7 Best Free Inventory Management Software [2022]

Best free inventory management software to manage your business inventory. We are listing top inventory management tools.

Inventory management software can be a real issue if not managed properly. It is quite a common problem experienced across the industry while seeing the best efforts from their managers or companies.

It can result in several other issues, such as canceled orders, mismanaged goods, inventory shortages, and many others. It can lead to revenue losses, which can affect the growth of your company.

If you are under a budget and are looking for the right inventory software, you’ve come to the right place. You can try using any one of this software and get help with your inventory management needs.

This software provides inventory tracking and many other features. In short, it will help you reach optimal production as well as the distribution of your products. So without wasting time, let’s start.

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free inventory management software

Inventory Management Software – Why You Need It?

Inventory management software assists companies and businesses in cutting down their expenses. They’ll help minimize the number of unnecessary parts and goods in their storage. It helps them with the sale and has all the stock at hand when the demand arises.

If you have to deal with too much manual counting and are losing time and customers while having to maintain records, inventory management is for you. Inventory management will also provide reports and help you with a visual representation of your data.

Over a period, you grow your business and hence can be extremely complex to track data and your inventory. To get help to ease these problems, get inventory management software to assist you with your inventory needs. If you are wondering what the best free inventory management software is, here’s a list.

Free Inventory Management Software

#1. inFlow Inventory

Website: https://onpremise.inflowinventory.com/software-download

InFlow Inventory Management Software

inFlow Inventory is one of the best free Inventory Management Software. It is compatible with all kinds and sizes of business. You can manage up to 100 products. It also offers a track record of completed payments and pending payments. It will enable you to track payments in the inventory itself.

The free version offers barcoding, sales orders, cost management, count sheet functionalities, purchase orders, and many other features. Two versions of this software are available- regular and premium; the premium version offers features such as user logins, work orders, bills, and serial number management.

The cost of the upgraded plan is $399 (if you want to add a new user). It is common among small businesses that have less than two hundred employees. It is compatible with the retail industry, electrical industry, electronics, manufacturing as well as construction. It provides its applications on Android as well as iOS devices.


  • The free version offers all essential function
  • Inventory forecasts are beneficial
  • Include eCommerce assistance like Magento and Shopify
  • Helped businesses to manage their online inventory effectively.


  • No accounting integration
  • Users need to export transaction data

Try iFlow Inventory

#2. Odoo

Website: https://www.odoo.com/

Odoo Inventory Management SoftwareOdoo is another best free Inventory Management Software for all kinds and types of businesses. It is open-source software with enterprise resource planning. Users can download and get access to the inventory and its module.

It uses all in one inventory management solution and has a USP, a full site enterprise resource planning. It makes the product equipped for CRM and project management. It provides you with tools for business management needs.

It is free software that will help you implement your inventory management module. However, the users are required to pay for other applications, for instance, CRM and project management.

This software is free inventory control software and hence, does not cost any money. Even this software is widely popular amongst small businesses and is compatible with industries involved in software technology, IT, and retail. This tool is available on android and iOS, both.


  • Accounting integrated feature saves a lot of time and energy
  • Users don’t have to export the files individually
  • The forum community is an excellent place to get solution of queries
  • Offer a unique way to network with other business owners


  • Requires basic knowledge of Python
  • Lack of adequate product documentation

#3. Sortly Pro


Sortly Pro Inventory Management Software

Sortly Pro is also a cloud-based software that provides inventory management solutions for all kinds and sizes of businesses. It is essentially a free software which supports one user and allows you to manage up to 100 transactions per month.

This software also has a product tagging and cataloging feature that lets you keep track of and records all your products. You can also upload photos for each of the products.

There is an Advanced or Ultra option available for people wanting to manage more than 100 entries a month. There is also a QR code scanning feature in the Advanced or Ultra versions of the software. This outstanding feature will allow the user to do tagging, activity tracking, document management, and branding.

The cost of upgrading the software is $40 per month and supports three users; the price will increase. Small businesses mostly use it. The design, construction, and retail industries mostly make use of this software. Its applications are available on android and iOS.


  • The mobile application is valuable in remote tracking
  • Helps manage inventories and re-orders
  • Barcode and serial numbers are of great help
  • Provides active monitoring and swift movement of goods


  • The inventory history feature is complex
  • History feature could be better

#4. ZhenHub

Website: https://zhenhub.com/inventory/

Zhenhub Inventory Management Software

ZhenHub is free warehouse management software; it is cloud-based and provides logistics and inventory management for small businesses. The free version has inventory tracking, warehouse management, and shipment tracking. This software’s unique feature is that it integrates with all shipping solutions, for instance, DHL and FedEx. It can schedule, manage, and track orders from the same providers.

The free software version allows you to manage one warehouse and support up to fifty orders online. If you have to achieve more than fifty per month, you’ll have to upgrade it to Starter, Standard, and Professional versions.

It costs around $29 for a month for the starter version of the software; It is only for small businesses in the fashion and apparel industries. It is also useful for consumer electronics industries. Another downside of this tool is that there are no mobile applications available for users.


  • Can manage inventory with integrated feature
  • Enable you to control the online shipping orders
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Offer personalized experience
  • Easily customized according to business need


  • Takes time in shipping and status sync
  • Billing is costly

#5. Zoho Inventory

Website: https://www.zoho.com/in/inventory/Zoho Inventory Management Software

Zoho Inventory is a free inventory control software that is useful for warehouse management for small businesses. It is cloud-based as well. The free version lets you manage twenty orders online, twenty orders offline, twelve shipments, and one warehouse a month.

It will let you choose images and manage shipping for all your orders all in one place. It has a workflow management function as its distinctive feature in the free version. It also has an alert for stock dips and re-ordering stock.

There are three other versions Basic, Standard, and Professional. These plans provide several features such as serial number tracking, a higher number of pf orders a month, batch tracking, and items management. These are all included along with the free features.

The price for the basic plan is $49 a month. Small businesses almost only use it; their industries include retail, electrical, electronics manufacturing, consumer goods, and IT services. Its applications are available for Android and iOS.


  • Offer a set of amazing features
  • Extremely helpful in automating inventory purchasing
  • The shipping management feature helps to track the location


  • A little issue in data syncing

#6. PartKeepr

Website: https://partkeepr.org/PartKeepr Inventory Management Software

This software is an open-source best Inventory Management Software and free Inventory Management Software. It keeps on adding more features, all while being completely free. It can track inventories, track finished goods and components, and provide unlimited entries of products or vendors on your system.

The search function lets you search multiple fields in seconds. It allows you to search for order numbers, stock levels, manufacturers, distributors, and more. You can enter all relevant data and attachments according to your requirement. The sort feature is best and allows you to perform the task according to the field you want to find. You can export the data in CSV and Excel.

The Barcode Scanner feature retrieves the data without touching the keyboard. You can enter any part parameters according to your requirement. You can define and add any unit like Ohms, Lux, Newton, or Becquerel. Isn’t it great?


  • Manufactures can keep a tab on materials and finished products
  • Can track their components and have flexibility in the system
  • Does put a cap on the number of warehouses
  • Permits you to group production in batches.


  • Requires technical expertise to operate

#7. RightControl

Website: http://www.losoftware.co.uk/RightControl Inventory Management Software

RightControl is the Best Inventory Management Software for small businesses. You can easily access to detailed inventory data during different stages of the process. You can maintain the stock from the barcode and add additional information for stock items.

The different forms give access to different people according to the process. According to the assigned task, the respective person can maintain the stock and do not interfere in other processes.

It has one fantastic feature that segregates inventory according to the type and category of inventory. Other useful features include set re-order levels to maintain minimum stock, sales details, stock forms, and others. Its user-friendly nature is key.

All the data are represented in an accessible and transparent format. It will update the stock automatically if you make purchases or sales. Also, you can create manual categories and subcategories according to your business need.

It offers four versions, which arelite (free), solo (£0.99 / month), Pro (£4.99 / month), and Workgroup (£19.99 / month).


  • Offers efficient ware-house management services
  • Uses a barcode scanner to track inventory, allocate stock.
  • Generates new products and enters them into the catalog
  • Allows you to keep tabs on each product
  • Permits you to create lists for quick order delivery


  • Limited to one warehouse


Using the best free Inventory Management Software can provide you with a lot of benefits. However, it also has some disadvantages. For instance, if the software has a free version, it holds back some of its features. Some advanced features are available in the paid version only.

Free Inventory Management Software will offer some features but with limitations and restrictions. Since most of them are desktop-based software, you cannot access them anywhere else. There are restrictions with orders, shipments, and many other features.

There are also many open-source cloud-based free Inventory Management Software.
You can try different software and see what works best for you and then, later on, decide what to buy. You can always go for the option of creating an inventory on excel, but that will require a lot of your time and effort that can be used elsewhere.

Inventory management software is an excellent tool for growing businesses looking for an efficient tool to track their inventory and ensure they have everything they need.

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