10 Best Free Animation Software for Windows 10 in 2024

Find the best free animation software to create animation on a Windows 10 PC.

So, no matter if you are a professional trying on some free animation programs or a newbie who wants to try his hand at animation, these free animation software will end your quest for good, free animation software. Better if you are a beginner to animation or a student because we have included some of the best free animation software for beginners too!

You may be on the initial point of that learning curve but remember not to give up so fast. Even the earliest animators took a while to realize how to be good at animation. Even Walt Disney! But, here you are with all the resources and the best free animation software to work with. So, go on and animate!

The internet is filled with a lot of free animation software but who knows what’s best? That’s why we are here with the best free animation software. You can sit back and read on to decide which one suits you the best. From high-level, realistic 3D modeling and animation software with more dynamic features to easy and basic animation software, we have listed the 10 best Animation Software tried and tested by us for you!

Best Free Animation Software
Best Free Animation Software

Best Free Animation Software in 2024

We have curated a list of the best free animation software for Windows 10 which we are going to discuss below.

1. Blender

Website: https://www.blender.org/download/

Blender is an open-source, free animation software with some very rich features. Although it is exclusively free, Blender’s being an open-source software is what makes it so amazing. It is one of the best free animation software with some really powerful features. It allows 3D rendering and modeling, and 3D animation. The learning curve of Blender can be a little sharp but once you get your hands on it, you will need no other tool for making 3D animations.

Blender - Free Animation Software
Blender – Free Animation Software

Blender is one of the very few free animation programs that allow a wide range of features for animation and modeling. You can import models and animations to work on and automated walk cycles make working on animations easy. Blender allows professional lighting and camera control which help in directing an animation video. Blender is a free animation software for beginners as well as professionals that works well on Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

2. Keyshot 8

Website: https://www.keyshot.com/resources/downloads/

With a fast and powerful interface, Keyshot has come up to be another of the best free animation software. It is a 3D rendering software which also allows 3D animation. You can do 3D as well as 2D animation on Keyshot. The camera setting allows you to control scenes and perspective while animating. The HDRI lighting gives a realistic effect to the entire animation and rendering features on Keyshot give the overall texture of animation a rich and real effect.

keyshot - Best Free Animation Software
keyshot – Best Free Animation Software

Keyshot allows a more realistic and dynamic texture and rendering which makes the animation a lot smoother. The free animation software comes with a built-in library that includes sample scenes, props, elements, and models. This makes it easier for beginners to learn Keyshot and work well with it. You can also try Keyshot Plugins, and download environments, colors and textures from Keyshot’s official website. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

3. Animaker

Website: https://www.animaker.com/

Animaker is not an animation software, technically, but is an online animation tool. It allows you to make simple 2D animation videos with a voice-over that could be yours or the built-in one. It is a whiteboard animation software that offers simple videos, motion typography, and 2D animations. Animaker is online software that can create infographic videos or simple animation videos for content marketing or educational purposes. It offers both free and paid features. One of the biggest limitations of the free version is that you are only allowed a 2-minute video length. In the paid version you get more customization and more props. So, yes, it is worth buying.

Animaker - Best Animation Software
Animaker – Best Animation Software

The interface is one of the easiest ones. It feels like you are making a presentation, only better. You can drag and drop props, elements and other models onto the frame, adjust how they go along, and set the transition. This free animation program is really easy to use, simple interface, and has amazing results. If you are someone who is looking to create easy whiteboard animation videos, Animaker is the best animation software you can go for.

4. Pencil 2D

Website: https://www.pencil2d.org/download/

One of the best 2D animation software, Pencil 2D is where you can create amazing 2D animations from scratch. It allows a traditional 2D animation that can turn your sketches and vectors into moving cartoons. This animation software for beginners allows you to bring in the basic 2D animation process and learn how to create animation. Pencil 2D is an open-source and free 2D animation program with a pretty simple interface. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.

Pencil 2D Animation Software
Pencil 2D Animation Software

You can use multiple layers and draw-ink in the software and then work on the animation. It allows more customization of the drawing and movements which makes the software easier for beginners. You can use vector images and bitmap to create easy animations on Pencil 2D. Out of the many free animating programs, Pencil 2D stands out to be much easier to learn and work with, with better and more dynamic features.

5. Daz Studio

Website: https://www.daz3d.com/get_studio

Daz Studio is one of the top free animation software with really powerful features. It offers 3D morphing, animation, and rendering and can also be used to design models for 3D printing. This free 3D animation software for beginners can give amazing results. Although it would take some time before you can get a hand on it with a library of built-in props and elements, it gets a little easier for beginners to work with it. The library allows you to use already-built components such as models, environments, and textures. You can even save your models and environments to be used later.

Daz Studio - Free 3D Animation Software
Daz Studio – Free 3D Animation Software

Daz Studio is one of the genuinely good free animation software that offers a rich variety of features. One such feature, the NVIDIA Iray, allows a realistic rendering effect to your animation or model. This creates rich graphic animations which are no less than a professional one. The UberShader is a shading tool in Daz Studio that gives a more realistic lighting effect to your animation. Daz Studio works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

6. Synfig Studio

Website: https://www.synfig.org/

Synfig Studio is one of the best free 2D animation Software with dynamic features and customization. It is an open-source, free 2D animation software. If you are a beginner, then it would be a little difficult to get started with Synfig Studio but it will be worth it. It is quite similar to Pencil 2d animation software but has more enhanced features. You can create 2D cartoons and animations with rich features and enhanced customization. This can be considered as a flash animation software but the overall features give more than that.

Synfig Studio - Free 2D Animation Software
Synfig Studio – Free 2D Animation Software

Synfig Studio allows Vector Tweening which makes it easier to convert Vectors into animation with a smooth flow. You can add multiple layers and work on frames to create a smooth 2D animation. You can create cut-out animation with the bitmap. The Skeleton Distortion layer used the Bone System to create animations and cartoon videos. Synfig Studio offers advanced features that can be used to create dynamic structures and animations. If you are looking for a 2D animator, then Synfig is one of the best free 2D animation software

7. Bryce

Website: https://download.cnet.com/Bryce-Pro/3000-6677_4-10696716.html

Bryce is a 3D modeling and animation software with powerful features. You can use it to create 3D models and animate them using Bryce’s rich features. It is a free animation software but also comes in a paid version. The version offers more functions and customization in modeling and animation. Bryce offers a huge built-in library of components, models, and environments that can be used in animations.

Bryce 3D Animation Software
Bryce 3D Animation Software

You can also create realistic landscapes and environments using Bryce. It is one of the best features of Bryce. You can create distinct and realistic terrain, landscapes and environments using this free animation software for Windows. The rich and dynamic features and customizations it allows while modeling a terrain are just amazing. You can add high details and graphics to your landscapes. It works well on both Mac and Windows.

8. Terragen

Website: https://planetside.co.uk/free-downloads/terragen-4-free-download/

Terragen is a free 3D animation Software where you can create realistic models and animation videos. It is quite similar to Bryce and can be used to create realistic terrains and landscapes. The features of Terragen emphasized creating environments and terrain. It is a great animation software for beginners, it is quite easy to use. The interface is simple and easy to understand. It can be used in combination with other animation software to create a high-graphic animation.

Terragen 4 Free Animation Software
Terragen 4 Free Animation Software

You can create easy terrains as well as work through some more realistic and complex environments using Terragen. It allows a really fast rendering which makes a really powerful animation software for beginners. Terragen is a free animating program but if you want some extra professional features, you can try the paid version. Use the link below for free animation software download.

9. OpenToonz

Website: https://opentoonz.github.io/e/

OpenToonz is a free 2D animation software which is easy to use. You can create amazing 2D animation using simple figures and images. You can adjust the light settings and add colors, and create more realistic animation. It is a great animation software for beginners who can create amazing animations. You can change image styles and add more details to make the animation better. OpenToonz allows you to produce more smooth animation and faster processing.

OpenToonz free 2D animation software
OpenToonz free 2D animation software

There are various plugins available to download that can help you add more effects to your animation and let you use more features. Since OpenToons is an open-source, free animation software the code is regularly modified. The huge community helps these free animating programs to get more features and introduce new plugins now and then. This makes OpenToons one of the best animation software.

10. Stykz

Website: https://www.stykz.net/downloads/

If you are looking for a good free animation software that can work basic animation then Stykz should be your software of choice. Stykz allows 2D stick figure animation but there is a lot that you can do with this free animation software. It is one of the best animation software free of cost that helps you animate 2D stick figures. You can customize each frame and edit the way it works. The interface is pretty basic and easy to understand but the animations it can create are pretty amazing.

Stykz 2D Stick Animation Software
Stykz 2D Stick Animation Software

Stykz is a multi-platform animation software that will let you work on basic stick figures. It is one of the best free animation software for beginners. You can directly edit the frame and even reuse the figures you made. You can even use the already built-in figures and props for your animation. This free animation software for Windows 10 can do amazing things. The learning part will be easy and fast.


Hope you found the perfect Animation software for yourself! If not then try some of these first and go on to explore more. Animation can be tricky, it looks easier on books and videos but when it comes down to sitting down and animating, it takes effort. But, this shouldn’t stop you from animating. Try these free animation software and let your creativity spark the world of animation!

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