11 Best Image Resizer Software for Windows of 2023

Looking for the best image resizer software to resize your photos? Checkout list of top image resizers tools

Image Resizer Software for Windows can be really easy to find. After all, resizing isn’t that big of a task to do, any software can do it! Well, more often this basic software gets hard to find. So, we have created a comprehensive list of the best image resizer software that you can find. This software can do much more than just image resizing. They can do much more. Doesn’t matter if you need a basic image resizer tool for Windows or a professional photo resizer for Windows, we have all of them down there.

Resizing doesn’t have to be rocket science and even though you might require an image resizer for Windows that can perform some advanced resizing too, the interface should be an easy one. Here are some of the best image resizers for Windows that will help you get the image resized in a quick go!

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Best Image Resizer Software for Windows
Best Image Resizer Software for Windows

Best Image Resizer Software in 2023

#1. Batch Picture Resizer

Website: https://www.softorbits.net/batch_picture_resize/

You can change the file size of your photos without losing quality with Batch Picture Resizer. This tool is user-friendly to resize different pictures. SoftOrbits allows you to use the best tools and software.

Fortunately, everything is automatic; therefore, you should not worry about the quality of the image. Moreover, automatic color optimization and level adjustment are some essential features. You will get a supported version for Windows 7, 8 and 10. Feel free to change the compression rate and dpi of images.

Batch Picture Resizer

In batch mode, you can use different other features. Rename photos, rotate pictures automatically, or fix contrast and colors. You can perform different functions. The photos will be resized or rotated without losing their quality.

You can remove logos and watermarks. Moreover, it is possible to add your favorite pictures, logos, and text watermarks in images. Download this software program for free and explore plenty of options. In this way, you can save your time for other business activities. For your eCommerce store, this software program can be a perfect choice.

Instead of working on one picture simultaneously, batch mode enables you to work on several photographs.

#2. Bricelam Image Resizer for Windows

Website: https://www.bricelam.net/ImageResizer/

The simple yet powerful image resizer for Windows is perfect for your needs. It is one of the best photo resizer software with no hefty features and interface. It is as simple as it can get. Image Resizer for Windows is free to use and can work with a wide range of image formats including jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, etc.

Bricelam Image Resizer for Windows
Bricelam Image Resizer for Windows

You can resize images in different standard forms or select your own custom size. The image resizer software works smoothly on all versions of Windows, even the older ones. If you have a bunch of images that need to be resized into a particular size, then you can use the software’s Batch Mode which lets you resize several images in one go. The renaming system used by Image Resizer is perfect and won’t let your resized images get mixed up. You can use the advanced features to change dpi and other settings including the resize quality too.

The software is fast and powerful but remains the easiest one to use.

#3. FastStone Photo Resizer

Website: https://www.faststone.org/FSResizerDetail.htm

FastStone Photo resizer does what it says. It can resize an image in a matter of seconds. Being of the best photo resizer software, FastStone offers an easy and quick way to resize your photos. It is free software and can be used on all versions of Windows without any hassle. It is basic; it can do everything you need.

FastStone Photo Resizer Software
FastStone Photo Resizer Software

This Image Resizer for Windows supports basic image formats like .jpeg, .jpg, .png, etc., and other special formats like Photoshop PSD files too. The Batch Resizer feature in FastStone will let you resize several images together into a particular size. It systematically renames the resized batch so there is no confusion. This photo resizer app for Windows can complete resizing an image or a bunch of images in a smooth, effortless click.

Apart from basic resizing features, you can crop, rotate, and edit the image too. The software offers a range of editing features including changing color depth, saturation, brightness, and contrast. You can use these features with Batch Mode too. The all-in-one deal of this software makes it an amazing choice for your image resizing.

#4. Pixresizer

Website: https://pixresizer.en.softonic.com/

A really simple tool for image resizing, Pizresizer is one of the best image resizer software for Windows. It is absolutely free to use and really easy to use. The simple interface is a bonus on Pizresizer which can perform a quick image resize. The image resizer software can work on all versions of Windows.

Pixresizer - Best Image Resizer Software
Pixresizer – Best Image Resizer Software

The Pixresizer allows you to use different modes of resizing and a custom mode where you can add the desired image. You get several advanced resizing options where you can set the quality of the resized image, select the DPI, and more.

The app can also convert files into a different format of your choice. The software is really small on memory and can efficiently make image resize in seconds, so it won’t bug too much of your system’s space.

#5. FILEminimizer Pictures

Website: http://www.balesio.com/fileminimizerpictures/eng/features.php

The Fileminimizer is made specifically for image resizing. It is easy to use, a basic interface yet is really efficient. You get multiple resizing options along with advanced features like DPI settings and quality control. This Photo Resizer for Windows version is a really powerful tool and takes minimal space.

FILEminimizer Pictures - Best Image Resizer Software for Windows
FILEminimizer Pictures – Best Image Resizer Software for Windows

FILEminimizer Pictures comes along with a Compress feature too. This allows you to compress images to the desired size. It can compress an image up to 98% of the original size. You can even resize and compress an image in one go.

The image resizer for Windows supports a range of file formats including GIF, TIFF, and EMF among other standard file formats. It is really easy to use and even lets you resize several images at once with its “Batch Mode”. If you are using Windows 7 or older version, then one of the best image resizer software for you is this!

#6. Ice-cream Image Resizer

Website: https://icecreamapps.com/Image-Resizer/

An easy-to-go, basic yet perfectly efficient image resizer tool is how we define Ice-Cream Image Resizer. It can resize images in a quick and convenient way and with its simple interface, this image resizer software is a perfect tool. It is free to use and the photo resizer Windows 10 version is really smooth!

Ice-cream Image Resizer Software for Windows
Ice-cream Image Resizer Software for Windows

You can use the standard built-in sizes for your image resizing or use your own custom one. The reverse side setting for Vertical Images is another great feature. This photo resizing software can do Batch Mode and resize multiple images at once. It is one of the most efficient resizers with quick and quality image resizing. Taking less space, and running smoothly, Ice-Cream Resizer is one of the best photo resizers for Windows that you’ll ever find!

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#7. Batch Image Resizer


If you are looking for a really professional image resizer that can do a large number of image resizing in one go, then Batch Image Resizer should be your choice. It gives you the perfect settings to resize your images and can give out quality results. It is paid but for what it does, it will come well under your budget.

Batch Image Resizer Software for Windows
Batch Image Resizer Software for Windows

It is perfect for Batch Resizing. The image resizer for Windows can rotate and rename your images along with perfectly resizing them. You can even add a watermark to your resized image. It can also convert your image into a different file format, even with batch mode. The image resizer for Windows can support a huge range of file formats, almost all file formats. It is one of the best photo resizer software with different features and options to use while resizing an image or the whole batch. It is smooth and with a really simple interface, Batch Image resizer won’t let you down!

#8. PicPick

Website: https://picpick.app/en/

This is one of the best Image resizers for Windows with a simple interface and a smooth process of resizing. Not only it is really efficient Image Resizer software but also an amazing editor. You can crop, rotate, adjust, invert, blur, and add a frame to your image. The wide range of features that PicPick has to offer is what makes it so popular.

PicPick - Best Image Resizer for Windows
PicPick – Best Image Resizer for Windows

It is a resized image freeware and can be used for many other purposes besides resizing. You can edit your images before resizing by sharpening, structuring, and adjusting the color balance. The image resizer software offers another great feature that allows you to capture screenshots too. With this, you can capture the screen and resize it on the go. You can even capture a scrolling screen, full screen, or a particular region, and resize it with PicPick. The software is free and can do everything you need!

#9. RIOT- Radical Image Optimization Tool

Website: https://riot-optimizer.com/

RIOT is one of the best image resizer software that you will ever find. It allows you to do much more than just basic image resizing and compressing. You can edit images, add filters, and adjust the quality before resizing. This photo resizer Windows 10 Software supports over 500 file formats and can be used as a file converter too!

Radical Image Optimization Tool
Radical Image Optimization Tool

The custom resizing options are perfect to get the desired results. The interface is simple and even with all those features, not too difficult to use. The image resize tool is quick and efficient. You can do a lot besides just basic resizing. If you are putting images on a website or Blog then, RIOT is one of the most reliable and efficient tools for this. You can resize images perfectly with this image resize tool!

#10. Light Image Resizer

Website: https://www.obviousidea.com/windows-software/light-image-resizer/

This lightweight image resizer tool works on Light speed. Not literally but you can resize images with this tool in a quick and easy way. The image resizer software allows you to do several image resizing in one easy turn. You can use its multiple image resizing options to get the perfect results. You can change the DPI and adjust the quality settings to what you need.

Light Image Resizer Tool for Windows
Light Image Resizer Tool for Windows

The Light Image Resizer software also lets you do bulk editing and can be used for converting files too. You can convert the file into a ZIP document too. The ‘Collage features’ lets you merge two or more images together and resize them. You can get high-quality results with no extra hassle using this Image Resizer tool. You can even compress PDF files too. The Image Resizer for Windows even allows you to add a watermark to your image or PDF file.

#11. Fotoresizer

Website: https://www.fotosizer.com/Download

This amazing image resizer for Windows is yet another one of the best image resizer software. It can resize images with no hassles and you get a lot of other options too. You add special effects, and filters and adjust your image. You can crop, rotate, flip, invert, and resize your image into any size you want.

Fotoresizer - Image Resizer for Windows
Fotoresizer – Image Resizer for Windows

The image resizer for Windows allows you to resize by scale or by percentage. You can even choose the size of one side of the image and Fotosizer will automatically adjust the other side. You can also resize multiple images in one go using the Batch Resize Mode of Fotosizer. The image resize tool also lets you make ‘Profiles’, so you can save your settings and use them again whenever needed. Fotosizer is free and a compact tool for image resizing!

Conclusion of Image Resizer Software

Image Resizing has to be a task that you can do on the go! The less time it takes, the better. So, why crack your head on big photo editing tools when you can get it done using these simple photo resizing software?

Hope this article helped you find the perfect tool that does quick and efficient image resizing. For more such content, stay tuned!

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