Amadine Review – Universal Vector Drawing App for iPad and iPhone in 2024

An increasing number of designers choose to work comfortably from any location. The iPad is the most practical gadget for any digital nomad doing graphic design work. It’s small and powerful, lightweight yet expansive at the same time—everything a designer could want. What about the software, though? Which vector drawing software is the greatest option for flexible designer work when one wants to view the entire professional toolkit in one place?

Every time you touch the screen of your iPad with your Apple Pencil and move to your iPhone to showcase your creations, Amadine delivers. What makes it so wonderful is the traditional assortment of tools with unmatched functionality for iPads and iPhones. The Amadine team is always developing new features and responding to suggestions from all users. What more is there to want? We’re prepared to show you what else Amadine has to offer.

Amandine Review

Amandine Review

Amadine is the only company offering the same operational level of vector graphics for iPads and iPhones, as it does for Mac. Amadine provides the smoothest mobile device experience without losing the desktop features. To ensure perfect design flow, the whole range of Mac features was carefully redesigned for complete interoperability with iPadOS and iOS. The thorough step-by-step tutorials for both platforms will take the user by the hand and smoothly walk through the world of vector graphics.

Apple Pencil

Amadine works well and is compatible with all versions of Apple pencils. The Path Width tool and the pressure-sensitive Stroke quickly and easily provide the necessary results.

Native Gestures on the iPad

To ensure you make the most of them all, keep in mind every natural motion you are accustomed to on the iPad. All of your favorite shortcuts—Zoom In/Out, Undo, and Redo—are there at your fingertips.

Native Gestures on the iPad

Fusion tool

Amadine unveiled the Fusion tool, an effective tool for combining many lines and curves to create intricate forms. An alternative to boolean operations is this feature. Additionally, it contains the Paint mode, which gives each freshly produced shape an option for coloring style.

Recolor Panel

Alter the entire color palette with a single, quick stroke, or gradually add more colors. For the finest eye candy effects, experiment with as many color combinations as you wish.

Different Effects

Use the Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Shadow, and Blur effects to add style to your designs to give your vector graphics more vitality and depth.

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Fields of Use for the Amadine app

It takes more than simply a knack for graphic design to produce outstanding projects; you also need strong tools that may enable you to realize your imaginative ideas. Amadine will assist you in expanding your professional skill set and streamlining your workflow with new tools to supply you with a diversity of solutions for different projects.

Print-related Projects

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Brochures

Different Types of Illustrations

  • Books illustrations
  • Web illustrations
  • Lettering & Calligraphy

Web Design

  • Web banners
  • Advertisements
  • Layout

User Interface

  • Icons
  • UI elements
  • Mockups


  • Logos & Brand books
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging design

Charts and Graphs

  • Pie charts
  • Bar graphs
  • Schemes

From the beginning of time, those who could skillfully translate their creative vision into reality have been the models of human growth and self-expression. Digital graphics are the pinnacle of modern design, used in everything from precise drawing to magazine covers to audio record covers and illustrations for children’s books.

Amadine is ideal for anybody who works in digital art, illustration, web design, or wants to create scalable vector art instead of merely raster images. To realize your vector fantasy, all you need is a well organized user interface, an abundance of tools that a designer’s creativity can create, and an easy learning curve complete with tutorials and how-to articles.

More About Drawing Tools in Amadine

They are to be found in every vector drawing program—tools for drawing. The question is how clear-cut and user-friendly those necessities are. As always, Amadine says it best. You can find the list of all the features on the official website to satisfy even the most exquisite requirements.

The most versatile tool for creating forms using freeform curves as vector primitives is the Pen tool.

Draw tool will help you create pathways and forms using this freehand sketching tool to give the impression that your images were created by hand.

Path Width tool comes in handy when using your finger or an Apple pencil to create strokes on your iPad that vary in width.

Using Gradients to fill Shapes is a terrific technique to bring more life and volume to your designs.

Effects and Styles

Applying strokes and adding color to Shapes is much easier with the aid of the Appearance panel. Moreover, you may use the eyedropper in the Tool panel to duplicate your work’s style and apply it to another graphic.

Text Tools

While not necessary for every design, these tools ought to function flawlessly whenever text is present. With its use of circular text, text on route, and text in form, Amadine software excels. Additionally, writing language that flows will assist you in creating the text-based dream documents.

Diverse Exports

Even on an iPhone, you can export your drawings to a variety of file types, such as raster PNG, TIFF and JPEG, vector SVG and PDF.

Industry-standard alignment is provided with the Pixel Preview, Snap to Grid, and Snap to Pixel options. Utilize Smart Guides to increase layout accuracy by up to 1px.

Amandine Pricing

The version for iPad and iPhone can be downloaded from the App Store for free. All the tools are available for the try-out, which is not time-limited. You can create and save as many .amdc files as you wish. Every time a user starts creating a document in a free version, the app warns about the Export limitation: “Please note that the Free Version comes with restricted Export and Print options. The restrictions are lifted via in-app purchase or subscription.”

Amandine Pricing

The pricing has both lifetime and subscription options. The lifetime license costs US$29.99 and provides the full access for the users who dislike the subscription model for their go-to software. The monthly subscription costs only US$2.99 and helps the total newbies to dive into the vector design. The yearly subscription of US$9.99 provides an excellent option for designers who love to keep their options open and try out the new softwares coming to the market.

Perfect Harmony Throughout All Apple Products

Amadine can brag of being accessible on the iPhone as well as the iPad. However, what really sets a designer’s experience apart is that the app provides the ideal balance across all of your Apple gadgets. Savour versions made with consideration for the unique characteristics of the different platforms, particularly for macOS, iPadOS, and iOS. See for yourself by taking Amadine for a spin!

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