storyline, location, etc. to the project. It also gives you a word count of a particular file or current file and the total word count, too.

At certain intervals of time, it will automatically take a backup of your data so you won’t affect by the substantial loss of specific writing/file/work. This software has a handy feature that you can write multiple scans in a single chapter.

It also gives you a visual representation of your and bird’s eye view of the storyline. Eventually, it makes the task very easy for a writer/editor to evaluate. In any case, you find your order of scene is not ordered or not adequately placed; then, you can re-order it within a chapter. You can also drag and drop the location, views, episodes, characters, and items.

#4. FocusWriter

Website: https://gottcode.org/focuswriter/

As the name suggests, you can increase your focus by using this software. The majority of writers face distracting issues while writing the book. FocusWriter helps you to meet deadlines. The interface using this software is simple and distraction-free. You can increase your working efficiency by using it.

It minimizes your work, and you can start focusing on your content. You can decrease clutter exponentially on your screen and save all your content inside the software. It is mainly used for the first-run writer. If you want to go through the second and third drafts, honestly, this software is not for you. In the software, one essential attribute provides the best writing.

The other feature in software includes menus, drag and drop, toolbars, or copy and pastes. The interface is designed just like you won’t distract from your work, and nothing comes between you and your words. FocusWriter is free software for writing novels that organize your work and give you artistic freedom to create fantastic content. This software is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

#5. Scrivener

Website: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener/overview

It is the best software for authors and screenwriters. This software contains features like an outline, side-by-side viewing, a full-screen editor, and word count targets along with print, corkboard, print, export, and different type of publishing tools. This software is not available free of cost, but it is worth spending money on.

By using this app, you can manage all things from scratch. You can manage from writing to publishing to marketing. You can fragment your text into several sizes, or you can leave it for the processor of Scrivener to complete your attaching task. The outline tool in Scrivener firstly plans and then restructures according to the line of the story improves.


You are free to use your artistic sense by writing the whole chapter in one section or separating them into many chapter or paragraphs that suits you. There is one innovative model that allows you to put the pieces together.

You can also do text editing like bold, italics, highlight phrases, underline something, add comments and annotations, insert images and tables, make lists, etc. you can also customize the toolbar. This software is best for fiction as well as non-fiction writers. It can shorten the quotes and enlarge the heading.

#6. Novel Factory

Website: https://www.novel-software.com/

The Novel Factory has everything that a writer is looking for. This book writing software is best for beginners to experts. It breaks down the writing into small fragments and makes your work very easy and stress-free. You can find the location of a particular detail from the location tab. It provides many images to inspire the storyline ad writer. It automatically generates proper descriptions for scenes and also builds up the immersive story world.

Novel Factory

You can get an over-the-line of each character by using the character tab. You can also open individual characteristics as well. It incorporates an introduction, viewpoint synopsis, necessary information, questionnaire, history, and notes as well. Using an outline is capable of generating scenes directly. It is capable of creating scenes and also breaks them automatically. After completing it, you can move to the first draft.

The interface of the software is quick and easy to learn. If you are new to this interface, you don’t need hours to understand it. Its function and features are straightforward to adapt. Because of its online version, it can work efficiently in all operating systems. For Pc and laptops, it also has a desktop version of the platform as well.

#7. NewNovelist


Writing a new story is a robust and tiresome task, but when you have NewNovelist, then there is no need to worry about it. It will help you from scratch. With a few changes, this best novel writing software has all the things that a writer wants.

It is more like writing software rather than an organizing tool. You just need to select a proper template, and this software automatically creates software for your novel. It continually gives you suggestions throughout all stages of your writing journey. You can also change the template which suits you, or you have an emerging story that you want to differentiate from other content.

You can also create a large number of characters, objects, places, and ideas from proper references, and you can also apply them from different stages. The best part of it is that you won’t get confused. Other features like visualization can help you to keep all things in context. So you won’t get confused or forget about any character, ideas, or maybe twist and turns inside the story.

You can also use print preview and printing facilities via WYSIWYG. There are also two import features called spell checker and word analyzer, which can help you to publish a novel without any errors. Finally, it supports all windows versions.

#8. Novel Suite


It is a streamlined program, especially for writers. The introductory screen is colorful, which attracts you and also navigates the user to different modules like a novel board, word processor, image library, writing template page, character list, and a separate area for research.

It is designed especially for those people who have complex ideas and complex structures of content but do not want to work with complex interfaces at the same time, rather than they choose the simple interface to simplify and organize their complex idea beautifully.

Novel Suite

The software has a total of six templates that give the best output for the newly written novel. For example, the first template helps the user to provide an overall journey of the story abstractly and captures readers’ models allowing flexibility in writing. It is a paid app, but a free trial is available, so the first experience it, and if you find it is your cup of tea, then go for it and buy it.

If you purchase it, you will experience that alone, writing templates are worth the price. This software is best for those who continuously explore different types of models. The other features are add-ons, which include outlining scenes, chapters, research, character profile sheets, various detailed templates, and image library sections.

#9. AutoCrit


Autocrat is different from other software in terms of organizing, developing and self-edit the story, in-depth editorial services, and function, which is capable of an entirely new twist and turn to your novel. If you have a decent size of the draft, then and then only this platform is useful. If you are that type of writer, who wants all his sentences perfectly as he imagined and for this, you are continuously micromanaging your work; then it is the best novel writing software for you.


Some features and individual elements observe your work and initially help you to improvise it. It continuously monitors your writing style, and by following it, it narrows the choice even more like generic descriptions. It also improvises sentences and also works on personal phrases and even more that you do not imagine.

It gives you all possible editing that nourishes your content, and it’s up to you to choose it or not so it won’t kill your artistic freedom. Some writers feel they hesitate to buy it, but they never know how hard it is to edit your work. It also gives you descent service, which includes professional prospects to edit your manuscript. The charges are varying according to your plan and choices. The basic plan is 30$ per month; the professional program is $85 per month.

#10. WriteItNow


It is the best platform for writers and authors and makes their writing simple. The toolbar and basic interface are at the top of the screen and easy to excess making the interface very simple. The sidebar keeps tracking your writing. It provides a different reference, which eventually helps you to edit your novel.

You can easily check word count and spelling counts. It also can eliminate unnecessary phrases from your writing. As its name suggests, it helps the writer to get their work done in resilience. It is licensed software, and it covers Mac and PC versions both. It is quite costly compared to others. There is a free trial, but it won’t save your work. The license fee is $59.95.


So this information is all about free novel writing software. I covered all aspects of it majorly, whether it is the feature or the software itself. I hope you like it, and this information adds value to your intellect. If you are willing to use any above software, then comment down below.

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