10 Best Predictive Dialer Software in 2024

Predictive Dialer Software should be a one-stop solution to your call center. Or if you are running a telemarketing campaign or maybe a political one, a predictive dialer that can not only skip busy lines to save important work time but can also provide call metrics and help you dial more numbers at once is what you should choose. So, we researched, tried, and tested the best predictive dialer software at Top It Software to bring to you the list of Top 10 Best Predictive Dialer Software!

But, before we get into the detail of how great features each of these dialers software is to offer, let us clear our basics.

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Best Predictive Dialer Software
Best Predictive Dialer Software

What is Predictive Dialing?

A predictive dialing software is nothing but an automatic dialer that helps you dial several contacts automatically, skipping the busy or unavailable lines and connecting to the available ones. This helps in saving an agent’s time waiting on a busy and available line, thus increasing productivity. But, the system has innovated from just being dialer software. Now, a predictive dialer can analyze call metrics and help an agent connect to possible leads at the right time. Based on metrics and built-in features, a PRedictive Dialer Software can predict agents’ call times and when each of them will be available for the next call. They even offer pre-recorded messages and automatic call distributors which help in increasing customer engagement and interaction.

1. Genesys PureCloud

Website: https://www.genesys.com/en-sg/campaign/outbound-dialler

Genesys PureCloud, a cloud-based predictive dialer software, is your all-in-one solution for what you need. It maximizes agent productivity and can automate outgoing calls. It is one of the best predictive dialer software, especially for call centers. This software helps increase productivity by screening out busy lines and connecting to the available ones. Genesys can track engagement time and also monitor conversations.

Genesys PureCloud cloud-based predictive dialer software
Genesys PureCloud cloud-based predictive dialer software

You can cover up the idle time and directly increase the productivity of your agents. AI technology improves inbound and outbound call reps which automatically increases productivity and quality engagement with customers. The information collected can be further used to focus on target clients. This predictive dialer software is capable of handling communications over the phone, chat, email, and more. It is regularly updated with more powerful and advanced features to help you build an excellent customer base and increase productivity. For the services it offers, Genesys is a budget-friendly Predictive Dialer with powerful technology.

2. Five9

Website: https://www.five9.com/

One of the most popular CRM tools is Five9 with features that’ll go beyond your expectations. Five9 is not only one of the best predictive dialer software but also offers services more. The dialer software is a cloud-based tool that helps you skip busy lines and improve agent productivity. Besides this, the dialing system offers you several options including setting a preference for dialing. You can even analyze the calls and improve agent scripts for better customer engagement.

Five9 Predictive Dialer Software
Five9 Predictive Dialer Software

Reviews have it that companies have experienced up to a 300% increase in their sales than the conventional dialing by agents. Five9 also provides an Interactive Voice Response along with a multi-channel call distribution that creates more interactive and productive customer engagement. The tool helps you improvise over time with the help of insights into customer engagement monitored by it. The innovative tool can help your company offer a quality customer service experience as well as monitor and analyze your needs over time.

3. DialFire

Website: https://www.dialfire.com/info/en/

DialFire is an online dialer system rather than a predictive dialing software but the features do not compromise. The interface is simple, easy to understand and work with. It works straight from the browser and takes minimal time to set up and start. If you are a local agent and just getting started on the predictive dialing software, then DialFire should be your choice. The powerful and quick dialer system works great for everyone, whether you are a single person dialing several customers or a whole call center firm.


DialFire predictive dialing software
DialFire predictive dialing software

The predictive dialer features inbound call blending which makes it easier for you to skip the busy lines and save some precious time. The dialer can be used for small campaigns as well as multi-level campaigns that will require you to work with hundreds of customers. DialFire is quick in its working and easy to handle. It comes with pre-built templates that help you create campaigns in minutes. Easy on the pocket and high on features, DialFire is a tool you should try.

4. DialerAI

Website: https://dialer.ai/

DialerAI is one of the best predictive dialing software with intelligent working. It can be used for various campaigns including telemarketing, political campaigns, lead generation, and more. It is a powerful and efficient predictive dialer software with intelligence to cut down your costs too. The predictive dialing tool can not only help you attract and create new customers but can also help you enhance the engagement for the existing ones.

DialerAI best predictive dialing software
DialerAI best predictive dialing software

The inbound and outbound calls can be efficiently managed by DialerAI using pre-recorded messages and predictive dialing on “Press-1” campaigns. It can help you maximize the productivity of your team and help build a better customer experience. The predictive dialer can help you channel your efforts to genuine leads. It can also work as an autodialer to skip the busy lines. It is also a great choice for political campaigns and phone surveys. DialerAI is not too heavy on the cost and proves to be a professional predictive dialer that you can rely on.

5. Jive Contact Centre

Website: https://jive.com/products/contact-center/

A cloud-based call center software that offers a predictive dialing feature, Jive is a full package of tools and features to help you organize and boost productivity at your call center. Jive allows advanced features on Interactive Voice Response and CRM integration that will enhance the quality of your customer engagement. The predictive dialing system allows you to skip busy contacts and connect to available ones. An automatic call distribution assures that the call being transferred is given to an instantly available agent and there is no buffer or waiting time.

Jive Contact Centre & cloud-based call center software
Jive Contact Centre & cloud-based call center software

This is one of the best predictive dialing software and advanced call center solutions. Jive can also monitor agents on call and provide real-time reports on active engagement, agent talk time, and available agents. This can also help you in analyzing your campaign and creating reports. The software can also customize agent scripts and messages for better interaction. Jive is quick and intelligent. It doesn’t give you any reason to not try it.

6. KOOKOO CloudAgent

Website: https://ozonetel.com/campaign/free-demo-call-center-software.html

A full-featured, all-in deal of KOOKOO CloudAgent will leave you in amazement. The predictive dialer offers much more than dialing. KOOKOO is one of the most popular and trusted predictive dialing software that can provide a one-stop solution to your call center. It is an intelligent inbound and outbound call center solution that can offer professional telephony features.

KOOKOO CloudAgent best predictive dialing software
KOOKOO CloudAgent best predictive dialing software

KOOKOO can help you build up and integrate a better CRM with back-end databases. It helps you in using custom agent details and set priorities to distribute calls, emails, and SMS to the available and filtered agents. The time-based routing on KOOKOO will help you in routing calls and emails to specific agents. The predictive dialer also helps you in tracking, monitoring, and analyzing customer engagement for a rich customer experience. The cloud system allows easy access to data anytime!

7. Newfies Dialer

Website: https://www.newfies-dialer.org/

Whether you are working with a small team or on a huge campaign. Newfies can handle all. It is capable of increasing your agent productivity by as much as 200%. The predictive dialer software offers advanced features that can be used for Lead Generation, Marketing, Political campaigns, or debt collection. The easy design helps you work with ease while increasing work productivity. It is fast and professional with all the features you need and even more.

Newfies Dialer Auto Dialer Software
Newfies Dialer Auto Dialer Software

You can create pre-recorded messages or voice recordings before the customer chooses to talk to an agent. It also allows you to auto-dial the contacts which do not answer. This increases the customer service and productivity of agents. It helps in creating a rich customer experience and a closer engagement. This is one of the best predictive dialer software which is not only easy to use and pocket-friendly but also comes packed with professional features.

8. ChaseData Call Centre

Website: https://www.chasedatacorp.com/hosted-predictive-dialer-software

Offering services more than just Predictive dialing, Chase Data Call Centre will help the growth of your Call Centre. It stands as a powerful solution to increase customer engagement and improve their experience. The predictive dialer software is quick and powerful and can help you monitor your agents, increasing their productivity. It can also track costs on calls and other engagements and make your day-to-day work more cost-efficient.

ChaseData Call Centre - Hosted Predictive Dialer Software
ChaseData Call Centre – Hosted Predictive Dialer Software

ChaseData can be used to create different campaigns that will help agents to be more prepared to switch between multiple campaigns as needed. The Campaign Monitor feature lets you analyze and track data from customer engagement. This helps to enhance customer experience and engagement. The Dashboard feature can help managers to keep track of each agent and their productivity. This helps in creating reports and planning campaigns. Overall, ChaseData is a powerful predictive dialer tool that can help you increase your sales on the go!

9. PhoneBurner

Website: https://www.phoneburner.com/homepage/predictive-dialer-software

A quick and efficient choice for predictive dialing software is PhoneBurner. The interface is easy to understand and offers high-quality features. This includes automated messages, connecting to available lines, pre-recorded messages, call monitoring, and much more. PhoneBurner brings a simple way to use complex features, increasing the productivity of agents and building interactive customer engagement.

PhoneBurner predictive dialing software
PhoneBurner predictive dialing software

The predictive dialer system will help your team build a reliable and clear connection with your clients. This would help in creating potential leads and turning them into a strong customer base. It allows unlimited dialing with no call delay or buffer. It is easy to set and takes no per-minute charges. PhoneBurner is trusted by millions of satisfied customers making it one of the best predictive dialer software.

10. TalkDesk

Website: https://www.talkdesk.com/call-center-software/

Talkdesk just made it easier to make your customer service more productive and more efficient. Not only it will help you skip busy lines to turn time to your advantage but also enhance the quality of your customer experience. It can help you cut costs, increase agent productivity as well as monitor each detail of your campaign. Talkdesk is a powerful tool to build a customer base with higher leads and engagement. It features professional features to help you engage in a better and more productive manner with each customer without wasting any second.


With Talkdesk, you can get real-time reports on customer engagement and predict data to help your team in creating and managing a powerful campaign. The interface is smooth and simple. It is specifically designed to help agents increase customer engagement and attract new leads while being easy software to work with. The Cloud-based software helps you secure your data on the cloud, making it available on the go! The budget-friendly predictive dialing software is powered with AI Technology which is reliable and serves your customers right!


Analyze your needs and decide the purpose for which you need a Predictive Dialer. Look for the features you will need and choose from the above dialer system. Still, confused? Try these predictive dialers software on a demo basis and decide then! Hope this article helped you in finding the best predictive dialer software for yourself.

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