10 Best Free Webcam Recording Software of 2022

Do you want to start making videos like YouTubers or want to record memories of video call on pc? You can do all of these with free Webcam Recording Software. People share many cherished memories via webcam and also give a presentation. Webcam recording software is an important program that captures photographs and live videos on your pc.

And for this software, you don’t have to pay extra money. There is more than a hundred free Webcam Recording software available online. Whether you are a first-time user or upgrading your software selection, our recommendation will never disappoint you. So, continue to read this article to find out the best free webcam recording software.

free webcam recording software

What Is Webcam Recording Software?

Screen recording is the silent video of your screen that displays all the movements, clicks, and scrolls that occur on the screen during recording. Webcam recording offers a screen recording. It means it simultaneously uses a webcam to create a video that contains you and the sound. The result of webcam recordings is the screen recording with audio and video.

For this, webcam recording software comes in to picture. Webcam recordings are also useful as a form of instruction. You can use a webcam to share an idea, illustrate an idea, or record a video to demonstrate a project.

It is essential to use webcam recordings when communicating because they are easier to grasp than a pile of text. Video is more attractive than other content types, so you need to think about implementing web recordings in your work.

It is essential to use webcam recordings when communicating because they are easier to grasp than a pile of text. Video is more attractive than other content types, so you need to think about implementing web recordings in your work.

Webcam recording software helps you represent a presentation with confidence, and the audience can effectively understand it. You can also record your business conference calls using this software. If you are working remotely or have a headquarters in another location, a webcam recording app becomes handy.

Features of Webcam Recording Software

Webcam overlap:

Webcam recording software has this webcam overlay feature to record your screen and webcam at the same time. Showing your screen and talking simultaneously can help you express difficult issues and provide instant feedback on projects.

It allows your customers and colleagues to see your screen and face with the webcam recording software – not just your voice. It pairs with the built-in microphone and webcam with your computer or connects to any external device for audio or video.

This webcam software feature is great for YouTube videos that want to show your screen and facial expressions simultaneously.

Fullscreen webcam recording:

Show clients that you are ahead of the game with our webcam recording software. You can record personalized video email messages and transmit misunderstood information in written form.

Add captions to videos you’ve captured:

Many webcam recording software allows you to add captions to your video recordings. You can personalize your video recording titles with the built-in text editor.

Easy video color settings:

When you adjust your recorded video’s color settings and effects, you can see the output instantly in the main window and capture them as you record. You have to Adjusts brightness, contrast, and gamma for low-quality cameras.

Keep functional video output settings:

You can choose the size and frame rate for your webcam recording. There is a list of common output settings for the TV and HD you can choose from, or specify the width and height for the custom output. This flexibility is an excellent start for people who create videos for different pages (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, CD, or television).

Screen recording software screen options:

The first image records the entire screen, a single window, or any selected part. Supports early multi-screen recording, so all your monitors are recorded.

Best Free Webcam Recording Software of 2022

The best web-based webcam recorders capture audio activity, video clippings, and screen footage. This best webcam recording software for Windows helps you personalize these recordings with the tools and editing tools available.

1. Wondershare Filmora Scrn

Website: https://filmora.wondershare.net/

Wondershare Filmora webcam recording software

Filmora webcam recording software is one of the best cam-screen recorders for Windows 7 and a later version of this OS. It offers many features for audio, screen, and webcam recording. This webcam screen recorder also provides a video editing option to capture the content of webcam recordings.

It comes with a complete editing suite that allows you to use various professional tools to edit your webcam recordings. It can record videos of up to 4k video quality and also provides advanced tools for video editing.

You can record your face and laptop screen simultaneously. So, it’s a tremendous free webcam recording software to use for YouTube purposes. You can also take screenshots while recording. It also provides trim functions to shorten the video clips.

Key Features

  • 4K recording capability
  • Provides powerful tools for video editing
  • Edit Watermark
  • Multi-source recording

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2. OBS Studio

Website: https://obsproject.com/

OBS Studio webcam recording software

OBS webcam recording software is free and open-source software and a live streaming tool to record videos. Enable live streaming on Mac, Windows, and Linux with this open broadcaster software studio.

This web-based webcam recorder allows you to capture live video and audio through resources such as webcams and browser windows. Additionally, the custom transition feature will enable you to create and change multiple scenes.

It has high performance, live audio/video capture, and mixing software. This unique cam screen recorder can use various resources such as Windows capture, webcams, text, capture cards, images, etc., to help you create interesting scenes.

With the help of this software’s custom conversion facility, you can easily switch between unlimited scenes. Another interesting feature of OBS software is it’s advanced and easy to use an audio mixer. The mixer has the benefit of being a sound gate, noise suppressor, and personal source filters.

As a user, you can take full control of these facilities with VST plugin support. You can change all aspects of your recording or broadcast using the OBS Studio Streamline settings panel’s configuration options.

You need to follow a few simple steps and easy clicks to create beautifully cut recordings for videos and screenshots. Microphone, speakers, or live, you can choose any recording device you like. These cams have an integrated file manager to manage most of the recorded materials (companies) in local cam-screen recorders.

Key Features

  • Live audio / video capture
  • Extract videos from multiple sources
  • Switch between multiple scenes
  • Intuitive Audio Mixer
  • Configuration options
  • Best web for YouTube live stream

3. Flashback Express

Website: https://www.flashbackrecorder.com/express/

Flashback Express free webcam recording software

Flashback Express is a screen-based native screen recording software that captures the screen and records audio anywhere. With this web-based webcam video recording software, you can record your screen in the form of short clips or extensive video tutorials.

Additionally, you can trim the footage and create clips with captions, images, and arrows. If necessary, you can enhance the video quality by adding music and commentary. With Flashback webcam software, you can add webcam video to your screen recording and add audio commentary or captions while recording.

Avoid watermarks when recording movies? Don’t worry anymore! Remove watermarks with Flashback Express. You can record any movie with Flashback Express. Webcam recording software allows you to easily share your recordings by downloading a file or uploading it to YouTube.

Key Features

  • Capture screens anywhere on your PC
  • Removing watermarks
  • No length limit
  • Easily share video records
  • Audio Comment

4. Logitech Capture

Website: https://www.logitech.com/en-in/product/capture

Logitech Capture webcam recording software

Logitech Capture software is crucial for recording and sharing high-quality video content. You need to connect with your webcam and enjoy unique features like multi-source recording, customization, and studio controls. It provides six configuration profiles to ensure quality video capture.

It supports recording in 9:16 format, which is suitable for mobile phone viewing. You can add text to your video with your choice of font styles and background presets. You can stream live and stream your content using the Logitech Capture as the camera source.

With this webcam recording software, you have the option to record from both webcams together. You can apply transitions to your video content and adjust the layout using the Logitech Capture software. It is an excellent free webcam recorder.

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Key Features

  • Vertical Video Capture
  • Direct text overlaps
  • Broadcast on your own
  • Multi-source recording
  • Studio controls

5. Free 2X Webcam Recorder

Website: http://www.free2x.com/webcam-recorder/

Free 2X Webcam Recorder Software

Free 2X Webcam Recorder can record video and take screenshots from any web cam using this web-based webcam recording software. You can also use digital video cameras for recording videos. Which is the best? Save these recorded videos in MP4, WMV, AVI, and file formats with this tremendous free cam-screen recorder.

The free 2x Web Generator Webcam Screen Recorder sometimes provides the ability to pause recordings and edit and remove watermarks where necessary. Now record video from any source with the help of speakers, microphone, and line-in.

With the free 2X Webcam Recorder, you can record audio from any source using a microphone or speakers. This webcam recording software allows you to control the webcam using keyboard shortcuts. You can set custom shortcuts to record, pause, pause, and capture video snapshots.

It is one of the best webcam video recording software and has a scheduling tab to record and pause the video according to the scheduled camera. You can use the free 2X webcam recording software to edit the watermarks in the 2-output file.

Key Features

  • Advanced Audio recording
  • Keyboard custom shortcuts
  • Tabs schedule
  • Edit Watermark

6. Bandicam Webcam Recorder

Website: https://www.bandicam.com/webcam-recorder/

Bandicam Webcam Recorder software

Comprehensive experts and newcomers to screen recording, the Bandicam Webcam Screen Recorder makes it easy and convenient to record anything on your screen. This lightweight software is the best web-based webcam recording software for Windows 10 and others.

It is ideal for those who want to hold anything on a high-quality PC screen. This free webcam recording software has the native cam recorder default configuration option suitable for inexperienced users. It means you can start recording anything with a few clicks.

Bandicam is the answer for those who want to record anything on your computer screen and save it as an image file or video file (MP4, AVI).

The game recording is also possible with this cam screen recorder software as it records various 2D / 3D games using 4K UHD video. Additionally, it can take up to 144 fps video. Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or iMac, you can record high-quality screens on your PC.

Key Features

  • Record IPTV, APPLE TV, and HDTV with Bandicom
  • Extract webcam video on Windows PC
  • Record gameplay on PC for Xbox and PlayStation
  • Record your Mac or iPhone screen

7. ShareX – Free Webcam Recording Software

Website: https://getsharex.com/

ShareX free webcam recording software

When it comes to the best free webcam recording software on the market, it can be hard for you to find a better tool than ShareX. Capturing a video of your screen with one (configurable) click makes this app very easy.

One of the great features of ShareX is the ability to record a specific portion of your computer screen when needed. You may not want your entire screen to appear on the video you intend to record and share. No problem, just select the area you want to record in ShareX and capture only that area in your video.

After recording the video, users can edit it. However, the editing features are not as extensive as the other apps on this list. But for a fully-featured device, the functionality is excellent and suitable for those on a tight budget or who only need basic video recording features.

Key Features

  • One-click webcam recording
  • Customizable recording
  • Studio controls

8. ManyCam

Website: https://manycam.com/

ManyCam free webcam recording software

With web-based webcam screen recording software and video switcher, ManyCam is your solution for improving your video chats. Here, we need to clarify that this web-based webcam recording software produces incredible live streams on multiple platforms simultaneously.

ManyCam Live Streaming Software is ideal for video conferencing and online classes because they offer advanced picture-in-picture effects. You can stream videos live on YouTube and Facebook to increase your online reach.

Organize dynamic web conferences and improve video call quality with this software. For students, webcam recording software offers creative educational content online. It allows you to switch between images and video sources during live streaming.

Webcam video recording software uses the picture-in-picture feature to record your texts. You can add multiple windows to your main screen and split the screen if needed. You get 12K plus effects, masks, and objects to make your live streaming videos more attractive.

You can capture the specific areas or entire screen as the video source. It is crucial for online classes, tuitions, and business presentations. It is a dynamic and feature-rich free webcam recorder.

Key Features

  • Organize web conferences
  • Live Classes Online
  • Image in image
  • 3D masks and effects
  • Desktop screencasting

9. Camdesk

Website: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/camdesk/jmjgcfadcmkpmkfhecfcoghmaloblkod

Camdesk is a webcam widget developed as a part of the home monitoring system. Camdesk is one of the best webcam recorders available in the market today. You can use it in the computing system to monitor the whole area or any part of it.

This webcam recording software is primarily for video surveillance and video surveillance. You will also find the Chrome key that ensures quick access to Camdesk features. Toggle the widget by toggling the top option and customize the webcam capture software regularly.

You can easily change the webcam capabilities by taking snapshots of the entire screen or part of it. Availability of fullscreen mode that can be easily viewed with a simple click of a button. Blur slider to change webcam sizes to fit video/recordings according to computing system capability.

It can be used for presentations and screencasting with the help of Camstudio and QuickTime Player, respectively.

Key Features

  • Pin / Unpin widget
  • Take Snapshots while recording
  • Fullscreen recording
  • Offers Blur slider

10. iSpring Cam Pro

Website: https://www.ispringsolutions.com/ispring-cam

iSpring Cam Pro webcam recording software

ISpring Cam Pro uses webcam capture software to create software tutorials and video tutorials for professionals and young learners. The web-based webcam recorder version of ISpring allows you to create professional content with screencasts’ help, to which voiceovers are added. Free Webcam Recording Software is suitable for mac users.

Such well-explained tutorials are useful for instructors and students with instructions and video/screen recording equipment. This screen recording software allows the software to record the entire screen or capture a specific area—record voiceovers based on training equipment details, contextual features, and details.

You can record sound effects to add music to make the video more fun. Highlight your actions on the screen by clicking on the sounds with the available cursors. With this web-based webcam recording software for Windows 10 and others, you or your trainer can add video screens to the cast to ensure better communication.

Key Features

  • Screen area
  • Voice over
  • System Voice Record
  • Spotlight Mouse Actions
  • Image Screencasts


Webcam recording software can change your life. It enhances how you deliver the presentation in the meeting or improves the tutorial quality for your students. You can also start a new YouTube Career with this software.

I hope this article helps you to find the most suitable free webcam recording software for your pc. It is highly recommended to use this free software for personal use. For business purposes, you should look for premium webcam recording software. Comment below if you have any questions or doubts.

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