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IT service desk software and help desk tool are designed to help customers with their complaints, grievances and other matters. In older days, days, help desk management provided customer services in the form of agents to solve the problems of customers. After that clients contact the companies for solving their problems via call or email. And today, for the concern of customers and solving any problem there are many IT help desk software available in the market. This help desk support software has at least three key components Ticket Management, –Automation Suite, and Reporting and Optimization.

Automation Suite allows help desk personnel to redirect inquiries and concerns to staff. With the help of service desk ticketing system, executives can answer customer calls and log such communications with ease. The reporting and optimization function let executives capture essential data.

These functionalities are not the only reason why more and more businesses are adopting help desk solutions. Statistics on consumer behavior toward better customer service indicate that help desk software solutions are doing great in their job of boosting customer support by automating processes, which otherwise will be impossible to achieve.

But out of many help desk software, how to choose the one which is best IT service desk. Do not confuse as we are here to help you with the best help desk ticketing software list with its key features, benefits, and suitability to different business operations.

IT Service Desk Software
IT Service Desk Software & Tool

Best IT Service Desk Software – Top Help Desk Tool

#1. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a powerful servicedesk software is perfect for business. The app provides customer support service like social media integration, live chat, and email. The operation procedure makes LiveAgent different from other. Even the smallest software users can get 24/7 customer support.

It is fast, easy and the best part is it can reach current and potential customers. With a single software, it saves customer email, ticket storage, and client requests automatically to make sure that there is no loss of data. In short, it is one stop solution related to service desk software due to excellent features and customer support.

For more information https://www.ladesk.com/

#2. Freshdesk

It is a cloud-based help desk solution with helpdesk ticketing system. Freshdesk designed for all type of business from small one and a larger one. It provides you features like multichannel capability, multiple SLA policies, integrated game mechanics, and self-service portals.

Standard features introduce here are a community platform, ticketing, and an easily accessible knowledge base. With this ITIL service desk, a person can convert emails into tickets. And one can get a free trial to test this software.

This platform embedded with capabilities like live chats, phone support, and game mechanics. It also integrates with customer relations management software and multimedia tools like Slideshare, Google Apps, and YouTube.

Freshdesk supports Android as well as iOS-based apps with quick and accurate customer concerns response. The social media abilities can watch the post of customers about the product and let the customer service executives solve potential problems of the customer before the issue. These are some notable features of Freshdesk.

To know more about it, go to https://freshdesk.com/

#3. Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the most popular cloud-based service desk software in the market for both small and large business companies. The software helps the companies to cut down the cost with higher customer satisfaction. In a single day, it can manage thousands of tickets integration with online channels like email, chat and social media. It helps the companies to deliver customer support with effortless tracking. Once you installed Zendesk, then it can access from any smart device or pc or laptop.

With the help desk ticketing software, it also serves as an analytics and reporting tool. Businesses owner can measure the ratings of customer satisfaction and customer support team performance with the fixed targets. Other functionalities involve multichannel customer support and unification with business and productivity tools. The software can install within a minute and provide 24/7 customer support, online service portals, knowledge bases, and online forums.

The helpdesk can customize as per the company’s brand to improve the impression of the company. Zendesk is undoubtedly a force to consider with other help desk applications. All those organizations that need help desk automation can try this software.

For more information https://www.zendesk.com/

#4. Samanage

Samanage is a cloud-based help desk software with information technology and asset management solution. Easy to install on any operating system or any device makes it the choice for many companies.

It lets users send online requests with IT support personnel who can access relevant asset configuration. The software is also able to design processes such as fulfillment, tickets, and service requests.

Samanage help desk support helps IT streamline service requests and delivery as an Enterprise Service Management application. Its Service Desk lets IT staff to cut down support workload and deliver outstanding service. The whole lifecycle of an IT like monitoring asset configuration, operating system, and device changes can be overseen from start to finish.

The software can integrate email with the self-service portal of business, create and monitor the progress of service-level agreement goals. Integrate with popular business platforms like Google Apps, Zendesk and a few others.

For more information https://www.samanage.com/

#5. Freshservice

Freshservice is another a cloud-based help desk platform with features like a knowledge base, robust ticketing system, asset recovery, and CMDB. As per business need, one can customize the app’s ticketing system with provided templates. The system also highlights features like service levels, notification alerts, escalations, and proactive notifications.

The plug and play Information Technology Infrastructure Library eliminate consultations, and a self-service portal enables users to raise tickets, browse the knowledge base and check older tickets. Now the customer can solve the problem by their own with this portal.

With mobile app of Freshservice, IT personnel to get the job done even when they are offsite. This feature helps the team to solve queries and complaints quickly. End users also raise the issue and request for service from the mobile device through the app. As it is cloud-based software, it is maintenance-free and capable of securing data. The different pricing makes it suitable for all level business.

For more information https://freshservice.com/

#6. ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk enables agents to track user queries and requests effectively. The tool assists organizations to track issues and resolve them collaboratively to speed up ticket resolution. The cloud-based ticketing system is best known for its “shared inbox” feature that enables agents to view, access, and assign tickets to the concerned individual or, team.

Recently, ProProfs Help Desk received some great awards like Great User Experience and Rising Star by a few of the main review sites like FinancesOnline, CompareCamp.

For more information visit Website: https://www.proprofs.com/helpdesk/

#7 Alloy Navigator

Alloy Navigator is an IT service and asset management solution built with industry best practices and real-world customers in mind. Centered around a powerful business automation engine, this solution streamlines day-to-day IT operations and processes with a fully integrated service desk, network inventory and knowledge base capabilities, and covering ITIL standards such as change and configuration management. Alloy Navigator also creates relationships automatically between meaningful asset data while providing a comprehensive view of IT infrastructure components.

Alloy Navigator manages tickets, assets, incidents, changes, work orders and more within a single interface. Additionally, workflow management tools enable users to design custom IT processes that can be altered to the specific needs of their business. It also offers an online web portal and self-service portal for end users as well as a mobile portal for technicians.

For more information visit Website: https://www.alloy-software.com/products/alloy-navigator-family/


It is all about the Best IT Service Desk Software – Top 7 Help Desk Software 2019. We hope this you will find this article informative and useful. Do you find any of this software useful? Share in the comment box below. Thank you for reading! Keep Reading Top IT Software.

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  1. Your list is quite impressive. I think you should consider adding ProProfs knowledge management software as a new entry to your list as I have been informed by the industry insiders as one of the best help desk tools.


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