16 Best PC Optimizer Software [Free & Paid] 2022

Are you looking for the best PC optimizer software to optimize and clean up your PC? The straightforward answer is Iolo System Mechanic, Norton Utilities and Ashampoo WinOptimizer is the most trusted brand for PC optimization. 

To solve all those issues we have brought to you the best free PC optimizer you’ll love how efficient these are!

The reason you are here looking for the best free PC Optimizer is your PC isn’t working as smoothly as it should be. The causes behind this problem can be many, ranging from junk files piling up to the unnecessary cache. These load up on your PC and make it run slower. The actual and technical answer as to why these files load up and make your PC slower can belong. And, for all the not-so-tech-savvy people out there it is better we keep that answer to ourselves and get to the real thing: PC OPTIMIZATION

While PC Optimization can also be done without using any software i.e. manually, it would require a lot of time. It may be easy for those techy people out there but for us, not so much. And, that’s why we are here. We have tried and tested these tools and yes, these are the best free PC optimizers.

We tried tons of PC Optimizer software and selected the best for you! These are the best free PC Optimizer Software out there and you can trust us with their efficiency. While some of these may require you to take a subscription, don’t doubt those free PC Optimization Software either. But, try on as you like. Each of these has its own features. Suit yourself with your system needs and choose the best of the best. This PC Optimization Software will turn your system as good as new!

But, remember, this isn’t a “one-time thing”! To make your PC run smoothly, you’ll have to clean it regularly.

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Free PC Optimizer Software
Free PC Optimizer Software

How Does This Best PC Optimizer Software Work?

Well, working is pretty simple. This PC Optimization Software clears out your disk space, unnecessary cache loading the memory, cookies left behind, and other things that may lower the performance of your PC. Thus, when your system is clean and light, it runs a lot smoother than before!

Best PC Optimizer Software

Now, let’s dig into the list of the 10 best PC Optimization Software that’ll make your life a little easier!

1. Iolo System Mechanic


Iolo is an all-in package of the best free PC Optimizer Software. Not only does it speed your system but also helps you increase your internet speed, lagging due to excess junk. Iolo System Mechanic cleans out all the cache, cookies and junk off the memory of your PC; enhances CPU speed and gets your PC performance good and smooth. The interface is really easy to use and won’t require you any extra knowledge to get this PC Optimizer Software installed.

Iolo System Mechanic - Free PC Optimizer Software
Iolo System Mechanic – Free PC Optimizer Software

One of the major problems faced by PC users, especially the ones with Windows OS is the slow startup. Well, with Iolo, this problem is solved because you don’t have to open it up and run it to optimize your PC. Iolo works on making your startup faster than ever! In fact, if you ask us, this is the best Windows 10 Optimization Software.

While we talk about the best free PC Optimizer Software, some of the tools of Iolo are paid while others are. But don’t tense up, if you are buying any of the paid tools, it will be worth your money!

When we say Iolo to be the best free PC Optimization Software, we include everything. It will decrease your PC boot time, free up RAM, increase GPU speed and improve the overall performance of your system. And, you don’t have to worry about doing it every time the PC lags. In fact, Iolo runs every time you turn on the PC. So, you don’t have to worry about your PC getting slow anymore!

Try iolo System Mechanic

2. Norton Utilities


Norton Utilities, apart from giving your PC a huge performance boost, will protect it against any security breach too. For Windows 10, this PC Optimizer Software will tune up your system with a noticeable upgrade in performance. The quick fixes with Norton will help you solve the daily issues with your system with ease. You don’t have to wait around and scan your system every time you face an issue.

Norton Utilities - Free PC Optimization Software
Norton Utilities – Free PC Optimization Software

Norton will do it on its own. The lags in performance, registry errors, corrupt files, overloaded cache, and all the junk will be taken care of by this PC Optimizer Software. While the Free PC Optimizer software will never let you down, the extra features with the paid version are not too expensive to look at. In fact, if your PC is constantly in a slow state, you may want to try the paid version of Norton Utilities too!

Try Norton Utilities

3. Ashampoo WinOptimizer


As its makers say, it is like “a shampoo” for your PC. So like a shampoo helps you get rid of anything unwanted off your hair and make it light and smooth, this PC Optimizer Software strives to do the same. This is one of the best free PC Optimizers that you’ll ever use. It gives your PC a deep clean scan which will help it clear all the unnecessary background tasks, junk files and cookies loading on your system making it slow.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer - Best PC Optimizer Free
Ashampoo WinOptimizer – Best PC Optimizer Free

This is the best pc Optimizer free of cost removing all of your heavy junk improving the overall performance and health of your PC. It also repairs registry issues and defrags the hard drives regularly ensuring no glitch in performance.

If your Windows need a solid, deep performance check and healing, then WinOptimizer will be the one for you!

Try Ashampoo WinOptimizer

4. AVG PC TuneUp


If you are using an older version of Windows and/or running a bit old PC, then this is the best free PC Optimizer you can use. The speed clean-up powers your PC to run like new! The TuneUp cleans out junk files, damaged files, cache, and cookies and frees up your RAM for better performance. The PC Optimization Software will also clear out unnecessary files loading on your disk and clean up your browser. This will make your system run a lot smoother than it used to.

AVG TuneUp - Best Free PC Optimizer
AVG TuneUp – Best Free PC Optimizer

This is one of the best PC TuneUp software with an additional Sleep Mode feature that will significantly boost your PC’s response time and speed. AVG also comes in a paid version where you’ll be able to access extra features such as malware protection and real-time performance monitoring.


5. IObit Advanced SystemCare


Iobit is another great PC Optimizer software that is an all-rounder. It boosts your PC startup and automatically manages processes and tasks to enhance your PC performance to the best.

IObit Advanced SystemCare
IObit Advanced SystemCare – Best Free PC Optimizer Software

This Optimizer tracks your PC performance and reduces the response time, a problem in Windows OS. The installation is easy and the interface even easier.

This PC Optimizer is free as well as paid.

The paid one offers you more advanced features including an internet speed booster, data protection and deep clean. It isn’t that heavy on your budget and if your PC is troubling you too much for too long, we recommend you to go with the paid version.

The free version, although, offers you the basic features of IOBit, it is one of the best free PC Optimizers you will find.

Try Advanced SystemCare

6. Piriform CCleaner


When we talk about the best free PC TuneUp Software, one of the best is Piriform Cleaner. While other free optimization tools limit some of its features for the paid one, Piriform offers you more.

Piriform CCleaner - Best Free PC Tune Up Software
Piriform CCleaner – Best Free PC Tune Up Software

This PC Optimizer Software enhances the overall system performance by clearing disk space and terminating the unnecessary processing of eating up your PC memory. Its easy interface and simple design add a bonus to how efficient it is in its working.

Piriform comes in two versions: free and paid. The paid version isn’t too costly and will fit right into your budget and would include deep cleaning, virus protection, and real-time performance monitoring. But if you want to go with the free PC Optimization software version, then it is a great choice too!

7. Advanced System Optimizer


This PC Optimization Tool helps you solve the major registry errors often faced by Windows users which gives it a major add-on feature. In addition to this, the PC Optimizer is made to solve all your registry errors and fix them in no time. This PC Optimizer Software helps you in managing processes and programs that are running in the background and slowing down your PC. These junk files and cache, over time, loads on PC’s memory and slows down the resources actually needed.

Advanced System Optimizer - Best Free PC Speed Up Software
Advanced System Optimizer – Best Free PC Speed Up Software

Advanced System Optimizer will help you get rid of all of these. The optimizer also removes all the old, corrupt drivers and files and automatically repairs them.

The Optimizer is free as well as paid. If you are opting for the paid version, some advanced features such as real-time data protection, auto-update, etc will be available. The free version will be a great choice too!

8. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer


Defencebyte is more than just a PC Optimizer Software. It not only enhances the performance of your PC but also increases your internet performance. It keeps you off malicious sites, blocks URLs and terminates unnecessary tasks that may slow down your internet.

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer - Best Free PC Optimizer
Defencebyte Computer Optimizer – Best Free PC Optimizer

Apart from this, DefenceByte repairs the issues that load on system memory. This PC Optimizer will decrease your boot time, increase CPU speed and clear up excess loads off your RAM. It clears up junk files and cache making your PC run at its best!

This is the best Windows 10 Optimization Software as it helps major Windows 10 errors, especially registry errors. This Software is paid but totally worth its price. If you are a Windows user, then this is one of your best choices.

9. SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus


Slimware has been a popular Windows 10 Optimization Software, though it works great with all other versions of windows too. This PC Optimizer Software automatically fixes all that has been hogging down your System’s Performance making it run a lot smoother.

SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus - PC Optimizer Software
SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus – PC Optimizer Software

The free PC Optimization Software handles all the unnecessary processes and tasks that run in the background and clears up disk space for a smoother working. The paid version of this will provide you with advanced cleaning features and if it fits well into your budget, the paid one is worth going for.

Slimware scans your PC for corrupt drivers or drivers that are out-of-date which can be one of the major reasons for your system going slow. It automatically updates them and maintains a stable performance. Slimware has popularly been viewed as the best pc optimizer free to use. You may also try the premium version which is a good, budget-friendly choice for your PC.

10. Razor Cortex

Razor Cortex is by far one of the best free PC Optimizer Software, given the way it works. This is basically a ‘Game Booster’ rather than a full system optimization and enhances the performance of your PC whenever you launch a game. It terminates unnecessary background processes and frees up the resources to enhance performance during gaming.

It makes your gaming really smooth and you don’t have to worry about opening it every time you want to launch a game. Once the installation is complete, Cortex automatically enhances your gaming performance every time you launch a game.

The extra feature that, if you are an enthusiastic gamer, will love is that while gaming, Cortex records your FPS( Frames per Second). Later, you can review the stats of your PC’s performance too. There is a reason why this game booster made our list of best free PC Optimization Software!

And while other paid game booster/ PC Optimizers would work fine, our recommendations are that this is one of the best free pc speed software out there.

11. CleanMyPC

Website: https://macpaw.com/cleanmypc

Unwanted files in the system are responsible for slowing down your system exponentially. From junk, log files, cache, cookies, and temporary files, CleanMyPC takes care of all those unwanted files that take up excess space in your system and reduces the computer’s overall performance. Instead of cleaning these manually, CleanMyPC enables you to find all of this unwanted junk and then clear them out.


The PC optimizer software also declutters the Windows Registry which is often packed full of unwanted files and documents. The outdated entries often affect the user experience, so using this software enables you to ensure that your computer stays functioning optimally without any drawbacks along the way.

With CleanMyPC, users get to run a thorough scan of the computer to find program files and applications that are of no use and get rid of them immediately. The multi uninstaller allows the users to get rid of multiple apps at once and without any delays along the way. With all of the junk cleared out, your Windows won’t glitch and crash any further.

12. Glary Utilities Pro 5

Website: https://www.glarysoft.com/glary-utilities-pro/

Designed to optimize and support computer performance, Glary Utilities Pro 5 provides users with a one-stop solution for PC performance optimization. With all the junk deleted automatically, it boosts the overall PC performance and fixes unnecessary errors in the process.

Glary Utilities Pro 5

Besides automated options, the software also supports one-click functionality for an easy user experience. With 20+ premium tools and Autocare features, the software takes care of all the issues regarding Registry fix, system cleaning, and privacy protection along the way.

Irrespective of the type of system and operating system you use, the software is more or less compatible with any PC that you want to integrate it to. With over 40 million trusted customers, the software is a global phenomenon and offers up to a 90-days moneyback guarantee.

13. Restoro

Website: https://www.restoro.com/

A powerful PC clean-up technology, Restoro is a complete system solution that safely repairs your PC for an optimized state. Not only do you get to use the software to get rid of all the unwanted junk files, but it also removes unwanted malware, and detects and blocks the dangerous online threats that come along the way.


With optimal PC clean-up, the software also restores maximum computer performance and frees up excess disk space in the system. If you have damaged Windows files on the computer, the software is programmed to take care of that issue as well. The real-time detection feature enables you to detect the threatening files that are likely damaging your PC in real-time.

Besides the solutions, the software also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, especially if you aren’t happy with the software and its functionalities. Also, the software is backed with 24×7 customer support if you are struggling with any features of the software.

14. Avira

Website: https://www.avira.com/en/free-speedup-windows

Besides cleaning out all the unwanted junk files, your PC is also at risk of online cyber threats and malware. Avira Free Security for Windows enables you to make the most out of it and keep the risks of malware, scams, phishing, and identity theft to a bare minimum. No longer will you have to worry about the hackers online.


Backed with the free VPN functions, the software secures all of your online activities with its free VPN feature. Additionally, the software has an automated yet free PC clean-up function that gets rid of all the junk files that you’d have no use of.

Trusted by personal users and mainstream Fortune 500 companies, Avira is programmed to support your PC experience by optimizing performance and supporting optimal usage. The software is also touted as the top anti-ransomware protection.

15. Outbyte PC Repair

Website: https://outbyte.com/software/pc-repair/

Tired of performance issues with your system? If yes, chances are that Outbyte PC Repair is just what you need to identify the problems and resolve them accordingly. This comprehensive repair tool is developed to address major system issues and then clean the junk and drive to support optimal performance in the device.

Outbyte PC Repair

The PC repair specializes in solving more than half of the common PC concerns that most users often struggle with. If your system is lagging and buffering, the functionalities of this software address those concerns and enable you to squeeze a little bit of extra juice out of the PC and optimize the performance.

Outbyte also takes care of the vulnerabilities in the system, especially to resolve different vulnerabilities integrated into the system. Pair that with the unique privacy protection, and you won’t have to worry about getting hacked or having your information stolen out of your system.

16. MyCleanPC

Website: https://www.mycleanpc.com/

Designed to clean, scan and repair any issues that are prevalent in your system, MyCleanPC is everything that you need to experience a cleaner PC usage and experience. The software automatically scans the files that are responsible for slowing down your system so you don’t have to compromise on the system’s performance in the future.


With this software, users can get rid of unwanted pop-up ads and improve the overall security of the system. No longer will you have to worry about clicking on an unwanted ad those results in crashing your computer.

Featuring a more powerful scanning functionality, MyCleanPC finds and repairs all the damaged Windows files that are likely altering your overall user experience. The software will optimize and speed up your operating system as well, especially for Windows 10 and above. Users also get to use the free scan to test out the features.


These were the best free PC Optimization Software we tried, tested and presented to you. Every one of these PC Optimizer Software will definitely help you get your PC run smoother and faster. Check-in with your PC issues and select what suits you the best!

These best free computer optimizer software will help you to fix all those glitches and lags in no time and without any cost. But, a good choice if you want to get some of those paid features, these paid PC Optimizers will be worth your money.

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