Top 9 Best Free Online Fax Service in 2023

Looking for the best free online fax service for secure cloud-based fax-to-email providers

For many people, online fax services may be outdated, but do you know it is one the safest method for sharing. Many organizations still using this old is gold technology and conduct the business. Yes, with the latest technology, companies do not need to invest in fax machines or models as there is a free email to fax facility that allows you to Send Faxes from pc and receive.

Yes, we accept that the free tax offering services offer limited features, and hence you have to choose it carefully. And to help in this task, we are here with 9 best free online fax services.

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Best Free Online Fax Service in 2023

#1. FaxZero


faxzero - free fax service online

With FaxZero, you can send a fax for free in Canada, USA, and many other destinations. Enter your text, upload a document as a PDF file, and send it. However, there is no fax receiving feature in FaxZero.

With the free service, you have some limitations, such as five faxes per day with a maximum of three pages. Some ads will also appear on the page. In $ 1.99, you can opt premium service, in which you can send a fax up to 25 pages without interfering with the advertisement. The BBB- Better Business Bureau approves this service.


  • Best for limited fax requirements
  • Word files compatible


  • Limited free offer
  • The cover page includes ads
  • No function to receive faxes

#2. GotFreeFax


GotFreeFax - free online fax service

Consider GotFreeFax if you do not want ads on the cover page. The free version does not put any ads or branding kind of thing on the free fax cover page. You can share free Fax from computer anywhere in the USA and Canada. Like the previous name, it does not have Fax receiving functions.

You can share two fax of a maximum of three pages for free. You can pick its paid service for sending Fax more than three pages. It charges $2.98 for 30 pages, $1.98 for 20 pages and 98 cents for 10 pages. You have to pay-per-Fax you send. It ensures priority delivery with an encrypted connection.


  • No ads or branding
  • The suitable fee structure for all organizations


  • Limited free faxes
  • No way to receive a fax

#3. FaxBetter


FaxBetter - free online fax service

FaxBetter‘s free service gives you a dedicated fax number, which is toll-free. You can receive a maximum of 50 pages/month. On each Fax received, you will get a notification. You can store a maximum of 10000 pages online on FaxBetter’s site.

Using the free fax number, you can’t send the faxes, use the fax-to-email service. Also, you can’t access OCR and searchable fax features. Yes, in the 30-day free trial, you can access the premium feature, but after that, you have to pay for it. On the free version, you will receive browser ads on your screen.

The paid version if best if you are using a fax service frequently. You can send and receive a total of 500 pages of faxes in different formats at $5.95/month. After that, you have to pay 6 cents/page. For this plan, you have to pay for two years together. But the best part of this plan is it includes no ads, unlimited fax storage, and searchable fax notifications.


  • Great for limited free fax number
  • Optical Character Recognition and document search skills
  • Online storage


  • Receive weekly fax receipts on the registered number
  • No ability to send faxes

#4. eFax


eFax - free online fax service

eFax is another best free fax service on this list. It gives you a free fax number for your incoming faxes. It communicates by email. The eFax document viewing software is required, but it is limited to 150 incoming pages a month. The 30-day free trial is helpful if you have a limited need for a limited time.

You have to choose a package after the 30-day free trial period. If you want to send or receive up to 150 pages per month or change the area code, it’s time to upgrade to the eFax Plus plan; it cost $16.95/month, which is costlier. If you choose the pro plan, then it cost $19.95/month with additional premium features. Some annual plans are also there.


  • Suitable for limited free online fax services
  • Can choose your fax number


  • Collab with eFax software
  • paid model is costly

#5. PamFax


PamFax - free online internet faxing

Now send Fax online free using PamFax. You can join this service for free, and as a new user, you will get three free fax pages. It is compatible with windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry 10, and web.

After the three free pages of Fax, you have to choose paid service. It includes an on-demand or per-page-fax service that charges 11 cents per page. The basic plan costs you $4.61 or 11 cents per page, and the professional plan costs you $6.95/month or 7 cents per page.

The basic and professional plans give you specific fax numbers. Using it, you can send more than one document in a single fax. Skype integration is another highlighted feature. If you choose a professional plan, it will also integrate OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.


  • Reasonable price for the plans
  • Integration with Skype


  • Limited free pages
  • Limited features in online free fax service

#6. MyFax


MyFax - online fax service

You can receive and send faxes to more than 40 countries, including the USA and Canada. The free trial allows you to use the service for 30 days. It offers maximum functions and features in this list of online Fax for free. Some of the functionality includes support to the excel, word, image, and PowerPoint files.

You can use it on android, iPhone, and blackberry devices. After the free trial, you have to pay $10/month. Before signing up for the free account, read terms and conditions first, as it is pretty comprehensive.


  • Good international coverage
  • Plans are ideal for medium to heavy use


  • If you forget to cancel a free trial, you have to pay for it

#7. Internet Fax in Microsoft Office

Many of us use Microsoft office in day to day life, but most of us do not know that it has built-in ability to send faxes. This Fax to email service free can send faxes through word, excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. You have first to install Windows Fax driver, or Fax Services must be installed. Once it is installed on your device, activate it on the sending pc as well. If you are looking for a reliable name and alternative of paid services, you can consider Internet Fax in Microsoft Office.

Follow this article:


  • Built-in window tool
  • Free


  • You need a phone line and modem

#8. HelloFax


HelloFax online fax services

HelloFax online fax services are designed for businesses that want a comfortable and lightweight tool to send documents via Fax. Its standout features include integration with various online storage tools like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and OneDrive.

You have to create an online account, and then your incoming Fax appears in your email inbox. If you want to use the previous fax number, you can use it. It has international coverage in 70+ countries. You can send documents as PDFs and stores in the cloud as well. The paid account charges you $9.99/month. The benefit of a paid account is Faxes send and received by multiple users. Once the free tier is over, you can send five pages/month.


  • Multiple plans
  • Ideal for businesses


  • Limited free trial
  • All plans have specific page limits

#9. RingCentral Fax


RingCentral Fax online service

While some online fax services work as standalone services. It is one of the best cloud-based online fax services. It takes a few minutes to set up, and hence you can use it on all the devices either using a mobile phone or browser.

Apart from its affordable pricing, you have many other advantages, like omnichannel communication. It means you can switch between text messaging, email, social media messaging, Fax, and phone with customers and business partners.

It has lots of integration like Salesforce, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The pricing comes at three different levels starting from 750 faxes/month at $12.99 to unlimited Fax at $34.99.


  • Omnichannel communications
  • Flexible offering
  • Various integration options


  • No cons


It is all about the top online fax services. After looking at each name, you can choose one name according to your use, a number of users, and budget. What do you say?

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