10 Best Call Tracking Software in 2022 – [Free & Paid]

If you are following SEO and haven’t used call tracking software, you should reevaluate your SEO strategy. Call tracking software has the potential to give a boost to your sales. The sales team can use this software to analyze customers’ website journey before the on-phone closes and identify sales teams’ improvement opportunities.

There are various call tracking software available on the Internet, and, indeed, every phone call tracker software doesn’t have the same functionality. So, to save you time and resources, we picked the 10 best call-tracking software. Please continue to read this article to find out about call tracking software and its features.

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Best Call Tracking Software free and paid

What Is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software tracks and records information on incoming calls, including audio recordings and call sources. Phone call tracking is the process of categorizing phone calls into specific marketing channels such as SEO, pay-per-call, and other online and offline campaigns.

Call tracking software lets marketers know which marketing campaigns are generating more ROI and can hence, marketers can optimize their campaigns accordingly. In addition to attribution, the call tracking app provides call intelligence and conversion tracking.

It includes the discovery of caller characteristics (like demographics) and the context of calls, such as whether the caller is shopping online or repeating. Call tracking applications achieve this by integrating with CRM, web analytics tools, or other data stores. Major call tracking applications can generate lead scores for callers from this data and route calls accordingly.

Calls tracking software includes in-call analytics for various kinds of optimization. It provides call recording, sales coaching, call results analysis (such as conversions or losses, sales rep performance tracking, call quality, etc.), and sales guidance. The data obtained from these analyses can also be used to guide retargeting tasks in digital channels.

The call tracking software collects the following information:

  • Phone number
  • The geographic location of inbound calls
  • Source of calls
  • Inbound call time and duration
  • Number of calls received by the business

Features Of Best Call Tracking Software

The features of the call tracking system can vary according to your requirements. However, if you are looking for the best call tracking software, these are the top must-have features. You should at least consider these essential features while selecting the best call tracking software for your business.

1. User-friendly:

Someone with previous programming experience can only implement solutions that require employees to take a vendor’s training course or that are more suitable for small businesses or large enterprises than small businesses. This software should have an organized UI.

2. Automatic call routing:

Automated features, in general, can save you a lot of time, and especially if you can automatically route calls to specific agents, it can be beneficial to see if a particular agent feels the customer vein.

3. Unlimited inbound and outbound calls:

The fewer restrictions on the types of calls you can make or receive using caller tracking software, the more flexible and scalable you will be.

4. Easy to use:

If it’s too difficult to use, why buy a call tracking software program? The best options are easy to install and easy to implement across your sales and marketing teams.

5. Intuitive dashboard:

You may have to try a few different call tracking systems to see which dashboard is best for you. The dashboard should have all essential functions and shortcuts.

6. Caller profile:

Call tracking software programs should have the ability to set up a caller profile by capturing relevant data such as the caller’s location, device, and call duration.

7. CRM integration:

If you use a CRM program for sale, make sure you have the call tracking software program of your choice integrated with the system to incorporate the system’s caller profile’s relevant details into your contact records. It also applies to other major software programs used by the team.

8. Scalability:

You should think about the future while you select the best call tracking software. Maybe your business is small now, but it can grow big in the future, and you may need to use the program’s extensions. So, you should check their cost. This Scalability feature helps you to expand your business with the same call tracking software.

9. Real-time analysis:

If someone calls you, you can’t afford to wait for critical analytics to be accessed. It views analytics in real time, which improves your ability to deliver personalized calling experiences that are likely to lead to conversions.

10. Real-time and historical reporting:

Call tracking software’s importance is to use the captured data to make future call and field customer journeys more effective. However, you can only do so if you have the right reporting tools and the ability to track conversion rates and measure ROI.

11. Customizable:

Each business has its requirements and applications. So, the sales call tracking software allows the company to customize the options according to the requirements. It makes it straightforward to use the same software for multiple businesses.

12. Call recording:

If you plan to use a call tracking software program to develop your sales team, make sure you have the call recording properly. It allows the team’s managers to review past conversations to identify opportunities for improvement periodically.

13. Keyword tracking:

Ideally, the call tracking software should tell you that your contact clicked on a company website on the organic search results page for a specific keyword, navigated to a particular page on the website, and then made a call. Without proper keyword tracking, you won’t be able to get a complete record of your company’s contact history.

14. Intelligent call routing:

Many call tracking software programs provide their IVR systems or integrate with other programs already in use. What’s important is that you can work with these systems to dynamically and intelligently send calls to the right person, team, or department.

Best Call Tracking Software in 2023


Website: https://www.activedemand.com/packages/call-tracking/

ACTIVEDEMAND Call Tracking Software

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated business marketing solution that provides campaign management and reporting tools and integrates various business, marketing, and sales apps. So, it’s a call tracking feature that you are primarily interested in here, but it does more than just track a call.

ActiveDEMAND’s call tracking software features are quite comprehensive. It is the best call tracking software. It offers call tracking (including keyword-based tracking) and analytics.

It also records calls and provides conversation transcripts, compiles caller databases, provides incoming caller profiles and caller IDs, voice recognition, and automatic interactive voice response (or IVR). As part of a much larger marketing platform, ActiveDEMAND also offers campaign attribution and tracking capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Web session recording
  • Automatic call redirection
  • Call recording
  • Collide score
  • Call tracking analysis of multiple channels.
  • Smart call routing based on call duration


  • Free software for call tracking


Website: https://callcap.com/

CALLCAP Call Tracking Software

Callcap has been a pioneer in the phone call tracker software field since last nearly 20 years. Currently, the company supports cloud-based VoIP services for routing, tracking, and recording calls. It provides the ability to evaluate and summarize currencies, generate reports based on this data, and support a wide range of advanced call tracking capabilities throughout.

Callcap’s most significant feature is call recovery. The system tracks when a potential customer hangs up without a sale or when customer service does not meet established standards.

Recovery features include a ranking of high-value missed opportunities, the ability to track them via email, and a tool called Callsaver that gives employees a chance to recover from the queue. Callcap also offers a variety of third-party integrations.

Key Features

  • Call monitoring, tracking, and recovery.
  • Custom third-party integration
  • Customized development
  • Fast and accurate


  • Ask Callcap for a price quotation


Website: https://www.hubspot.com/products/sales/click-to-call

HUBSPOT Call Tracking Software

HubSpot is an advanced solution for sales, customer relationships, marketing, and content management. The functionality is much broader than call tracking, and it’s most common to use a separate call tracking software that integrates with HubSpot’s CRM module. There are several call tracking solutions on this list that do precisely that.

HubSpot’s VOIP allows you to make calls from your phone or browser. Specific calls and result attributes can be set at a particular service tier, provide automated text conversion, and generate follow-up tickets.

These features naturally integrate with HubSpot’s powerful CRM tools. HubSpot’s native VOIP doesn’t offer more sophisticated features like IVR and incoming call routing. It’s a tremendous free call tracking software. The premium version comes with more exciting and useful features.

Key Features

  • Automatic call recording
  • Custom call and result attributes
  • Tracking sales call attributes, records, and results.
  • Useful tracking of call follow-up


  • Free software for call tracking


Website : https://www.callrail.com/

CALLRAIL Call Tracking Software

CallRail is an online marketing and caller tracking software designed to provide detailed information about incoming calls and potential customers’ positions in their journey to becoming end customers.

It offers integration with Google Analytics and AdWords call tracking campaigns. It collects highly detailed pictures of caller history using email, call logs, and caller ID databases to identify trends and see which channels and campaigns generate the highest volume of calls.

In addition to detailed caller information and analysis, CallRail offers other key features such as call recording, keyword tracking, and third-party integration with various marketing and sales software, including Salesforce. It supports voicemail text conversion and SMS messaging, call routing and whisper messages, and mobile apps that allow users to answer calls and listen to messages remotely.

Key Features

  • Strong customer service
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Detailed caller information database
  • Integration with Salesforce, Google Analytics, and AdWords


  • Starting from $45 per month plus additional charges


Website: https://www.calltrackingmetrics.com/


Founded in 2012 by the Husband-and-wife team, CallTrackingMetrics has been growing since then in call tracking and currently boasts customers in over 90 countries. The software claims to be an all-in-one call tracking and contact center management tool.

It is a conversation analysis platform that enhances contact center automation through AI-powered call tracking capabilities. CTM offers a wide range of advanced features and numerous native integrations, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Shopify.

Various service layers provide predictive dialing, text messaging support, call tracking and auto-tagging, chat and text messaging support, and an open API for users who want to customize their solutions further. Even the most basic version of this Phone call tracker software offers unlimited multi-user support.

Key Features

  • Various third-party integration
  • Call tracking intelligence
  • Integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, Spotify, HubSpot
  • Contact management tools


  • Business plan: $39 per month
  • Marketing plan: $83 per month
  • Contact Center plan: $249 per month


Website: https://www.clixtell.com/

CLIXTELL Call Tracking Software

Clixtell has more features than any other call tracking, and it is affordable because it offers free software for call tracking. It offers integrated call tracking, fraud prevention, and a comprehensive digital marketing platform.

This sales call tracking software offers call tracking features including routing, recording, and recording advanced analytics engine, and rule-based automated protection against click fraud are signature selling points designed to protect against bot activity.

Conversation analytics works through conversion intelligence tools so users can track conversion rates by campaign, ads, page, and keyword. Clixtell runs on a centralized user dashboard that allows users to control website-based click and call traffic. The only prominent advanced feature it lacks is IVR speech recognition.

Key Features

  • Conversation analysis & tracking
  • Provides routing, reporting, and call logging
  • User-friendly interface
  • Powerful anti-bots and analysis tools


  • Basic Plan: $20 per month
  • Click Fraud Protection Plan: $40 per month
  • Professional version: $80 per month


Website: https://www.cloudtalk.io/

CLOUD TALK Call Tracking Software

CloudTalk is an online content center management solution featuring an extensive suite of advanced call tracking tools. It’s built to help businesses provide personalized customer service, track interactions in different ways, and manage incoming and outgoing call traffic.

This call tracking system integrates 24+ CRM management solutions, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Shopify, and Zendesk. CloudTalk offers several advanced call tracking features. Call routing may depend on agent skills and availability, customer preferences, or call destinations.

The system collects detailed statistics and analyzes and displays customer information cards for agents during calls. It supports unlimited outbound calls on specific service tiers and unlimited inbound and intracompany calls on all service tiers.

Key Features

  • 25 options for CRM integration
  • Advanced multi-base call routing
  • User-friendly UI
  • Detailed and easy-to-read reporting
  • Seamless and consistent CRM integration


  • Starter: $20 per user/ month
  • Essential: $25 per user/ month
  • Expert: $40 per user/ month


Website : https://www.dialogtech.com/

DIALOGTECH Call Tracking Software

DialogTech is a voice management platform focused on automation and call analysis. The target markets are digital agencies and enterprise-level marketing departments. It provides call tracking, data tracking, reporting, and analysis, and is designed to deliver personalized sales and customer service through a virtual call center.

DialogTech hosts an interactive voice response (IVR) that automatically qualifies prospects before passing them to sales agents. IVR is also intertwined with market research tools, surveys, and lead generation campaigns, and DialogTech advertises this feature as simple to set up without any IT experience.

The software also claims robust calls and marketing contribution capabilities that measure the call volume generated by various marketing channels. It’s a great Caller Tracking Software.

Key Features

  • IVR / voice recognition
  • Measure ROI through sender data
  • Useful call attribute, data tracking, and analysis
  • Reliable IVR-based function


  • Ask DialogTech for a price quotation.


Website: https://www.engagebay.com/crm/telephony-crm

ENGAGEBAY Call Tracking Software

A group of marketers, sales professionals, and developers created EngageBay software, whose mission is to create business automation software that solves the pervasive problems of clumsy and overly complicated solutions.

This call tracking software aims to combine sales, marketing, and customer service into an all-in-one web-based solution that offers high functionality at an affordable price for small businesses and startups.

EngageBay boosts a native CRM module with ticketing and help desk capabilities and knowledge base, along with introductory call tracking features such as call recording, call profile and database, call routing, and campaign tracking. It doesn’t support advanced call tracking features such as automated transcription, keyword tracking, and IVR tools.

Key Features

  • CRM module with ticketing and help desk
  • Call routing and recording
  • Campaign tracking
  • Customizable forms and reporting
  • Bulk management of contacts


  • Free version with 1000 Contacts and 1000 Branded Emails
  • Basis Plan: $7.79 per user/ month
  • Growth Plan: $14.99 per user/ month
  • Pro Plan: $29.99 per user/ month

10. Fresh caller

Fresh caller Call Tracking Software

Freschcaller is a business VOIP system specialized for online call center operations that do not require direct integration into the business’ core phone system. It provides powerful inbound and outbound calling capabilities such as logging, recording, monitoring, and integrating with a full selection of Freshworks software, including CRM software such as Freshdesk.

Freshcaller provides full call tracking and management capabilities. However, we don’t offer call attributes per keyword or a specific campaign. This Phone call tracking software allows users to purchase local and international phone numbers, toll-free numbers, and post numbers in 40 countries.

It also provides multi-level IVR solutions and real-time call center insights and reporting. All of these features run strictly over the Internet without local installation.

Key Features

  • Freshdesk and CRM integration
  • Multi-level IVR solution
  • Real-time insight and reporting
  • Automated features
  • Detailed tracking of customer interactions


  • Sprout Plan: Free
  • Blossom Plan: $19 per month
  • Garden Plan: $39 per month
  • Estate Plan: $59 per month
  • Forest Plan: $99 per month


These are the 10 best call tracking software that allow users to effectively and accurately manage and track the calls and extract customers’ information from their calls. You should use call tracking to enhance the functioning of your sales team. Comment below if you have any questions.

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