10 Best Secure Email Providers in 2024

Secure email can protect your email communication and your attachment. Here we are discussing about best secure email providers.

Even if your plain, conventional email provider like Google works just fine, it is not safe. Your info is being leaked out and you have no idea. Anything that you put on the online medium, a hacker can hack or a data miner can mine. It is high- time now that you look for some secure email providers!

Here today, we will talk all about Secure Email Providers, discussing the why and how of things. We will answer all your questions and help you select the most secure email provider!

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Secure Email Providers

Why is normal email not safe for your data?

The conventional way in which you send your email is very vulnerable to a data breach. When the email is not encrypted, most amateur hackers can break in and steal your data. Besides this, your emails are regularly scanned for software development and often used for data mining. This blunt breach of privacy is why conventional mail is not safe anymore!

How are Secure Email Providers any different? How do Secure Email Providers work?

Secure Email providers offer features that defend your email data against any potential breach. The main function of these email providers is to encrypt your emails. In this way, no other person, organization, or software can read your email except the recipient.

Although most email providers like Google’s Gmail do use encryption, these are only limited to the servers. This means that even though no third party software can read your emails, Google can. Google can read and use your data and this is where it fails to be secure.

Why use a secure email service?

Data breach! One of the primary reasons to go for a secure, encrypted way of communication is to opt for a secure email provider. The world is going digital and hackers are lurking in every corner of the internet. Sending your data without an encrypted email service is foolish.

Choosing the most secure email provider can be tough. There are a lot of features to look at. From encryption method to server location play an important role.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Secure Email Providers and why you should choose them!

Best Secure Email Providers in 2024

Below are the list of the best secure email providres:

#1. Proton Mail Secure Email Provider

Website: https://protonmail.com/

Proton Mail secure email provider

Proton Mail ranks to be one of the best secure email providers and we have all the reasons for it.

Server Location plays an important role when using a secure email service. CERN developed Proton Mail and offers one of the most secure servers. The servers, in Switzerland, offer great privacy and security standards.

Your emails are encrypted before they reach the server. Thus, no hacker can breach your data. Being open-source software, the codes hide no secret. Experts have verified these codes and offer one of the best security standards.

Proton Mail offers free service to 500 MB of storage which makes it a great free secure mail provider. The paid plans start at $4 per month and offer 5 GB of Storage.

Try Proton Mail

#2. Posteo Encrypted Email Service Provider

Website: https://posteo.de/en

Posteo secure email provider

Major Cybersecurity firms have recognized Posteo as offering one of the best secure email providers. Your emails are encrypted while they are in the process of being sent. This open-source encrypted email service provides TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. Even the Posteo servers cannot read or use your emails.

Posteo is highly customizable with a range of features and you can add an extra layer of protection by adding PGP on your mails. This means that your emails are encrypted for cryptographic privacy and data authentication methods.

You can even encrypt your mailbox but the only demerit of this would be password recovery. If you forget the password to this encryption, Posteo will not be able to recover your data.

Posteo is highly affordable and the rates start with only $1 per month for up to 2 GB of storage.

#3. Tutanota Secure Email Provider


Tutanota secure email provider

Tutanota is considered one of the best free email service providers with a wide range of protection features. This free email service provider provides AES and RSA encryption which means that, unlike PGP encryption, the same key is used for encryption and decryption.

A great feature of Tutanota is that it also encrypts your metadata including IP address, recipient’s address, and subjects of emails. This secure email service provider offers Android/iOS and Windows/Mac applications apart from web-based encryption which makes it highly user-friendly.

The free version offers 1 GB of storage while the paid version of $1.18 per month offers 10 GB of storage. These are both quite affordable compared to other email service providers. It is ad-free and compatible with other secure email services.

#4. MailBox.org

Website: https://mailbox.org/en/

MailBox secure email provider

Offering full PGP encryption, MailBox.org is a great secure email provider. Although you will have to set up your encryption form, MailBox.org provides amazing privacy support for your emails.

Your emails will be protected with SSL encryption that blocks the entry of any hacker to breach your data. It even protects you from receiving emails from insecure sources. There are various features and encryption options such as SSL/TLS encryption with PFS that you can use to add extra layers of protection to your emails.

The Germany-based secure email providers offer cloud-based storage with no compromise on your privacy. If you are used to Google’s suite, then MailBox’s suite will work perfectly for you. The only downside to MailBox is that your email metadata remains unencrypted.

MailBox.org is available at $1 per month for 2 GB of data which is pretty cheap.

#5. Zoho Mail Secure Email Hosting Service

Website: https://www.zoho.com/mail/

Zoho Mail secure email provider

Zoho Mail ranks to be the best free secure email service provider with a wide range of privacy and security features. Zoho mail encrypts your emails using SSL, S/MIME/TLS encryption forms which offer a high standard of security.

Apart from encryption, Zoho Mail also protects your account against malware and spam emails which aren’t available in the majority of secure email providers. The POP/IMAP import option gives you the option to add an extra layer of security. In addition to this, it offers OTP, QR, and Touch ID authentication options.

Zoho is available in both types- web and smartphone applications. On both platforms, the interface is smooth, easy, and simply beautiful. Zoho mail can also be synced and configured to other email service providers which is a convenient option.

Zoho Mail is free to use up to 5 GB of storage- pretty generous. The paid version is $4/month for 50 GB of storage.

#6. Mailfence Secure Email Provider

Website: https://mailfence.com/

Mailfence secure email provider

If you are looking for a more secure version of Google Suite, then Mailfence is the one for you. The encryption methods are highly customizable as well as optional. This open-source software provides a high level of security to your emails with OpenPGP support with end-to-end encryption.

You might have to spend some time setting up your account and encryption methods- the user interface isn’t something that MailFence brags about. Although offering great features to its suite, Mailfence lacks at providing a user-friendly setup with no Android/iOS apps.

Mailfence is a good option for a free secure email service with a free version of up to 500 MB of storage. For more, you can opt for its paid version of 2.50 Euros per month.

#7. Kolab Now Secure and Private Email

Website: https://kolabnow.com/

Kolab Now secure email provider

Kolab Now offers all strong encryption forms along with a great customization option- all of this on a well-designed platform. It is an open-source software which means that their codes are regularly audited by experts.

The PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) which uses encryption keys for each of your emails along with SSL end-to-end encryption makes Kolab Now a strong secure email provider.

It is based in Switzerland has strong privacy laws, compared to the US and Canada and can use your data for Intelligence Surveillance. Kolab Now supports various protocols like WebDAV, CalDav, etc. which makes it a great security service provider for businesses.

It is available from $4.41/month for personal accounts. It is a good alternative if you are looking for a safer option of Office 365 or Gmail.

#8. RunBox

Website: https://runbox.com/

RunBox secure email provider

With a high-security standard of SSL/TLS support, Run Box is a great secure email service provider. It supports SMTP, POP and IMAP encryptions which adds a much-needed layer of protection to your emails.

The Norway-based developers of Run Box promise to keep your data and anonymity first. This is evident by the fact that you are not required to give any personal information during the sign-up a feature not usually available in most secure email service providers.

Another great feature of Run Box is that it removes your IP address whenever you send an email. The two-step authentication and the amazing UI of this email service provider are why you should opt for it.

There is no free version available but the pricing for Run box starts at $1.67 per month for 2 GB of storage which is pretty decent for the features it offers.

#9. CounterMail

Website: https://countermail.com/

CounterMail secure email provider

Countervail provides the most secure and strongest security features to its users. This includes PGP encryption, Ram-only servers, SSL encryption with AES and RSA add-on. These features together build a strong wall of protection for your emails.

Counter Mail offers a Safe Box feature to manage and sort your passwords. The various encryption forms offered by this secure email service provider defend you against any hack or breach that may occur in the process.

The Ram-only servers do not store anything which serves as a plus-point on the privacy front. Although the web-based interface of Counter Mail feels less user-friendly, the various options of encryption and security customization make it one of the best secure email service providers.

There is no free version. However, Counter Mail is available at a good price of $3.29 per month for 4 GB of storage.

10. Thexyz

Website: https://www.thexyz.com/

Thexyz secure email provider

Thexyz offers plenty of features with IMAP, POP and OpenPGP support. The Canadian developers promise high privacy standards which are ad-free and no third party lurking in your emails.

Your emails are SSL encrypted and it removed your IP address for better privacy. Thexyz also protects your data against unverified sources and hackers that try to breach your account.

This secure email service provider also offers a migration tool to help you easily transfer your data from your old mailbox to this. There are various features like two-factor authentication, public key end-to-end encryption forms, etc. that you can add to put more security to your emails.

At a highly affordable cost, Thexyz is available at $2.95 per month for 25 GB of total storage.

Secure Email Provider FAQ

Is Gmail a secure service provider?

Gmail does use an encryption method to secure your emails from third-party breaches but will use your data for software development and data mining. So, even if Gmail looks secure, it is not.

Why should I need to encrypt my emails?

From data miners and hackers to your email provider using your data. Unencrypted emails are being leaked in billions every day. The internet knows more about you than you think. All your data is vulnerable and that is why you need a secure email service to save your emails from any potential breach.

Do you need a service provider to encrypt your email?

You can manually encrypt your emails locally on your device. But even if you are a business organization or sending a large number of emails every, the process gets impractical to execute. Secure Email Service is easy to use and will save a ton of your time.

What could happen if a hacker took over my email?

Your emails may contain sensitive information like your bank account details, credit card details, official documents, personal information, etc. which can be used by hackers for identity fraud or may just be sold online to anyone else. Hackers can also use this info to hack into your bank accounts.

How do I know that someone read my private emails?

Notice your emails being “read” before you and a good amount of spam emails that you don’t recognize. There is a good chance that someone has hacked into your email.

In the end…

In most cases, if someone is reading your emails, you would not know the difference. You can go to your server log in to your email account and check for any suspicious logins. If you notice there are a lot of logins for random locations, it is definitive that someone is reading your emails.

We hope you and your data stay safe in this very cruel world. Being aware of what could happen to your data is the key to protecting it. In the above article, we discussed how using a secure email service can help you encrypt your emails and send them safely across the internet. We listed the best secure email providers and how the features can benefit you. We hope this article provided you with just the right info to choose the right secure email service for you!

Stay tuned for more content!

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