11 Best Mac Cleaner Software [Free & Paid] in 2022

Improve your Mac device performance with the best Mac cleaner software. Our recommendation is to go with Macbooster.

Apple has some of the best state-of-the-art features. One of them is a solid-state drive which allows you to access your files faster, but the only dropback is not much storage space.

Most SSD has storage of 128GB or 256GB and most of the time you might get the error to clean storage. For that, you need the best Mac cleaner software.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the top Mac cleaner software and also some paid Mac cleaners with advanced features.

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Best Mac Cleaner Software
Best Mac Cleaner Software

Best Mac Cleaner Software

Apple’s Macintosh came with pretty much every single tool you need. The operating system is very advanced and everything is automated, so the user doesn’t need to do anything.

However, they lack a good cleaner, a Mac cleaner that can remove the system junk, old redundant files, old OS backup and more.

We have compiled a list of the best Mac cleaner which has good reviews, an easy system interface, and all in one cleaning capability.

#1. Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro

Website: https://www.trendmicro.com/en_us/forHome/products/cleaner-one-mac.html

Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro
Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro

If you are looking for Mac cleaner software that can free up your disk space and do some other advanced tasks, then cleaner one pro by TrendMicro is the name you can check.

This tool can visualize, manage and free up your disk space in one click. It takes few seconds to remove all unnecessary files from your Mac. In addition, it can manage all the apps on your Mac and keep your device up to date all the time.

If you are not sure what’s causing high disk space usage, you can find it using this software. Also, it recommends what to do next if you are completely blank about what to do next. The toolbar will monitor your Network Usage, CPU Usage, and Memory Usage while scanning and deleting Junk Files. It means you have complete control of your Mac with one click.

It can clean junk files, including temporary files and hidden leftover files. Cleaner one pro, delete all the big files that consume your disk space and free the storage space. It also removes duplicate files and similar photos. The disk map feature analyzes your storage usage and gives you a visual and interactive map of usage.

The file shredder feature gives you 100% privacy protection. It erases all the hidden leftover files from trash and deleted apps. In short, it will make them unrecoverable by applying the Secure Erase Setting.

I also like its application manager function. The software manages startup apps and services and speeds up the boot time. As a result, it will enhance the performance of your system.

It can view and manage apps and remove them if it finds apps unwanted. There is an option of batch removal of multiple apps as well. Cleaner One Pro charges $14.99/device with a 1-year subscription plan. If you are looking for up to 5 devices, the charges are $29.99 with a 1-year subscription plan.

#2. MacBooster Mac Cleaner Software

MacBooster - Mac Clean Up Software
MacBooster – Mac Clean Up Software

This Mac cleaner is a utility tool that can clean up 20 types of junk files from your Mac. It also helps you improve the performance of your Mac and keep the malware and viruses away. It can boost your Mac by optimizing the hard disk.

It has the ability to search deep into your Mac SSD and clean out the system junk file, large files, and duplicate files as well. It has a turbo boost, memory clean and startup optimization tool to speed up the Mac. Also, it can protect your Mac from viruses, Malware and help you protect your privacy.

Try MacBooster

#3. CleanMyMac X Mac Cleaner Software

Website: https://cleanmymac.com/

CleanMyMac X - Mac Cleaner Software
CleanMyMac X – Mac Cleaner Software

One of the most reputable Mac cleaners which helps you manage your space. It has a one-click optimization program that helps you clean up your Mac in just one click. This tool is simple and sophisticated and doesn’t require many directions to run the advanced Mac cleaner.

This tool is also an advanced Mac cleaner virus as well. Mac doesn’t have much of a virus problem but they can too infect with malware and ransomware. This tool can take care of this problem. This best Mac cleaner also clears the ram, uninstall apps and more. It will improve your Mac performance.

#4. Gemini 2 Mac Cleaner Software

Website: https://macpaw.com/gemini

gemini 2 mac cleaner software

Gemini 2 is basically the duplicate finder allowing you to free up GB of storage as well s organize your files. It effectively and rapidly scans all corners of your Mac. Subsequently, it removes the unnecessary copies. Whether the file type is doc, image, music, etc., it can work on all.

After the scan completes, you can easily discard the duplicates through a single click. Moreover, you can go through the results to ascertain that nothing significant gets removed.

In case you deleted something accidentally, it is easy to recover with one click. To make sure such cases do not happen again, you can remove specific folders and files from the scan.

#5. Disk Drill Mac Cleaner Software

Website: https://www.cleverfiles.com/

cleaverfiles disk drill

Disk Drill is essentially a data recovery software and also works as a Mac file cleaner tool. The dual functionalities and high efficiency make it popular in the market. It includes an unlimited free cleanup module letting you effortlessly recognize and visualize those files that occupy excess space.

Instantly, you can get rid of unnecessary files. If you are concerned that some important files can come between the junk files, it is possible to filter the scan results. You can filter based on file type, file size, keywords, and different other criteria. Moreover, you can manually validate that the files you decide to delete are actually useless.

It comes with infinite Mac clean-up tools. For ease of use, the user interface is made intuitive. The software is frequently updated.

#6. iMobie MacClean Software

Website: https://www.imobie.com/macclean/


MacClean is a reliable and efficient tool when it comes to restoring your Mac Pc. As an alternative to clearing out all junk files at once, MacClean provides 5 different cleanup options. The names of these options are System Junk, Malicious Cookies, Internet Junk, Privacy Issues, and Security Issues.

Mostly, you will use the first option since it discards system and user junk. It also discards needles development files. To get rid of the duplicate files, you can choose among Cleanup Tools under utilities. Besides, this software includes a duplicate finder. There are multiple methods to discard junk files from your Mac PC.

#7. Dr. Cleaner Mac Cleaner Software

Website: https://dr-cleaner.en.softonic.com/mac

Dr. Cleaner - best Mac cleaner software
Dr. Cleaner – best Mac cleaner software

One of the best Mac cleaner software is also free on iTunes as well. This all-in-one tool can help you clean up all the junk in your Mac and speed up the performance too. it can clean all the catch files, clean browser catch, clean the trash and remove anything left behind after uninstalling an app.

One of the most positive reviews of freeware Mac cleaner has also other tools too. one of them is Mac Memory Optimizer and this tool will help you clean all the unwanted processes and make you available the free memory. It can speed up your process and your Mac would run smoother.

#8. CCleaner Mac Cleaner Software

Website: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner-mac

CCleaner - free Mac cleaner tool
CCleaner – Free Mac Cleaner Tool

No matter the OS, CCleaner is best everywhere when it came to cleaning. This is a free Mac cleaner tool that helps you clean out all the unnecessary files in your SSD. CC Cleaner for Mac is useful when you want to delete the web browsing history and catch it with just one click.

This tool also has many other features like uninstalling the app and removing it from the startup. You can also wipe out the whole drive as well. This is one of the best free Mac cleaners so far which is useful in many ways.

#9. Drive Genius Mac Cleaner Software

Website: https://www.prosofteng.com/drive-genius-mac-protection-software/

Drive Genius - Best Mac Cleaner Software
Drive Genius – Best Mac Cleaner Software

This is more than just Mac cleaner but it goes way beyond that. It has all the features of cleaning your Mac and gets rid of those unwanted files in your system. It can also repartition your hard drive to make it more efficient. Drive Genius also finds duplicate files, clone files, large files and much more.

It has also a built-in security feature that can take care of all the antivirus systems. It has malware check tools; Boutwell tools which help you with booting of your system, check, repair, and rebuild facility is also available in this tool. Also, it will help you with speeding up the system by defragmenting and system performance checks.

#10. DaisyDisk

Website: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/30689/daisydisk

DaisyDisk - Mac cleaner Software
DaisyDisk – Mac cleaner Software

Who could have thought that Mac cleaner could be this much beautiful? One of the best looking cleaning apps for Mac also has one of the best interfaces which even a new user understands and operates. It can help you determine the whole space optimization of your drive and let you delete anything.

It has many other features as well and also many positive reviews too. Once you click the scan, it will show you the color full graph of your hard disk and all the large files are in different colors as well. It can also give you real-time information about mounted disks on your Mac. You can preview your file before deleting it and all of this is happening at lightning speed.

#11. OnyX Mac Cleaner Software

Website: https://www.titanium-software.fr/en/onyx.html

OnyX - Mac Cleaner Software
OnyX – Mac Cleaner Software

This is one of the best free Mac cleaner software out there. First, it’s a free tool and it has lots of positive reviews as well. This Free Mac cleaner is a multifunction utility tool that can help you clean up the browsing catch, system junk and optimize the speed of your Mac.

It is also known as one of the best Mac cleaning tools for professionals as it has a little difficult UI than others. Also, you need to download this tool specific to your OS, otherwise, it won’t work. This Best Mac Cleaner tool has lots of functions to read the guidance before using it.

Conclusion for Mac Cleaner Software

We hope that after reading this article on the best Mac cleaner software, you might find the solution to your problems. There are many tools in this list that are free to use and can be upgraded for better performance and others are freeware. If you need any more help regarding Mac cleaner, you can ask us in the comment section.

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