10 Best Beat Making Software [Free & Paid] 2022

Best beat making software that will help you in mixing, composing, and modifying music easily.

We found tons of best making software, both free and paid, over the internet. So we tried them all and handpicked the best beat making software for you. Doesn’t matter if you are a professional or have just started to work with Digital Audio Workstation, we have something awesome for all. If you want to start using your creative souls into making beats and soundtrack but don’t know what to start it, read on and find the best beat making software, trust us!

We listed our top beat making software with a detailed review of each. Each of these tools is the best and may have its own unique features. You can look for the best one that suits your needs and start making music. Plugin your instrument and start recording, edit and mixing those beats to make the perfect soundtracks.

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Don’t stress out, if you are a beginner! We have the best beat making software to get you started.

Best Beat Making Software
Best Beat Making Software

Best Beat Making Software

#1. MAGIX Music Maker – Best Beat Making Software

Website: https://www.magix.com/in/music/music-maker/

Another great DAW software, Magix Music maker offers the perfect deal of beat making, editing, and mixing. It is one of the best beat making software free to use for people who have just started. The easy interface and design make this beat making software suitable for beginners.

Magix Music maker - Best Free Beat Making Software
Magix Music maker – Best Free Beat Making Software

The Magix Music Maker offers automatic pitch adjustment, tons of sound effects and sample tracks that can really help you get started. There are tons of video tutorials available on the internet that are surely a great help too. The beat maker software free version comes with 4 sound pools but if you want more, you can easily upgrade to the Premium Version which isn’t too hefty on the budget either.

The premium version gives you more variety on virtual musical instruments, soundtracks, and professional features. You can mix and edit your recorded sounds with an easier and faster interface on Musix Music Maker. Once you master here, upgrade to premium and enjoy all the master features!

Try MAGIX Music Maker


Website: https://www.image-line.com/flstudio/

A piece of easy, full-featured music making software for those who have just entered into the music-making world. Although FL Studio is a paid beat making software, it is a highly budget-friendly tool. If you are a total beginner and have just begun to make music, this is the best beat making software for you!

FL STUDIO - Best Beat Making Software
FL STUDIO – Best Beat Making Software

The FL Studio comes with an excellent pitch-shifting tool along with time sequencing that gives the user ease while making music, especially for a beginner. The wide range of virtual instruments and over 80 built-in plugins is what makes FL studio such a popular and one of the best beat making software.

FL Studio offers a wide range of customization, editing and mixing tools and is worth every penny you pay for it. But, if you are a total beginner, it would still take a while before you get comfortable with this beat making software but among others, this is the best.

#3. Ableton Live 9

Website: https://www.ableton.com/en/live/

Ableton Live 9 is considered as one of the best beat making software with easy yet full-fledged tools. This beat making software work works well on Windows and Mac. Although they offer a free version of this, the premium of only $99 is a value for money.

Ableton Live 9 - Best Beat Making Software
Ableton Live 9 – Best Beat Making Software

Ableton is known for its amazing looping features and grid-style music editor.

This may not be the software you should use if you are a complete beginner, but if you know little something about using such tools then Ableton Live won’t drive you crazy after all. The interface, though easy, has some complex features that’ll take time to get your hands on.

Here is a guide video for Ableton Live 9 beat making software:

#4. LMMS

Website: https://lmms.io/

LMMS is one of the best beat making software free to use and open source. This name stands for “Lets Make Music!”. It offers the user a simple interface to work with but isn’t lacking any feature you need. The huge community is open for beginners to learn the tool. There are millions of videos on YouTube that can help you start off.

LMMS - Best Beat Making Software Free
LMMS – Best Beat Making Software Free

The free beat making software can do wonders! The virtual instruments along with a piano roll editor for fine tunes will make your creativity glow. The additional beat and bassline editors on LMMS make it one of the best software for making beats.

LMMS is easy to learn and comes with an automation tool for tracks that help users in finding the right sound patterns. The library of sample tracks and sound effects is just amazing. If you are somewhat a beginner, LMMS can be the right choice for you. You can do a lot with this free beat making software!

#5. GarageBand

Website: https://www.apple.com/in/mac/garageband/

Available only for Mac Users, GarageBand is an Apple Exclusive music making software. It offers a large variety of virtual instruments with tons of effects. The interface may seem a little intimidating but is really easy to learn. In addition to this, GarageBand offers plenty of customization features and editing tools such as bass measure and even a noise manager to reduce excessive noise during recordings.

Garageband - Music Making Software for Mac
Garageband – Music Making Software for Mac

With Garageband, you can record various virtual instruments, mix patterns and edit sounds with a huge library of sounds and tracks. You can add effects and amplitude to your own instruments and create amazing soundtracks. Not only this, this free beat making software provides excellent looping effects which can be used for live performance.

There are all the good reasons we can it one of the best beat making software. GarageBand is easy to use, has all the features that professional beat-making software should have. If you are a Mac user, GarageBand is something you should try!

We all know that Garageband for Mac is only available right now but We found many guides about Garageband for Windows and Garageband for Android on the internet. We haven’t tested yet. We will test and share the guide soon.

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#6. Cubase Elements

Website: https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/

The highly customizable beat making software, Cubase Elements, is another of the best beat making software. It loads up on features such as a huge loop library, templates and virtual instruments. Although this is a paid software, it is a budget-friendly one.

Cubase Elements - Best Music Production Software
Cubase Elements – Best Music Production Software

The range of audio effects and plug-ins that can be used in Cubase is one of the reasons for its immense popularity. The layout is neat and simple yet a complete beginner should still expect days before they can get along with this software.

Cubase Elements is one of the best beat making software for PC, is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The software, however, limits the number of audio tracks you use in a single soundtrack but the limit is far enough for what you’ll need.

#7. Reaper

Website: https://www.reaper.fm/

Reaper is a value for money, easy to learn, beginner’s music production software. It works on Mac, Linux and Windows smoothly. Although it is paid the $60 you pay for it is a real steal deal!

Reaper - Best Music Production Software for Beginners
Reaper – Best Music Production Software for Beginners

Reaper offers you an easy interface to work with and can support a variety of plugins for sound effects and tracks. The beat making software can read more than 25 file type so won’t have the trouble in converting your sounds into particular formats. The multi-track audio feature is something to look forward in Reaper.

The MIDI processor and editor make it easier for beginners to work with different beats and patterns. The customization options are excellent to work with. If you are looking for something that can help you get started in music making, then Reaper can be the perfect tool that has everything that has everything and doesn’t compromise on your creative thoughts.

#8. OrdrumBOX

Website: https://www.ordrumbox.com/

Ordrumbox is basically a drum beat making software but over the years has become a full-fledged music maker software. The software is great for people who have just begun making music. The beat making software is sometimes referred to as a Drum Machine given its main feature is drum beats.

OrdrumBOX - Free Drum Beat Making Software
OrdrumBOX – Free Drum Beat Making Software

One of the best features of OrdrumBox is that its Natural Sound Assignations which can match sounds to their natural pitch and sequence, a great help to beginners. The rhythm database is wide and with various customization options available, OrdrumBox makes it a complete package.

The additional drum kits can help you make better patterns of sounds and the built-in sequencer is some of the best features of Ordrum Box. The beat making software is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. So, if these features are something you are looking for, go for this tool.

#9. Tracktion T7 Draw

Website: https://www.tracktion.com/products/t7-daw

This is one of the best music making software you’ll find out on the internet if you are a complete beginner. It is simple but with every feature, you’ll need. The beat making software free version is older Tracktion T7 while the paid comes with more updated features and customization.

Tracktion T7 Draw - Best Music Making Software
Tracktion T7 Draw – Best Music Making Software

The beat making software comes with an easy-to-use interface and their tech support is just impressive. You will find a lot of tutorial videos for Tracktion T7 to guide you through.

It is one of the best software for making beats if you are a beginner. It offers you a range of sample tracks and sound effects to get you good and started. The editor and simple interface are best for beginners and you can add effects to your instruments. For a great start, use Tracktion T7 Draw!

#10. Audacity

Website: https://www.audacityteam.org/

Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, Audacity makes up a great alternative for Garageband. It is one of the most elegant beat making software. It is neither too complicated nor too hard to learn. For total beginners, it would still take time but the process is not that difficult.

Audacity - Free Beat Making Software
Audacity – Free Beat Making Software

Audacity can be termed as more of an editor than a beat making software. Although it is free, the software limits on certain terms. It can be used as a great supplement with other tools as the features restrict it to mixing and editing. You can create sound patterns with this and lay the groundwork for your actual soundtrack.

The tool, however, can give you a decent insight into beat making and help you master such tools. The user interface is simple and really easy to use. Audacity can help you organize your sounds in a better way. This beat making software is worth trying, it will surely teach you a thing or two about music making software.


What is the best beat making of them all? Well, find for yourself. Choose the one that fulfills your needs and if not one, try them all!

Let your creative instincts find their sound. If you have already found your sound, it is time to make it big! And, as someone wise once said, the real music comes from the soul. To that, we’ll add that the best beats come from the best beat making software.

We hope that we helped you find the perfect beat making tool for you. And, although this article may be over, stay connected for more!

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