15 Best Free YouTube Intro Maker in 2024

Do you want to create an intriguing YouTube intro? Does making a YouTube intro seem like a task for you? Are you looking for a free YouTube intro maker? Well, we have an answer to all of these questions.

In this post, we answered all of your questions about how to make a YouTube intro. We have covered everything, whether it is about which is the best free YouTube intro maker to how to choose the best free YouTube intro maker.

Intro makers for YouTube are a quick way of creating an intro; it saves you a lot of time and keeps your audience hooked till the end. So to give you a head start, we have listed the top 15 free YouTube intro makers.

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Best Free YouTube Intro Maker

Best Free YouTube Intro Maker


Making an intro for YouTube is no longer a difficult task. You can create an introduction for your channel in no time using a YouTube intro maker free online. As there is an abundance of free YouTube intro makers on the web, we have done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the top 15 free YouTube intro makers.

#1. Filmora9

Website: https://filmora.wondershare.com/video-editor/

Filmora9 youtube intro maker

Filmora9 is a Wondershare product that provides a professional-level video editing tool. You can download Filmora9 for free and create high-quality YouTube videos. In addition, Filmora equips several features and gives the users access to do basic animation even on their movie devices.

It includes a tonne of additional features as well, but you’ll have to get the premium edition of Filmora9. Its premium edition features a removable watermark as well as numerous effect and motion components. The sole disadvantage of Filmora9 is that it is a professional-level video editing program, which needs extensive training to grasp its user interface.

Notable Features of Filmora9:

  • Easily downloadable on a computer or mobile
  • Works both as a video editing tool and animation creating studio
  • Numerous advanced features in the paid version
  • Offers musical tracks to build an engaging intro
  • User-friendly and versatile
  • Creates high-quality YouTube Video


  • Free
  • Life Time plan: $59.99
  • Annual subscription: $44.99

#2. IntroCave – Intro Maker for YouTube

Website: https://introcave.com/

IntroCave Intro Maker for YouTube

IntroCave is the next free YouTube intro maker on our list. Intro cave is a customized intro maker that is quite simple to use. It aids in the creation of a brief introduction in a matter of minutes.

It includes some lovely templates with pre-existing background music. You can either choose among hundreds of templates and add your content for downloading. Introcave allows you to make free standard definition videos with watermarks, but if you want to download the video, you’ll need to purchase the premium version, which costs between $5 and $100.

Notable Features of Introcave:

  • Less time consuming and gives excellent results
  • Easy to use and requires few steps to prepare an intro
  • Existing backtrack in its templates
  • High-Quality video option in the paid version
  • You can upload your logo, audio, and images
  • Well categorized templates


  • Free
  • Starter Pack: $5
  • Professional Pack: $10
  • Producer Pack: $100

#3. Renderforest

Website: https://www.renderforest.com/intro-videos

renderforest intro maker

Renderforest is a web-based intro designer that allows you to produce high-quality intros in minutes. Renderforest is one of the most popular intro makers for YouTube compatible with any operating system and offers more than 50,000 intro templates that you can edit using logos, colors, palettes, soundtracks, and fonts.

Renderforest is a versatile intro maker that provides 300MB of storage as part of its free plan. The free edition allows the user to produce an unlimited number of videos with a time limit of one minute and a resolution of 360P. Even though you can make an endless number of videos, they will all have a watermark on them.

Notable Features of Renderforest:

  • Myriad of customizing choices available
  • Huge collection of templates
  • Allows users to modify light, speed, and animation
  • Offers special services at different prices
  • More than 50,000 video templates
  • Compatible with all OS


  • Free
  • Amateur plan: $59/month
  • Pro plan: $89/month
  • Business plan: $119/month
  • Enterprise plan: $299/month

It is also available in the Pay per export plan. The first plan costs $9.99. Plan 2 costs $19.99, while Plan 3 costs $29.99.

#4. Panzoid

Website: https://panzoid.com/tools/videoeditor

Panzoid intro maker

Panzoid is a free intro-making tool that is useful for making custom videos. Panzoid allows you to either develop your template or choose from one of the templates supplied by the Panzoid community.

Panzoid is a professional intro maker and hence requires skills to operate it. However, there are a variety of tutorials and guidelines accessible for users that may be useful. Panzoid has a huge fan base because of its community and services. Panzoids editing Suite is easy to use but may seem outdated to some people.

Notable Features of Panzoid:

  • Provides lots of features in its free version
  • Various editing options for modifying a video
  • Provides services like video and background editing
  • Can produce high-quality intros
  • Allows you to either choose or create a video template


  • Free
  • Starter pack: $1.99/month
  • Creator plan: $7.99/month
  • Pro plan: $11.99/month

#5. Biteable

Website: https://biteable.com/intro/

Biteable intro maker

Biteable can assist you in creating a great YouTube intro in a matter of minutes. It has a wide range of videos, templates organized by category, and the option to upload to any social networking platform. It is easy to use and perfect for novices.

The sole disadvantage of Biteable is that the layouts are not regularly changed, putting them out of date. The free version of Bietable includes four million clips, animations, and pictures, plus unlimited export and a watermark. With the paid plans, you can get access to 1080 HD resolution and commercial use rights.

Notable Features of Biteable:

  • Popular and reliable
  • Less time consuming and productive
  • Possible to share it on social media.
  • Easy to use for beginners as well
  • Premium edition includes some exciting features


  • Free
  • Plus plan: $19/month and $288/year
  • Ultimate plan: $49/month and $588/year

#6. Promo.com

Website: https://promo.com/for/youtube/intros

Promo youtube intro maker

Promo.com gives you a centralized location to save all of your videos. You may use our free YouTube intro maker to upload, download, and share your intro for free. It includes a custom intro template, music, images, and logos.

In addition, it provides your marketing films with an added touch by tastefully concluding your video. The free edition includes a watermark and certain limitations, but the premium version gives you access to all media libraries, stock pictures, high-quality movies, and soundtracks.

Notable Features of Promo.com:

  • Over fifteen million professional video clips
  • Lifetime license for sharing the intro videos
  • Assists to add the right music to a particular video
  • Stored and usable indefinitely once downloaded
  • Provides custom logos, templates, and texts
  • Hosts, uploads, and downloads all videos for free


  • Free
  • Starter pack: $18/month

#7. Ivipid Intro Maker

Website: https://ivipid.com/

ivipid intro maker

Although Ivipid is not a free YouTube intro creator, the price at which it is accessible is low and inexpensive. It’s an excellent option for small enterprises, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Without any difficulties, you can make an intro video in three simple steps. You may save videos to the cloud and access them at any time and from any location.

Because there is no free version of this intro maker, Ivipid may be a tad pricey for few individuals. There are only a few templates available, and there are no sophisticated editing possibilities. This intro creator is best suited for novices and may not meet the requirements of large company units.

Notable Features of Ivipid:

  • Simple to use
  • The prices of this intro maker are affordable
  • Upload video from the cloud and access it anywhere
  • Provides decent quality videos


  • 200 credit pack: $1.99/month
  • 600 credit pack: $4.99/month
  • 1000 credit pack: $6.99/month
  • 3000 credit pack: $14.99/month
  • 10000 credit pack: $34.99/month

#8. Tube Arsenal

Website: https://tubearsenal.com/

tube arsenal youtube intro maker

Next, we have on our list of YouTube intro makers free online is Tube Arsenal. It is a web-based free YouTube intro maker that automates the process of creating a YouTube intro. Tube Arsenal’s main advantage is its diversity of templates, similarity to pop culture intros, and filterable layouts. Finally, a sit is a relatively recent introduction maker for YouTube; it has both pros and cons.

Video modification is possible, but only to a limited extent. It’s also not a free intro maker since you must pay for each template you select for your intro. If you want a better-resolution video, you will have to pay an additional fee. Aside from that, using this intro creator is very difficult.

Notable Features of Tube Arsenal:

  • No requirement of experience for beginners
  • Visually appealing templates
  • Hassle-free web-based design
  • Filterable layouts for easy pick


  • Free
  • Premium pack: $5
  • A higher-quality plan: additional $4

#9. Offeo Online Youtube Intro Maker

Website: https://offeo.com/create/intro-maker/

Offeo Online Youtube Intro Maker

If you want to make a YouTube intro for free, then Offeo is one of the best options for you. It offers several free templates and graphic elements that can escalate the viewership of your video. It has all of the features you’ll need to create an eye-catching YouTube intro. Offeo’s designs are appropriate for both individuals and corporations.

Offeo’s free edition offers almost the same level of capability as the premium version, except for certain extra features such as a 3-minute video, 20GB storage space, a changeable picture backdrop, limitless projects, and high-resolution movies.

Notable Features of Offeo:

  • Great functionality at a cheap rate
  • Properly grouped templates
  • Excellent graphical components for a fantastic intro
  • High-quality stock images
  • Straightforward and user-friendly


  • Free
  • Premium pack: $12.42/month and $149/year

#10. Flixpress

Website: https://flixpress.com/

Flixpress intro maker

Flixpress is a well-known and long-established free YouTube intro maker. It is ideal for small businesses that wish to create content regularly at a low cost. It offers a variety of subscription programs that are both inexpensive and flexible.

It’s easy to use and may be used to update or create a new intro. Despite its popularity and age, it lacks all starry features and provides restricted access to free users. Flixpress free users grants access to fifteen templates, two minutes of monthly time, a watermark, and a one-day storage length.

All limits get removed when you upgrade to a personal, expert, professional, or enterprise plan. The storage time grows in tandem with the image resolution and monthly minutes.

Notable Features of Flixpress:

  • Price choices that are both reasonable and flexible
  • Numerous backgrounds and animations
  • One of the oldest intro makers for YouTube
  • Mainly focuses on business users
  • Both popular and reliable


  • Free
  • Personal pack: $0.83/month
  • Expert plan: $9.99/month
  • Professional plan: $49.99/ month
  • Enterprise plan: $79.99/month

#11. Wideo

Website: https://wideo.co/make-video-intro-online/

Wideo intro maker

Wideo allows you to personalize your intro with over 100 layouts, colors, and fonts. You may store videos in full HD and then download them in high-definition and MP4 format. Wideo reduces the entire procedure to a minimum of time and saves your favorite parts of the video for subsequent use.

Wideo’s free edition includes branded videos, one-minute films, and ten video templates. When you upgrade to the basic edition, you’ll get ten video downloads per month, a video length of 1.5 minutes, and 33 various video layouts.

Both pro and pro+ versions include limitless video downloads and a comprehensive template library; however, the pro version can only make a 10-minute movie while the pro+ version can produce a 30-minute video.

Notable Features of Wideo:

  • Web-based intro maker
  • Access to more than 100 templates
  • Countless brand colors and fonts
  • Downloads video in HD and MP4


  • Free
  • Basic plan: $19/month and $228/year
  • Pro version: $39/month and $468/year
  • Pro+ version: $79/month and $948/year

#12. Crello Free Youtube Intro Maker

Website: https://crello.com/create/youtube-intro/

Crello free youtube intro maker

Crello is one of the best free YouTube intro makers, with millions of pictures, graphics, and animations. It features a powerful user interface that is suitable for both experts and beginners. In addition, it’s simple to use and doesn’t require any instruction to get started.

Crello’s beginning subscription is free and allows access to more than 200 million Depositphotos stick files, thousands of high-definition video clips and animations, five design downloads each month, and one million free pictures. These features are available in the pro version, along with extra features such as a brand kit for generating branded content, removable backdrop pictures, and team membership.

Notable Features of Crello:

  • High-definition animations and video clips
  • Free trial period with subscription
  • Access to more than one million free pictures in the pro version
  • User-friendly and less time consuming
  • Suitable for both professional and beginners


  • Free
  • Pro Pack: $7.99/month

#13. VideoCreek Youtube Intro Maker

Website: https://videocreek.com/make/youtube-intro-maker/

VideoCreek Youtube Intro Maker

VideoCreek is an excellent option for YouTubers learning how to make a YouTube intro. It is the ideal choice for novices since it offers an introduction in three simple phases. You can alter the picture, soundtrack, and other aspects of your video.

Although video creek has restricted access, as a beginner, it will assist you much in understanding how to create an appealing beginning. The free version of VideoCreek has in video watermark, more than three million media libraries, a duration of 15 seconds for each video, automated text to speech, and 5000+ templates for videos.

By purchasing the advanced edition of VideoCreek, you may remove the watermark, have access to the premium library, and retain all of the features of the free version.

Notable Features of VideoCreek:

  • Best choice for beginners
  • Lots of options for templates
  • Can edit any video with three simple steps
  • Requires no software installation


  • Free
  • Business plan: $15/month and $180/year
  • Unlimited plan: $30/month and $360/year

#14. LightMV Free YouTube Intro Makers

Website: https://lightmv.com/free-intro-maker.html

LightMV Free YouTube Intro Makers

LightMV creates professional-quality videos with a few simple steps. It is very user-friendly and quickly makes an impressive video with vivid themes. It is a cloud-based intro maker for YouTube that generates a high-quality video with a single click. Because LightMV is web-based, you must have an active internet connection at all times to utilize it.

LightMv is free to download and use, but its templates have a watermark. However, with the premium plan, you can download HD videos for free, post videos on your channel without a watermark, add a logo for free, boost the production capacity by 100, and shorten the time it takes to prepare an intro.

Notable Features of LightMV:

  • Bold, bright, and impactful layouts
  • Full HD videos across all devices
  • Professional quality video
  • Simple structure and easy to use
  • Exciting features at a reasonable price


  • Free
  • Monthly plan: $29
  • Quarterly plan: $39
  • Yearly plan: $179

#15. Animaker Intro Video Maker

Website: https://www.animaker.com/youtube-intro-maker

Animaker Youtube Intro Video Maker

Animaker is the final intro maker for YouTube in our list of the best YouTube intro maker. Animaker is a well-known intro maker with over three million users all around the world. Its popularity among users stems from its simple user interface and a vast library of animations.

Because Animaker is a web-based platform, it requires cutting-edge hardware to function. The free edition of Animaker has a lot of features, but the commercial version has even more.

Notable Features of Animaker:

  • Consists of a sizeable animation library
  • Users create mobile-friendly videos
  • Includes pro-level camera and various transition effects
  • Voiceover tracks using a voice recorder or imported files
  • Allows users to create unlimited videos in the free version
  • Very easy to use


  • Free
  • Basic plan: $10/month and $120/year
  • Starter plan: $19/month and $228/year
  • Pro plan: $49/month and $588/year

Features To Consider While Choosing The Best Free YouTube Intro Maker

Because intros are such an essential element of the film, you should put out the effort to create an engaging one. So, here are a few features to consider before selecting the best free intro creator for YouTube.

1. Good Templates

An intro builder with good templates can assist you in creating your good intro. A video temple serves as a solid structure and allows the creator to customize it in their unique style. Moreover, a video template already contains all of the professional elements necessary for an appealing beginning, making the intro preparation work simple.

2. Easy to use

An Ideal Intro maker for YouTube is the user-friendly one. A complicated intro creator will confuse users, and in the end, the user is sure to make a mistake when following a profusion of stages and guidelines. The simpler the processes, the better it is for the creators.

3. Less Time Consuming

The optimal duration of an introduction is 6 to 10 seconds, and if the user will spend half of this time crafting a decent intro, what about the main content? As a result, a good intro maker should demand the least amount of creators time. This way, the content creator can focus on the other aspects of the video.

4. Animations, Colours, and logos

A good intro includes animations, vibrant colors, and logos. These elements make an introduction more intriguing and keep viewers interested. An opening with entertaining graphics and appealing colors and logos familiarises viewers with the YouTuber’s channel.

In addition, an intro is perhaps the most viable branding step for a YouTube channel since it builds the creator’s online identity. As a result, selecting the appropriate animation, colors, and logos for a YouTube intro is essential.

5. Fairly Priced

When creating a YouTube intro, you search for the best choice accessible. While you’re at it, make sure it’s not putting a dent in your bank account. There are several free YouTube intro makers available on the web. However, they may not produce the best results. As a consequence, you can upgrade to a premium version for a better user experience and results.

FAQs About YouTube Intro Maker

1. Why do YouTubers have intros?

YouTube intros are necessary to let your audience know about who you are and give them a short brief about your channel. In addition, YouTube intros are a great way to inform the audience about how much they will benefit from watching the entire video. A good intro helps engage the audience and make them stick to the end of the video.

2. Which is the best YouTube intro maker?

The best YouTube intro maker is the one that comes with striking templates, is simple to understand and use, takes less time, includes various colors, animation, and logos to make your intro exciting, and provides premium features at an affordable price.

#3. Is the intro maker for YouTube free?

Yes, you can find many free intro makers, but they might come with various restrictions, like the existence of a Watermark and lack of some exciting features. Most of the intro makers on our list are free, but if you want a better experience and performance, you can always upgrade to the premium version.

4. How long should your intro be on YouTube?

A YouTube intro should be short and engaging at the same time. It should be related to your content and should attract the viewers to hook the audience. Ideally, a YouTube intro should be between 6 to 10 seconds and should not exceed more than 15 seconds.

5. What should YouTube intro include?

A YouTube intro should include your channel’s name, branding elements such as your logo and colors, and a music snippet. All of these things will draw people in and increase the number of people who watch your video.

6. How much does a YouTube Intro Maker Cost?

Using a free YouTube intro maker is not a bad idea, but you will be missing out on a lot. On the other hand, a paid or premium version of an intro maker for YouTube will give you many benefits like a better template and access to premium stuff. Generally, a YouTube intro maker costs between $1.99 to $99.99, depending upon the features they provide.

7. How to make a YouTube intro animation free?

You can create a YouTube intro animation free using a suitable template provided by a good YouTube intro maker. There are various intro makers available to make a YouTube intro animation. A free version will provide you with enough templates and components to create a professional-looking animation. But if you want to gain access to a better animation library, you can upgrade to the paid version.


Creating a decent YouTube intro can have a significant impact on the brand of your channel. Most businesses nowadays utilize YouTube to market their brand and products; therefore, it is critical to select a video that will leave an impression on the mind of the viewers.

You can achieve this with the help of an intro maker for YouTube. Intros are an essential aspect of the video, so you should take the time to choose a good intro maker to make a YouTube intro.

We have suggested the best free YouTube intro maker in our list that will provide you with the best animation, music, logos, and templates. With the help of these tools, you can quickly create an attractive YouTube intro for your video!

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