15 Best Electronic Signature Software in 2023

Before we discuss electronic signature software, you need to first understand what eSignature is.

To put it in simple words, an eSignature refers to the digital signature of a person. It is used to confirm the authenticity of an online document.

An eSignature software helps you to sign online documents easily. For instance, it can be used to make signatures electronically, sign PDF files, etc.

Electronic signature solutions are provided by eSign companies. This software is developed to simplify the digital signature process.

Efficient digital signing software not only helps in document management but also provides an enhanced customer experience.

If you are in search of the best electronic signature software, you are in the right place. We have handpicked some of the top solutions that will get your documents signed quickly.

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Best electronic signature software

What Is Electronic Signature Software?

Electronic signature software can be described as a technology that helps you to sign digital documents.

It is a type of document signing software that doesn’t require paper, faxing or scanning your documents. It can be used to sign documents safely and securely on an online platform.

This type of software is developed to replace the manual signing processes. It not only speeds up the signing process but also boosts productivity.

While desktop-based solutions let you sign documents on your device, cloud-based eSign software allow multiple people to sign from different locations.

Electronic Signature Software Features

Electronic signature software comes with many key features. However, the features will vary from one solution to another.

Some electronic signature companies provide more features, while some others make basic software.

The common features found in eSign software are:

Electronic signing

This is the main feature of every electronic signature solution. Using this option you can sign any digital document and share them with others.

Audit trails

This is an important feature that provides a detailed report about the changes made to a document. It will let you know the names of the people who have signed the document as well as other details.

Workflow management

This option enables you to stipulate the various stages of electronic signing. It comes in handy when you need to get the documents signed by multiple people.

Mobile applications

An eSign mobile app allows you to act on a document on the go. Using these feature customers can sign the documents irrespective of their location.


Reputable eSignature software can be integrated with various other office applications such as CRM, HR, billing, and others.

Which Are the Best Electronic Signature Software in 2023

Here is list of best electronic signature software to use.

1. PandaDoc

Website: https://www.pandadoc.com/

PandaDoc electronic signature software

PandaDoc occupies the first position because of its wide range of features and affordable pricing.

It comes with a 14-day free trial and user-friendly interface that is suitable for varying business and personal signature needs.

With the help of this solution, you can send documents quickly and securely. It allows you to collect legally binding digital signatures on any device.

Other than that it can create, track, and send documents by duplicating your existing workflow process.

You can gain full control by integrating it into your website and applications.

Key features of PandaDoc

  • 14-day free trial
  • Automates approval processes
  • Unlimited electronic signatures
  • App and website integrations

2. DocuSign

Website: https://www.docusign.com/

DocuSign electronic signature software

DocuSign is one of the leading electronic signature companies in the industry and that too for all the right reasons.

It is easy to get started and convenient for everyone to use. In addition, it provides a free trial plan.

DocuSign is highly efficient eSign software that allows you to access, sign and share important documents at any time and from any place.

It also works with various devices, applications, and services you already use. This includes Apple, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, and many more.

This is ideal eSign software for all individuals and businesses. It empowers more than 85 million users across 188 countries.

Key features of DocuSign

  • Provides cloud support
  • Identity verification
  • Can be integrated with other apps
  • Activity tracking

3. eSignatures.io

Website: https://esignatures.io/

eSignatures software

eSignatures.io is a simple, lightweight document signing software that will help you to speed the signing process.

This software has existed for a long time and has a high demand in the industry. One of the many reasons behind its popularity is the low subscription price.

It includes the features you expect to make workflow and document management easy. Some of the notable features are white labelling, embedding, integrations, and bulk sending.

It also includes custom templates to tailor your important PDFs to your company’s style.
It makes a desirable choice for companies looking for an affordable solution with features included in high-end signature platforms.

Key features of eSignatures.io:

  • Fast signing process
  • Allows bulk sending
  • Mobile friendly signing
  • No subscription fee

4. HelloSign

Website: https://www.hellosign.com/

HelloSign electronic signature software

HelloSign is popular eSign software from Dropbox. It is mainly preferred by freelancers because of the low price tag.

It is packed with several features that companies find useful. HelloSign is suitable for anyone looking for a comprehensive solution at an affordable rate.

Besides the basic features, it has strong security options like tamper-proof documents and two-factor authentication.

There are multiple subscriptions available and the features vary depending on the plan you pick. The expensive one supports bulk sending, custom branding, and integrations.

Serious users should opt for HelloSign API, which will let you integrate the software into websites and applications. Plus, it will provide industry-level security.

Key features of HelloSign:

  • Supports bulk sending
  • Includes custom branding and templates
  • Provides detailed reports
  • Integration available

5. signNow

Website: https://www.signnow.com/

signnow electronic signature software

signNow is another widely used eSign software but it includes extra features which make it stand out from other electronic signature solutions.

It has all the features of an eSignature solution along with a user-friendly payment system. This payment feature is powered by AirSlate and helps you to process payments with no code.

Like other paid software, it has different subscriptions to suit the different needs of businesses. AirSlate ensures a smooth connection to payment systems such as Stripe.

It is a PCI compliant solution that makes it secures for card payments. It has features that are required to get funds in the bank when sending out signature contracts and forms.

Key features of signNow:

  • Includes a payment system
  • PCI compliant
  • Provides a free trial period
  • Workflow automation

6. Adobe Sign

Website: https://www.adobe.com/sign.html

Adobe Sign electronic signature software

Adobe Sign is one of the leading eSignature software in the industry. It is packed with numerous features and is designed to manage the signing process via any device.

Using Adobe Sign, you can make signatures on documents even when you are not present in the office. This is made possible with the Adobe Sign mobile app.

With the help of this software, you can instantly convert any document into an online form. It also allows you to collect payments from clients directly via electronic forms.

Adobe Sign is fast and can get your documents signed in no time. It helps improve business productivity by collecting signatures from clients.

Key features of Adobe Sign:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Office
  • User-friendly
  • Notification alert when forms are signed or viewed
  • Quick and secure

7. SignWell

Website: https://www.signwell.com/

Signwell electronic signature software

SignWell’s free plan has more features than others. It includes options like reminders, document workflows, and document tracking.

It gives a customized experience to all its users, depending on the type of document you are signing.

While legal documents have guides for signing, sales documents are presented with approval options.

It provides a detailed audit report in compliance with the US eSignature law standards for every document that you sign.

To add to it, it is also in compliance with HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2.

Key features of SignWell:

  • Easy to use
  • Instant signatures
  • Provides audit reports
  • Custom templates

8. Secured Signing

Website: https://www.securedsigning.com/

Secured Signing electronic signature software

If you are looking for cost-effective eSign software, you can consider taking a look at Secured Signing. It is a cloud-based solution, which can be accessed from any device.

Secured Signing is designed to make the process of electronic signature easy. It can be used on various devices such as laptops, mobile, or PC.

Being a low price software, it includes dozens of extra services. One of the features that are worth mentioning is the video confirmation option.

This feature helps you to identify signers and protect your documents from getting forged or tampered with. It supports PDF files and includes options such as multi-page signing.

The basic plan allows signing up to 10 documents per month. After that, the price depends on the number of documents and users per month.

Key features of Secured Signing:

  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Build your software using API
  • Customizable form builder
  • Good tech support

9. Formstack Sign

Website: https://www.formstack.com/products/sign

Formstack electronic signature software

If you want a flexible and easy-to-use solution, you should consider opting for Formstack Sign. It works with various file formats, such as PNGs, Microsoft documents, PDFs, and JPEGs.

With the help of this software, you can collect digital signatures anywhere and via any device. You can just send the link to the document that you need to get signed.

It is packed with several useful features like auto-reminders, mobile signing, drag-and-drop signatures, and others.

Formsrack Sign works to improve the overall customer experience with high-level functionality.

It provides audit trails, so you can keep track of all the changes and signers who signed the documents.

Key features of Formstack Sign:

  • Signature templates
  • Includes password protection and SSL encryption
  • Supported by all devices
  • Enterprise-ready solution

10. Signeasy

Website: https://signeasy.com/

signeasy electronic signature software

Signeasy is the kind of eSignature software that can be used both at home and office. It is a mobile-ready solution that seems to make everything much easier.

This is also a cloud-based software that helps you to act on your documents even when you are traveling, shopping, or at a coffee shop.

It comes with a free trial to give you a detailed demo of its features and services. It allows you to sign any document using a stylus, mouse, or even your fingers.

With the available templates, you can reuse and resend similar documents. This not only saves time but also makes the process more convenient.

Signeasy has very competitive pricing. Although the standard plan is affordable, it has limited functionality.

To take full advantage of this eSign software, you need to opt for a higher plan such as the professional and plans.

Overall, Signeasy delivers a decent entry-level service that is useful to medium and small-sized businesses.

Key features of Signeasy:

  • Works seamlessly with other tools
  • Suitable for both businesses and individuals
  • Mobile-ready solution
  • Includes a free trial

11. OneSpan Sign

Website: https://www.onespan.com/support/esignature/e-signing-documents

OneSpan Sign electronic signature software

With millions of users, OneSpan Sign is one of the best digital signing solutions out there. It has got many big companies such as US Army, IMB, and BMW using its software.

OneSpan Sign is an ideal choice for all businesses. It is an optimized solution with a user-friendly interface. It is flexible eSignature software that can also be deployed on a private cloud.

It also includes several integration options that allow you to connect it with other applications such as Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.

The flat-rate pricing is not mentioned on the website, so you will need to call up OneSpan support for a quotation.

Key features of OneSpan Sign:

  • Includes many integrations
  • Upload image of signatures
  • Digital signature certificates
  • Esigning documents from email and dashboard

12. Lightico

Website: https://www.lightico.com/

lightico electronic signature software

This is web-based, second-generation, eSign software that primarily focuses on B2C transactions.

With the help of this solution, you can convert your documents into smart forms. Aside from that, it helps with payment collection as well as ID verification.

It enables you to design your own automated, no-code workflow irrespective of business logic. It can be integrated with websites, CRM, and call center agent toolbars.

Lightico enables you to collaborate seamlessly with your team and clients. The best thing is it is suitable for all types of businesses.

Key features of Lightico:

  • ID verification
  • Document collection
  • Allow secure payments
  • Suitable for all industries

13. Eversign

Website: https://eversign.com/

Eversign electronic signature software

With eversign you can automate your documents in no time. Besides managing eSignatures, it helps with effective document management.

It also includes many other notable features such as document editor, secure storage, and custom document templates.

It can efficiently manage documents for multiple businesses and thus, it proves to be useful to companies that are not willing to implement a CRM system.

With eversign, you can maintain records for signers and other details. To provide complete security your data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL.

You can use this eSign software on any device. It also integrates smoothly with other tools and applications that your business is using.

Key features of eversign:

  • Reduces document turnaround time
  • Legally-binding signatures
  • High-level security
  • Automate your documents

14. Scrive

Website: https://www.scrive.com/

Scrive electronic signature software

Scrive can be the perfect solution for remote teams as it allows you to sign and send documents from the applications you work with.

It is electronic signature software that allows you to manage documents via any device. It helps you to automate the digital signing process using templates and self-service forms.

It provides a better eSignature experience for all your signers and clients. It also protects your documents with tools like NemID and BankID.

You can even customize the digital signature using different colours and brand logos. First, try it for free and after that, you can select a plan that is appropriate for your organization.

Key features of Scrive:

  • Forms automation
  • Protection of documents with BankID and NemID
  • Integrations with various software
  • Customize your eSignature

15. PDFfiller

Website: https://www.pdffiller.com/

PDFfiller electronic signature software

Lastly, we have PDFfiller, which is a digital PDF tool that allows you to sign any PDF file. It is ideal for anyone looking for a free digital signing solution.

It is an efficient tool that allows you to edit PDF, sign, and search PDF documents on an online platform. Unlike other software, you don’t need to download and install it on your device.

It packs several useful features such as QR code, real signature and image, mobile signing, and others.

PDFfiller can be integrated into any system you are working with. It can instantly find and share PDFs with just a few clicks.

Key features of PDFfiller:

  • Collect data and payments
  • Fill and edit documents
  • Instant PDF sharing
  • Online solution

Who Uses Electronic Signature Software?

Digital signatures software is widely used by businesses, companies, and corporations. It has become a standard solution in the corporate world.

It is mainly used for signing financial transactions, PDF files, and other important documents online.

This type of software comes in handy in contract management software and detecting tampering or forgery.

Companies also use it to speed up the signing process, so that they can utilize the time on other important tasks.

Some organisations use it to improve their reputation. Reliable eSignature software safeguards and provides the right controls and makes the company more credible.

Large companies rely on these solutions to eliminate archiving problems. Copies of digitally signed documents are automatically saved in the database.

Last but not the least; companies rely on digital signing solutions to eliminate paperwork.

Is Electronic Signature Software Safe?

Electronic signature solutions are 100% safe and legal. It is used by almost all big and small companies and corporations.

Electronic signature software not only provides multiple layers of security but also provides proof of transaction and audit trails, which includes the history of changes made on the document.

Some solutions include certificates of completion that provide specific details about every person who signed the document, the signer’s IP address, and signature image.

It also digitally seals the documents using PKI technology (Public Key Infrastructure), which indicates that the document is not forged or tampered with.

The best electronic signature software simplifies the eSigning process and saves time. This type of solution is not only ideal for businesses and big enterprises but also for individuals.

With the solutions mentioned in this post, you can sign, send, and edit documents from any location and via any device.

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