18 Best Video Conferencing Software of 2023

Looking for the best video conferencing software for your business group meeting? We have reviewed some most popular online video conferencing tools.

Best video conferencing software makes effective communication when people can’t meet each other. As per the current scenario, video teleconference is the basic need for any group meetings for businesses. On the one hand, the offices are empty, and on the other hand, we can’t delay the work. What do we do in such a scene? We take the help of web video conferencing to connect with other group members.

Even science says that when you can see a person, communication becomes more productive due to the presence of mind and facial expression. And when the team is working remotely, free video conferencing software comes in handy. It requires a desktop, webcam, and internet connection to connect one to one or the whole group.

A significant part of free online video conferencing is there are numerous known software available in the market. And when there are too many, people get confused about which one is right for them. To help you in this same situation, we are here with the 10 best free video conferencing software of 2020 for you. We have listed all the features in this review section. Have a look and choose the one at the end. Shall we start?

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Which Are The Best Video Conferencing Software of 2023


Below are the best video conferencing software to connect your team members and other people

#1. Zoho Meeting

Website: https://www.zoho.com/meeting/

zoho meeting

Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting platform that helps startups, SMBs, and enterprise business teams collaborate and work remotely. The video conferencing platform comes with a user-friendly interface and interactive controls. Zoho Meeting also has iOS and Android apps that help in conducting online meetings from anywhere, anytime.

Zoho Meeting encrypts the audio and video using DTLS-SRTP encryption and is protected by TLS 1.2 security encryption protocols, which ensure maximum security for your online meetings.

The forever free edition of Zoho Meeting allows us to conduct unlimited meetings with up to 100 meeting participants and is packed with features like a collaborative whiteboard, virtual background, and screen sharing. This helps freelancers and solopreneurs.

The standard edition of Zoho Meeting, starting at just $1/month, offers advanced features like lock meeting, remote control, cloud recording storage for 10 meetings/host, multiple co-organizers, and co-branding, making it the ideal video conferencing software for start-up SMBs.


  • Free Plan: $0
  • Standard: $1 per host/month
  • Professional: $3 per host/month


  • Collaborative whiteboard
  • Multiple co-hosts
  • Co-branding
  • Advanced analytics
  • Lock meetings
  • Remote control
  • Embed meeting
  • Departments

Access Zoho Meeting Now!

#2. Blue Jeans Video Conferencing

Blue Jeans Video Conferencing

If you are looking for software with futuristic features, including video conference, then Blue Jeans is one such tool that you can consider. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in California. Its interoperable cloud-based video conferencing platform is excellent.

It offers three different packages according to your needs. It offers a 30-day free trial. The paid packages start from $14.99/month to $19.99/month. If you are looking for a business plan, then contact the company and directly get a quote.

The basic range offers free calling support to 40+ countries. Dolby voice support, unlimited group meetings, video/audio call recordings, support on multiple platforms, etc. are its notable features. Those who are concerned about video quality instead of features, then look at this tool once.

Compared to other competitors, it provides fewer features, but due to the quality of service, many people ignore this feature issue. The free trial period gives you the time to decide whether you have to invest in or not.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Standard: $9.99host/month
  • Pro: $13.99host/month
  • Enterprise: Ask for a quote


  • 30-day free trial
  • Dolby sound support
  • Analytics for better comparison and outcome

Try Blue Jeans Video Conferencing

#3. GoToMeeting: HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing

Website: https://www.gotomeeting.com/

GoToMeeting Video Conferencing Software
The next name in our Best video conferencing software list is GoToMeeting. LogMeIn provides this standalone web conferencing service. It offers audio and video conferencing with screen sharing.

Mobile-friendliness is one of the great features of GoToMeeting. It allows us to set up conference calling from smartphones. Image quality and call maximization are available in the setting option. One tap invitation and all your colleagues are in the call and chat.

It developed Android and iOS applications with a set of features. For those who need stable quality over a video call over the phone, we suggest this name for you. Pricing is also standard.

If you are looking for a business VoIP solution, this software offers an ideal solution with the cloud-based phone system at cost-effective options. It is a part of the package; you don’t have to pay any extra amount for the cloud-based phone system.


  • Professional: $12 /organizer /month (150 Participants)
  • Business: $16 /organizer /month (250 Participants)
  • Enterprise: call and ask for a quote (Up to 3,000 Participants)


  • Excellent app
  • VoIP upgrades
  • Mobile friendly

Try GoToMeeting Video Conference

#4. Livestorm

Website: https://livestorm.co/

livestorm video conference

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world into an online-based office. There have been decent rough patches that employees and employers have gone through, but Livestorm has helped many people in this situation.

Livestorm has provided a great video communication platform to these people, and it has several features. Customer support is incredibly significant and has excellent benefits. The platform can be integrated with around 1000+ applications, and also, one can expect about 1000+ attendees in a single video conference.

Up to 4 hours per meeting is provided in the premium version, and along with this, an HD recording of each session is available.


The pricing of the application includes an 89 euros per month premium and a free version. The features are quite limited in the free version, with 20 minutes per meeting allowed. In the premium version, much freedom is provided to the user.


  • A browser-based software and is pretty neat
  • Email reminders and follow-ups are also present
  • The platform is quite interactive
  • One can use chats, polls, and customized emails
  • Unlimited webinars, meetings, and unlimited on-demand webinars are supported

It can be said that Livestorm is a pretty decent and neat software that provides proper services to its users.

Try Livestorm Video Conference

#5. Zoom Video Conferencing

Website: https://zoom.us/

Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is the first and most famous name for an online video conferencing tool. It is a more productive, compatible, affordable, and easy-to-use software for group videoconference. Zoom meetings can host video conferences and offer messaging platforms together over the desktop and mobile. It is quick and easy to install and use.

The bunch of features makes it one of the most reliable video conferencing tools. The basic package is free and offers HD video/audio and up to 1,000 participants together. It gives 40 minutes on a single-screen call. So it is best suited for a big gathering on a big screen.

You can save meetings over local storage or the cloud with transcripts that can search the content. The collaboration feature allows the participants to share their screens, take notes, and work together. The chat feature is the best part of this tool as it will enable document sharing, searchable history, and archive options. One-to-one meetings are also possible.

256-bit TLS encryption secures your files and sessions. It can automatically schedule meetings from Outlook, Gmail, and iCal.


  • Basic: free, up to 100 people for 40 minutes
  • Pro: $14.99/month with some advanced features
  • Business: $19.99/month with some advanced features
  • enterprise: $19.99/month with some advanced features


  • Free basic version
  • User friendly
  • Numerous security features

#6. Lifesize Video Conferencing System


Lifesize Video Conferencing System

Want to hold a video conferencing meeting from your home or any other remote location? If yes, then the Lifesize online video conference tool is for you. Founded in 2003, Lifesize’s main branches are located in Austin, Texas, and Munich. The high definition of video conferencing, room conference via touchscreen conference, and cloud-based collaboration are some fantastic things about Lifesize.

Like other tools, it also has a priced-based model, but the significant part is, it is also available free for six months. It is a browser-based software that allows the user to host unlimited video calls and screen sharing on a desktop for up to 8 people. There is no time limit or application required to use it.

The unlimited meetings for 100 participants, Single sign-on support, chat support, and personal meeting support are other highlighted offerings by the developers. It is excellent for small to medium size companies. The paid tier allows a maximum of 300 participants with real-time meeting insights, Microsoft integration, email/phone support, and an hour of recording for each host.

Some other features included in the Enterprize version are 1,000 viewers for live streaming events, 50 hosts, unlimited US audio calling, premium support, unlimited video recording, etc.

The premium package pricing may be steep compared to other names on the list, and it is a little more, in my view. However, the plus side of this software is users get numerous devices for an individual plan, and it also supports 4k video conferencing.


  • Free: 6 months free
  • Standard: $16.95 host/month
  • Plus: $14.95/host/month
  • Enterprise: $12.95/host/month


  • Included hardware devices
  • Free trial period
  • Support 4k videos

#7. High Five Video Conferencing

Website: https://highfive.com/

High Five video conferencing

The High Five video conferencing is the one-stop solution for those who are looking for web applications as well as software for cloud conference video calling with a premium meeting room for various platforms like Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

Unlimited video meetings, being able to join by a web browser, unlimited call recordings, screen sharing, minute sharing, and custom logo and image branding are some of the highlighted features.

It does not require any downloading, as you can access it via the web directly. It does not need a PIN and password to use, just open it and start it using. It is software by Fast Company that offers an unparalleled video conferencing experience. A significant part is its integration with Outlook, Google Calendar, Slack, and Skype.


  • Unlimited meeting and minutes
  • 4k HDR sensor
  • Web, PC, Mac, iOS, or Android


  • Select: $199/month/room, billed annually
  • Plus: $299/ month/room, billed annually
  • Premium: $599/ month/room

#8. CyberLink U Meeting

Website: https://u.cyberlink.com/products/umeeting

CyberLink U Meeting Video Conference Software

CyberLink U Meeting is a free group video conferencing software for small enterprises. Taiwanese multimedia software company was founded in 1996, and with such a long journey, it has become one of the most prominent and reliable video conference tools. It has four pricing plans, and one of them is free. The free plan can include 25 participants and a spare 30 minutes for a single meeting.

The paid plans include some advanced features like more participants than the basic ones, 24 hours per meeting, end-to-end encryption, admin tools, meeting analysis, and premium customer support.

PrfectCam is another unusual feature that allows the user to apply computer-generated makeup on the face and offer a professional look. This tool is web-based, which means you don’t have to go through the download and installation process. However, you can dial into meetings or record meetings.


  • Basic: Free (Up to 25 participants)
  • Pro 50: $29.99/ month/host (Up to 50 participants)
  • Pro 100: $49.99/ month/host (Up to 100 participants)
  • Enterprise: call and ask for a quote (Up to 100 participants)


  • Free tier
  • web-based software
  • Bunch of features

#9. Google Hangouts Meet


Google Hangout Meet Video Conference Software

To all those who are looking for accessible cloud conferencing, Google Hangouts Meet is your name. It is a part of the G suit office productivity platform, and it offers excellent free video conference calls. It can cater to a large number of users in one single call as it was developed for business purposes. The use of smart participation and a quick interface reduces the waiting time.

It has individual apps on the Play Store and App store. It also works on your existing hardware. Apart from the paid version, it offers a 14-day free trial, and it does not require any software download.

The new version of Google Hangout makes it easier to work with external users. First, it provides a web experience, and then a dedicated free dial-in number means your employees can join your call. The video calling quality is maintained throughout the request without any drop-outs.

Another key advantage is the user can easily use data from other apps to plan meetings and set up the information for event hosting. Another significant part of Google Hangouts is it does not come with a big price tag. With negligible price packages, anyone can use it for hosting meetings.

This serious business-grade free video conference tool does not require high-end software and hardware, which makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes.


  • Basic: $5 /user/month
  • Business: $12 /user/month
  • Enterprise: $25 /user/month


  • Simple and accessible
  • G Suite integration
  • Competitive Pricing

#10. Skype Free Video Conference Call

Website: https://www.skype.com/en/free-conference-call/

Skype Free Video Conference Call

Skype is one of the known names on this list, which is entirely free. If you have ever used this tool on your mobile device, then you know how video conference features work. It is more than a standard application that is used to keep in touch with family or friends. It supports cross-platform and can hold 50 participants in a single call.

It can be used on your device or web browser. It means even people without the app can also stay connected via a browser. Invite your friends or colleagues via email and tell them to join the network. With Skype for Business, you can add 250 participants for chat, added security options, and office integration-like features at minimum fees per month per user.


  • Free


  • Skype phone and web version
  • Cross-platform support
  • 50 participants in one meeting
  • Live subtitles

#11. FreeConference


FreeConference free video conference softwareIf you are looking for free video conference software for small international conferences, then a free conference is a trustworthy name. The simple, beautiful user interface makes it attractive and user-friendly. There is no need to install the software. You can also use it on your mobile device via the application. Unfortunately, you can take part in a video conference via a web browser only.

Participants can take part in video calls and texts. The screen and file sharing are unlimited features. With free service, users can add 5 participants, which is enough for small businesses. For conference calls, there is an international dial-in number available. You can also enable the call recording option.

FreeConference offers configuring, managing, and scheduling of meetings at ease. Via Outlook users can set up recurring meetings. However, video recording, advanced security, and transcription-like features are part of premium packages. If you do not want to invest in a video conference call, then the free version is still powerful enough.


  • Basic: Free (100 calls and 5 web participants)
  • Starter: $9.99 after two months ($0/month for first two months) (100 calls and 15 web participants)
  • Plus: $24.99/month (100 calls and 50 web participants)
  • Pro: $34.99/month (100 calls and 100 web participants)


  • Software free service
  • Provide international dial-in
  • HD Audio Participants

#12. Cisco Webex Meetings

Website: https://www.webex.com/

Cisco Webex Video Conference Software

Cisco video conference tool offers some premium features without a price tag. Yes, it is a free tool, and you can use it until you want. From a name like Cisco, users expect high performance, and out of surprise, they never get disappointed.

The free version is suitable for almost all meetings. It includes HD videos, up to 100 participants, screen sharing, private chat rooms, 1 GB of cloud storage, unlimited sessions, unlimited timing, MP4 recordings, and security via TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption.

With sign-up, you will assign a personal URL on which you can manage meetings, schedule meetings, and record the conference. You have two options for video meetings; either you can use a website or a meeting app. Yes, a desktop arguably offers a smooth experience. The performance is impressive. Try it for free.


  • Basic: Free (up to 1000 participants)
  • Pro: Ask for a quote


  • 1GB cloud storage
  • Screen sharing
  • HD video calling
  • Up to 100 participants

13. RingCentral

Website: https://www.ringcentral.com/video.html

RingCentral video conferencing software

If you are looking for a cloud-based conferencing solution, RingCentral could be the best choice for you. With the help of this software, you can conduct video conferences, place phone calls, and even chat.

The best thing about RingCentral is that it allows you to conduct HD video conferences with up to 100 attendees at a time. For convenience, you can conduct online meetings both from a desktop or mobile phone.

Like most other video conferencing software, RingCentral also has the screen sharing option. It takes just one click to share your screen with your colleagues.

Besides video conferencing, you can use this software for conducting audio conferences as well. It can accommodate up to 1,000 participants in a single audio conference. The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to perform important things like pinning documents, sharing your work, and sharing files from Google Drive.

It comes with built-in team management options that help you update stakeholders and assign tasks. It also offers detailed analytics and measures metrics like quality of meeting dashboard, service report, and average answer speed, etc. Last but not least, it also provides mobile apps for both Android and iOS.


  • Essentials: $19.99 per user per month
  • Standard: $27.99 per user per month
  • Premium: $34.99 per user per month
  • Ultimate: $49.99 per user per month


14. ClickMeeting

Website: https://clickmeeting.com/

clickmeeting video conferencing software

ClickMeeting is one of the best video conferencing software available. It allows you to conduct online meetings with up to 20,000 attendees at a time. This software is specifically designed for large events. It allows you to bring in your custom branding like logs, colors, etc.

You can provide separate login credentials to users to remove confusion. With the help of this software, you can create customized invitations for your clients.

The waiting room feature comes in handy for participants who join the meeting early. They can wait in the waiting room till the meeting gets started.

It also offers a private chatting option, so you can talk with other presenters in private. By using the drag-n-drop feature you can move files to the cloud space. Not only that, but you can also export and import files from your Dropbox account.

ClickMeeting has a translation feature that allows you to translate chat in real time. The translation can be done in 52 different languages which is a great thing.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Live: $25 per month (billed annually)
  • Automated: $40 per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


  • Surveys and polls
  • Stream on YouTube and Facebook
  • Presentation tools

15. Microsoft Teams

Website: https://www.microsoft.com/en/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software

Microsoft Teams


  • Free: $0 per month
  • Business Basic: $5 per month
  • Business Standard: $12.50 per month
  • Office 365 E3: $20 per month


  • Advanced security options
  • Collaborate and share through Office 365 apps
  • Together mode

16. Join.me

Website: https://www.join.me/

join me

If you are in search of fast and user-friendly video conferencing software, you can rely on Join.me. It is great for one-on-one online meetings and quick screen sharing. You can also customize video conferencing links as per your branding needs and share them with others.

Besides online meeting links, it also allows you to customize your background. It provides mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. This enables you to attend meetings on the go.

Another great feature is called the scheduler. You can also utilize Google Calendar or Outlook to start, schedule, and manage meetings with a single click.

Join.me allows you to share toll-free numbers with all your clients and customers. This will let them call you for free. The good thing is that you don’t need to download this software to start an online meeting. You can access it directly from your web browser.

In terms of security, it offers a 256-bit TLS and bank-grade encryption to keep your data safe. It offers a free trial and demo session, so you can try out the software before choosing a paid plan.


  • Professional: $12 per organizer per month
  • Business: $16 per organizer per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Presenter swap
  • Bank-grade encryption

17. Lifesize

Website: https://www.lifesize.com/en/


This video conferencing solution is ideal for anyone who wants to conduct online meetings from their mobile phones. It is easy-to-use software that has all the features you need.

What makes it stand out from video conferencing software is that it allows you to conduct online meetings in 4K resolution. That’s not all; it also has features like a digital whiteboard, cloud conference, etc.

With the help of this software, you can host large conferences with up to 500 participants. It allows you to share the meeting over the cloud and that too in 4K resolution. Additionally, you can broadcast your online meetings with up to 10,000 users simultaneously.

It works like a plug-and-play solution that can function with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Polycom, Cisco, etc. Besides video conferences, you can use this solution for unlimited audio calling. But this feature is available only in 60 countries.

It has a mobile app for all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. For easy contact, you have the click-to-call team directory.


  • Quick Start: Custom pricing
  • Advanced: Custom pricing
  • Premium: Custom pricing


  • 4K video conferencing and screen sharing
  • Encrypted video calls and recordings
  • Online admin console

18. UberConference (Dialpad Meetings)

Website: https://www.dialpad.com/meetings/


Before we start, UberConference has now become Dialpad Meetings. This is a popular cloud-based video conferencing solution that is designed to keep the needs of users in mind.

With the help of this software, you can easily conduct online meetings and share them with your employees. For Canada and USA users, it offers local dial-in numbers.

One of the many good features is that it can automatically transcribe online meetings. It allows you to conduct video conferences in HD. But it also supports 720p resolution in case of a weak internet connection.

This software is preferred by users because it has Salesforce integrated into it. This enables you to gain customer insights for better understanding. It allows you to save your meetings in small file sizes, so you can manage your store easily.

It comes with a Chrome extension, so you can access the software directly from your browser. It allows you to manage multiple accounts without any hassles. This software is ideal for small teams and is more affordable than other software.


  • Free: $0
  • Standard: $15 per user per month
  • Pro: $25 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


  • Salesforce integration
  • Track important analytics
  • Voice Intelligence

What is Video Conferencing Software?

Video conferencing software helps you to conduct online video meetings, seminars, and conferences. It offers an array of features like live chat, video recording, and screen sharing for a smoother experience.

Video calling enables you to collaborate with long-distance or international clients and customers. In other words, it eliminates the need to travel for meetings. With the help of video conferencing software, you can host important meetings from any location.

You can use the video calling platform to host or attend online meetings with your employees, stakeholders, partners, customers, and more. It doesn’t require you to be physically present with them. It enables you to host quick and important meetings on a short deadline.

This software also ensures consistent and efficient communication via face-to-face conferences.

There is an advanced video conferencing platform that supports CRM integration as well as marketing automation to sync important data with your online meetings. It also supports streamlined updates for better efficiency.

What Should You Look For in Video Conferencing Software?

Every video conferencing software is different. They come with a unique set of features that make them different. However, there are a few things that are common in every video conferencing solution.

When choosing video conferencing software, you must look for the following features:

Screen Sharing

This is a very important function as it allows you to share your screen with your team members or employees. Look for software that comes with the screen-sharing option. Some software allows you to share the entire screen, while others have a specific application on the computer. You will also find software that does both. This feature enables attendees to follow the presentation smoothly.

Chat Options

Almost all video conferencing software offers chat options. This feature comes in handy if you want to talk to the participants. It helps improve the efficiency of your online meetings and conferences. Thus, look for software that allows you to chat through text during an online meeting. Modern video conferencing platforms also allow you to share files, links, and documents via chat.

Unlimited Recording

Modern video conferencing tools allow you to record meetings and then save them on the cloud or device storage. This is an important feature as it allows you to use the recorded video for later purposes. It helps you to archive all your online sessions in secure storage. You can also share these recordings with your employees.

HD Video Conferencing

For the best video conferencing experience, you should look for software that supports HD video. This will enhance the overall experience of your online meeting. HD-quality video calls to ensure a greater connection to users. For this feature to work, you must make sure that all participants have a high-speed internet connection. Some software also supports 4K video conferencing.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

This is a useful feature that helps you to connect to the meeting through chat or phone. Not only that, but it also allows you to switch from voice to video calls with just a click of a button. It doesn’t require you to establish a new connection or pause or pause the meeting to add new participants.

Branding Options

For online meetings and webinars where you need to interact with your clients and customers, it’s better to get a video conferencing solution that comes with branding features. Look for software that has customization options. It should allow you to change the background, color theme, fond and brand logo to the user interface. This will help create a strong impression on your clients.

Dynamic Presentation Capabilities

You should get software that allows you to share and upload multiple file formats like PDFs, PPTs, MP4 videos, etc. This feature will come in handy while hosting a media-rich presentation. Also, check whether the software has a not sharing option so that you can send a specific part of the presentation to your attendees in real time.


Last but not least; you must also verify if the software has analytics tools. Detailed reports are crucial when it comes to evaluating the performance of your online presence in terms of viewer engagement.

How Do You Use Video Conferencing Software?

If you haven’t used video conferencing software before, don’t worry, we have got your back. Almost all video conferencing tools work the same way. To give you a better understanding, we will take the example of Microsoft Teams.

1. Create an account

The first thing you need to do is create an account. Visit the official Microsoft Teams site and select the profile icon in the upper right corner.

For signing up, click on the “create one” option.

2. Launch the software

  • Launch the application and select the Team/Channel you want to start the meeting with.
  • Under the text box, you will see a tiny camera sign. Click on it.
  • Next, select the “Meet Now” option to write the topic/subject of your meeting.
  • You will be shown a video call screen with a toolbar at the bottom. This is where you can turn on/off your camera and microphone or share your PC screen.
  • You can also use the chat option to talk to others. All you have to do is click on the chat icon.
  • To end a session, click on the red icon with a phone receiver.

How do we test the best video conferencing software?

We searched a range of video conferencing solutions to find the best options for you. We handpicked the software based on ratings and user recommendations.

We also looked into recommendations from people who use video conferencing solutions regularly. We checked each platform to see the features it offers and how user-friendly it is. We also looked into pricing to make the best list of video conferencing software for you.


What is the best video conferencing software?

RingCentral is one of the best video conferencing software. It is a reliable platform that allows you to conduct online meetings from any location.

What is the best video conference software for free?

Google Hangouts Meet is great free video conferencing software. Even though it is free, it is as good as other paid software.

Conclusion for Best Video Conferencing Software

It is all about the best free video conferencing software. We have listed all the official links with each name. Go through the description and pricing and select one name among all and enjoy the meetings from home.

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