Best Free Karaoke Software for Your PC in 2023

Do you like to sing and want to host great parties? If yes, then you can’t miss the Karaoke software. Whether singing is your passion or just for fun, karaoke software is a great tool that helps you.

This software display specifics lyrics as per the song, and you can sing with the music. Well, we understand that it may challenge for many to choose the best Karaoke Software. There is more than a hundred free karaoke software.

If you download freeware, it may be possible that these files contain malware or virus. So, we have listed the reliable and most user-friendly karaoke software. So, continue to read this article to know more about Karaoke software.

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Best Free Karaoke Software
Best Free Karaoke Software for Your PC

What Is Karaoke Software?

Karaoke software is specifically designed to provide you with a platform to see the digital screen’s lyrics. It converts songs without lyrics so you can sing with the background music of the song.

Karaoke has been a favorite of many since its inception in the 1970s. It began to serve as one of the essential resources for entertainment. However, a significant change has taken place in this area, and now all you need is your Windows, Mac device, the best Karaoke app or software that can give you the music to sing a song.

If you want to sing one day and dream-like your inspiration, Karaoke is a great way to nurture your passion. All of this below-mentioned software may be free for a limited time, but it’s better to use them instead of downloading freeware, which may contain malware or virus.

Notable Features Of Karaoke Software

High-Quality Songs supports

Many karaoke software offers you over 39,000 high-quality karaoke songs recorded in professional studios. Your device instantly turns into the best karaoke machine!

Dual-screen display

Karaoke software has an additional karaoke window that can be moved to your external monitor or video projector with a single click enables a dual display.

Offline sync

Are you Hosting a karaoke party in Boondocks? Karaoke software protects you even when you do not have internet. It syncs your favorite songs offline and stays tuned!

Custom key and tempo

You can customize the key and tempo of any song or add leading and background voices. You can sing a song as you like.

Save to favorites

If you found a bunch of great songs, but you need a way to find them easily. You can add them to your favorites. You can place all your favorite songs in a convenient location and save them offline.

Supports many song formats

Karaoke software supports many types of karaoke song files, including some new file formats like CD+G, KAR, MID, or MPEG.

Best 10 Free Karaoke Software in 2023

1. Karaoke Kanta


Karaoke Kanta plays your regular audio files such as MP3, WMA, CD + G, KOK, and LRC, which are the last two lyrics files that some karaoke players support. It plays MIDI and KAR files. You can add effects during playback, which casual singers like you can enjoy while recording karaoke sessions.

It is a tremendous free Karaoke software, but it’s free for a limited period. Video playback supports all famous audio formats like DIVX, MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG, MOV, and WMV. Language, singer, and category can categorize all playable files.

It has a TV screen feature that monitors output so that lines can be viewed on another screen. You can also customize the shape of the lines by adjusting the background image and changing their position and layout.

Karaoke Kante uses its colorto start technology, which displays the song in a specific color that helps it blend in with the music and eventually learn it. You can collect the lyrics of any song as a web page for convenience.

Karaoke Kanta is available in 8 different languages. Among its other features, although it is not the most aesthetically pleasing player out there, its price is well worth it.

The UI looks good, you can customize the background image for the lines and have mixing controls, but you want to play more than MIDI files. Even if you have the newest version, it does not do as intended.

However, it does have a catch; the version does not play audio or video files, only MID and KAR files. It also applies to dual screen, sound effects, and playlist creation features. The latest version can fix all of these but requires a registration code that cannot be purchased.

Key features:

  • Supports MIDI to MP3 files
  • Sing recording
  • Live performance management Playlist management

2. Aria karaoke player pro


While this software supports advanced karaoke formats, it does not lend itself to the love of legacy KAR or MIDI files. The locker feature is not far off as the song store is inactive. It has a background music player for a simple song that requires an extra kick.

Some people welcome the opportunity to print maps of songs for a good karaoke performance because they do not know the songs or cannot sing without training. The price tag on Aria Karaoke is steep in its feature list, and the trial version of the software allows you to go to both parties.

You can adjust the pitch of the song while playing. It offers the virtual case for your favorite karaoke songs. It uses a built-in Karaoke Locker song store to buy and download hundreds of thousands of karaoke songs.

Key features:

  • Supports MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G, or WAV+G files
  • On-deck singers’ box
  • Secondary full-screen lyrics output
  • Lyric off-set control

3. Advanced Karaoke player


It is the third most downloaded karaoke player on the list, meaning it is the most popular. It’s so easy if you want to sing normally. One of the main things about this karaoke software is the variety of formats it can play.

This software supports CDG, VOB, DAT, MPG, AVI, MKV, RM, MPV, MMV, SF, and RMVB formats. It is one of the best free karaoke software for Windows 10. As we said, it has all the basics like dual-screen support (dual graphics), and volume presets, so the number of songs is the same, and there are no issues with playback.

One feature not to be overlooked is the remote control and touchscreen support, which makes everything easier. Additionally, if you don’t have any of these, keyboard shortcuts will speed up access to your commands.

With the trial version, you can play only 50 songs. If you are looking for a casual player to fix the party night, this is for you. It costs $ 40 if you play karaoke regularly. This karaoke player’s interface is straightforward, and it is difficult for you to find your way to play a simple file.

Advanced Karaoke Player installs a standalone media manager to organize your songs into folders, but most programs do not work that way and can be challenging to open.

The software plays songs well and supports older KAR files, but the display does not work for us. It has multilingual support for selecting 12 languages.

Key Features:

  • Supports all basic song formats
  • Offers remote control and touchscreen
  • Supports 12 languages
  • Easy to use

4. Kanto player


Kanto Player supports almost all known formats (KFN, MP3 + CDG, CDG, KOR, MID, MP3 zipped files; video karaoke such as MPEG, AVI WMV). The possibility of converting those old MIDI files to MP3 is welcome. Additionally, the full version provides updates for 3 years. It’s an excellent free Karaoke Player.

It is one of the few karaoke players to include crossfading between songs. Users can also do voiceovers for competitive purposes or entertainment. Like most karaoke players, you can watch the lyrics on your TV and PC.

All these features come in the purchased version of Kanto Player. The free edition version limits its playlists to five songs, 1-minute recordings/ MIDI to MP3 conversions, and a single screen display.

Key Features:

  • Crossfade
  • Live performance
  • Offers Karaoke recorder
  • Has Dual monitor

5. Karaoke Builder Player


It’s part of a larger bundle of software that can play many karaoke formats, including CD + G, audio + G, MP3 + G, and zip files. It supports CD + G includes scrolling, color fading, and copying stills from tracks.

What you would expect from a regular karaoke player is the playback features; you can modify the sound’s key and pitch. They can use the track slider for playback control and the rows window to one of six options.

Users can also add a key shortcut for quick access, which does not support most remote controls. Karaoke Player is free to download, but you will need other programs in the pack for better performance.

Playback is top-notch, but you need MP3 + G or CD + G files for your karaoke party. It is one of the best free Karaoke players for Windows 10 pc.

Key Features

  • Track slider for the ultimate playback control
  • Easy to modify settings

6. PCDJ Karaoke


PCDJ is the highest on the karaoke price list and does not justify it. The full version has access to the Songbook database for your mobile devices (online) and offers offline mode integration with the Karao Quest concert. Still, besides, it is your standard karaoke player.

You can scan all supported files such as MP3 + G, Zipped MP3 + G, WAV + G, and most video formats, and the software runs on Karaoke Cloud Pro, where you can record purchased songs.

The interface is not surprising; it looks like Aria Karaoke; the difference is that its store works, plus it updates regularly. Like Karaoke Builder Player, it offers a set of programs on its official website that complement the karaoke player and song purchases.

These include playing complementary music (background), printing your songbooks, offset for graphics and audio, the ability to use a touchscreen terminal over a wireless or wired network, importing M3U playlists, adjustable menu colors, and more.

The next five singers in rotation remove one singer from rotation 20 seconds after the song begins, giving the singers’ coach control.

Key Feature:

  • Jukebox background music player
  • Built-in songs stores
  • multiplex support

7. Siglos karaoke player


Siglos Karaoke Player allows you to use MP3 + G, CD + G, and MIDI files. It gives you the ability to play songs directly from YouTube. You can use 1 or 2 monitors (one for singing and the other for maintenance). Also, it responds to the pulse of the song as it animates the background of the lyrics.

The Karaoke software takes into account the singers’ presence so that the camera can use the live background of the songs and record the songs to be heard later. Other features such as key adjustment and song speed are more standard.

This karaoke player is something to consider. It has a reasonable price, it works well, and fits more than the basic requirements of a normal KJ. The YouTube feature may be the best because you can find almost all the songs there, so you don’t have to spend much money to buy tunes.

It is simple and easy to design and can be purchased through a variety of payment methods.

Key Features:

  • Key adjustment and song speed
  • Use it on one or two monitories
  • Easy to use

8. WinLive Free Edition


Here is a free karaoke software you can get easily, but it’s intentionally limited, so people who want to make a little more run have to pay $ 60 for it. If we are talking about the basic version, it can handle audio files, MIDI, and all video karaoke formats.

It includes basic functions such as playlists (limited to 11 tracks), database management, screen resizing size, and shortcut keys.

The home version can play YouTube videos and support TXT and PDF files for importing lyrics. It expands the playlist capability to 39 songs and allows users to replace parts of the MIDI file with one of the software’s 200 melodies.

It also features a metro drummer so that singers can catch the pulse of any particular song. Accessibility features include tablet support, cross-fading between songs, and simultaneous use of MIDI and audio files (called M-Live Songs), so you can set an image for each song so it can be identified with an artist or single.

The only thing missing from vinyl life is buying songs online; you can directly play YouTube or import lyrics from text files. Separating WinLive from the rest, audio files can be used in various ways, thereby enhancing the karaoke experience.

The classic karaoke player is for KJ, who loves to sing and sing songs without being fun. Purchased editions offer more exclusive features, but there is also a free regular version for you if you want to enjoy your concert.

Key Features:

  • Database management
  • Supports a wide variety of songs
  • Reliable and 100% freeware

9. Walaoke


Walaoke is a strange karaoke software. It can play DAT, VOB, MPG, FLV, play AVI, MKV WMV, and any other format when installing the correct codecs. Audio playback includes MP3 + CDG, MP3 + LRC, and MP3 + XML files, and it supports legacy MIDI and KAR files, so it does not exclude anyone from the party.

The player can customize the background of your lines with the camera or any video input. You can display lines in different colors depending on whether you are male or female singing in a duet.

If left unchecked, it’s your standard playlist management, highlighting lines to add more effects to them and saving the default audio track or channel for later use.

All these features are free in the player, and it is not surprising that it is the most downloaded karaoke player on our list. You will probably need to find the tracks yourself, but if you have a low budget and need legitimate karaoke software, this is for you. Not complicated, do what you are asked to do at no cost; it is worth it.

Key Features:

  • Reliable and diverse Karaoke software
  • Built-in customization
  • Create your karaoke songs

10. Karafun Player


Do you know Karafun Player is the second most downloaded karaoke player on the list, and it appears when you open it? Its editor allows you to import all your existing songs, supports legacy files (MIDI, KOR), and provides software-only KFN format.

One of the best features of the Karafun karaoke player is its karaoke catalog. After you pay for any plan they offer, you can get access to up to 30,000 tunes. Tracks songs played with a historical device. Users can save their favorite tunes and bring them to your local repository.

The player is local, but if you find it challenging to get the songs you like, you will have to pay one of the subscription fees. After all, it’s less than the price of most karaoke software. It is minimalist, slim, and lightweight—one of the best players to perform even on PC.

Key Features:

  • Offline Sync
  • Custom key and tempo
  • Dual Screen display


No party can be complete without music. And karaoke software helps you to make your parties musical. I hope this article helps you to find the best free Karaoke software. Comment below your experience with any of this Karaoke software. Also, don’t forget to write us if you have any questions or doubts.

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