12 Best RAM Cleaner Software For Windows [2022]

Best RAM cleaner software for PC can help you to clean up computer RAM to increase computer performance. We are sharing a list of top ram cleaners software for PC.

When your laptop was newly installed, the boot-up time and working efficiency were superior. Then what happened after 1 year? Why does it work at turtle speed now? To regain the first experience, you need to use the best RAM cleaner for PC.

RAM is an essential part of the computer. You need a RAM cleaner for Windows 10 to offload RAM. RAM cleaner cleans the unused data and hibernates the unused application from your windows laptop. So many of these kinds of RAM cleaners are on the internet. You should select the best RAM cleaner for a PC or laptop to reach the maximum level of efficiency.

Best RAM Cleaners Software

What Is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The function of RAM is to store memory on a temporary base. It means the memory from RAM is deleted after shut down or after closing a particular program. RAM processes faster than hard disks. That is why it is for temporary storage. The side of RAM is usually much small than a hard drive. For example, nowadays, laptops build with 1 Tb hard disk and 8 Gb RAM. If you work with many programs simultaneously, temporary storage of RAM will be filled, and your laptop will be working slowly.

To control RAM management, you require installing a PC RAM cleaner on your laptop or personal computer. Now the question is what is the best RAM cleaner for PC. Read this article to know the best RAM cleaner for windows 10.

Best RAM Cleaner Software For Windows

#1. Advanced PC Cleanup

Website: https://www.advancedpccleanup.com/

Advanced PC Cleanup

Just like the name suggests, the Advanced PC Cleanup offers automated and advanced clean-up of your system so you can get rid of unwanted and unused apps, files, and documents from your system that is eating away at your disc space.

Besides cleaning up the redundant files, the software also offers malware protection against cyber threats that put your system at risk. You can now safely use personal information without needing to worry about the same getting hacked into.

The easy and automated scan with the software detects all the unwanted items that are likely slowing down the PC functions. With the details in front of you, you can go ahead and clean up those items and free the clogged space in the system to further improve the performance.

The single-click function of the cleaner is another reason why you can boost the system’s overall performance without compromising anything at all. The system optimizer feature in the software is another factor that makes it stand out.

Try Advanced PC Cleanup

#2. iolo System Mechanic

Website: https://www.iolo.com/

iolo System Mechanic

Available with a free trial and a cheaper subscription offer, the iolo System Mechanic is another popular PC and RAM cleaner that you should check out. This claims to be a lot better than your average PC clean-up software, especially because it offers Windows optimization.

With a complete scan and cleaning with iolo System Mechanic, your system with experience 89% faster startup, 39% better download speed, and 89% improved CPU speed for an optimal user experience by the end of it.

Using this software allows you to optimize your overall system and network performance, something that allows you to stay on top of your game, especially when it comes to the all-day productivity experience.

Besides the handy software functionalities, they also offer 24×7 tech support in case you are stuck somewhere while using the system. The premium technical support is here to help you navigate out of the complications without any hassle at all.

Try iolo System Mechanic

#3. WinOptimizer

Website: https://www.ashampoo.com/en-us/winoptimizer


A product from Ashampoo, WinOptimizer is here to clean and fix any of your Windows complications and repair the file damage that could be affecting your overall user experience. Besides being a round-the-clock PC and RAM cleaner, the software also works as system maintenance to keep your system working effortlessly.

With the software, users can also optimize the privacy and security functions of the system, especially when it comes to the overall user experience. It is the ultimate tuner and speed boost that your PC needs to keep you productive throughout the day.

The unique Internet Cleaner feature of this software clears out your cache, cookies, and browsing data so you can browse the system with optimal privacy. You don’t have to worry about junk files crowding and taking too much disc space anymore.

Paired with extensive analytical abilities, the software optimizes the HDD and RAM performance to prevent risks of buffering and delays that many users often complain about. You can also delete, encrypt and recover lost files on your Windows system.

Try WinOptimizer

#4. Advanced SystemCare

Website: https://www.iobit.com/en/advancedsystemcarefree.php

Advanced SystemCare

A PC and RAM cleanup software by IOBit, the Advanced SystemCare is another worthy RAM cleaner for Windows that we had to include in the list. You get to clean up your PC, optimize system performance and tap into maximum privacy, all with this single software.

Available for free download, the cleanup software is accelerated by artificial intelligence that ensures that you won’t have to complain about manually scanning and deleting all the files that are not required in your system anymore.

With 30+ troubleshooters in the software, users can leverage it to clear out their junk files and repair any damaged files on Windows without any kinds of complications along the way. It kills too many apps running in the background, allowing the users to maximize their PC performance along the way.

Advanced SystemCare also takes care of your privacy and security by clearing any kinds of privacy traces, including saved passwords, and other vulnerabilities that you normally wouldn’t pay any close attention to.

Try Advanced SystemCare

#5. Razer Cortex

Website: https://www.razer.com/cortex

Razer Cortex

Razer is a brand that doesn’t require any separate introduction. However, when it comes to PC optimization and RAM cleanup software, Razer Cortex is a pretty amazing choice. Ideal for gaming systems, the software takes care of the PC performance by optimizing the overall functions.

The unique Game Booster function in the software allows you to enjoy higher framerates and faster load times that enable users to make the most out of individual games. With the Booster Prime feature, the software automatically tunes and streamlines the system’s performance with AI-assisted tools for the ultimate gaming experience.

Uniquely enough, the system booster feature in the software takes your PC optimization to the next level. You can also leverage all of these amazing features at a very competitive price, which makes it way worth the investment.

#6. RAM Saver Control Panel:

Website: http://www.wintools.net/ramsaverpro/

RAM Saver Control Panel

It is a free RAM cleaner for Windows. It cleans the RAM and uplifts the performance of your laptop. Ram saver has an interface similar to the control panel. It controls the app working in the background by giving you access to kill or sleep applications from the background.

RAM Saver control panel has some other essential features also. There is a one-click process to optimize your computer. It is the best RAM optimizer for windows 10. It monitors the processing of RAM and informs the user about the malfunctioning and overloading of RAM. You can very benchmark settings to give more access to this software. It can hibernate all unused or less used applications, and that will improve the working of RAM.

The user screen of the RAM saver is similar to the Control panel of windows. So, it is effortless to use this tool. Users can find all system information such as BIOS info, windows version, RAM usage, Total storage capacity, and other systems related information from this software. This tool is available in more than 20 languages, which attracts a variety of people.

#7. Advanced System Optimizer:

Website: https://www.systweak.com/advanced-system-optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is the best memory cleaner for windows 10. Advanced system optimizer can clean the RAM to up to 60% and gives you the best user experience. This tool monitors RAM usage and deletes unwanted memories from RAM. Advanced System Optimizer is a free tool to clean RAM.

Cache memory blocks a significant amount of place on RAM, this tool senses the presence of Cache and deletes it or asks your permission to delete cache memory. There is an advanced cleaning option given in this tool. Users can click on that and clean the duplicate files, unused apps, lower quality or corrupted files, and temp files with one single click. Users can regain the fast working experience by installing Advanced System Optimizer on PC.

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#8. Wise Memory Optimizer:

Website: https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-memory-optimizer.html

Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is a free memory optimizer for windows 10. It provides a visual description of memory usage. A pie chart represents the memory used in RAM. There is a button down below to clean the used memory from the RAM.

Wise Memory Optimizer is a dedicated system to monitor and control the use of RAM. It provides an auto-cleaning option. Users can permit this software to clean the RAM automatically; the usage crosses the threshold limit. This feature offers an independent working capacity to Wise Memory Optimizer.

The size of this software is compact. The efficiency of this cleaner is also excellent. Users should try this exceptional tool for once.

#9. Mz RAM Booster:

Website: https://mz-ram-booster.en.softonic.com/

Mz RAM Booster is a PC RAM cleaner and booster. It cleans the Futile memory from RAM and enhances the working CPU. So, the user will experience a boost in the CPU working. Mz RAM Booster shows the graphical representation of RAM usage. It is mapped into milliseconds and seconds.

The graphical representation is a real-time image of RAM functionality. Users can set a maximum limit of usage. Thus the auto optimizing option activates after this threshold. Users don’t have to clean RAM every time. This auto optimizing feature can do this task for the user.

Mz RAM Booster has the dedicated functions to monitor and scale the usage of RAM from the computer. The tasks of Mz RAM Booster can also boost the foreground and background process by optimizing the CPU. Mz RAM cleaner is one of the best RAM cleaners for Windows 10.

#10. Clean Mem:

Website: https://cleanmem.en.uptodown.com/windows

Clean Mem is one of the most excellent memory cleaners for windows 10. Users will get full access to the details of memory used in this software. Clean Mem cleans the memory from RAM and also optimizes the CPU processing.

Some unique features also make this tool most suitable for PC. It autoruns the cleaner after every 15 minutes So that it will provide constant monitoring and cleaning option. Clean Mem shift the recently used file to the standby list to save more memory of RAM.

There are two versions of Clean Mem. One is paid, and the other one is free. The free version doesn’t include some unique and advanced functions. In the free version, you have to deal with the pop-up o upgrade to the premium version. Users can’t block this pop-up.

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#11. RAM Rush:

Website: https://www.fcleaner.com/ramrush.htm

RAM Rush is a memory management tool. The constant monitoring and improvement features make this app more efficient. RAM Rush deletes the cache memory, temp, and unused files from the computer. These apps have dedicated tools to manage the leaks of memory. The memory leakage can be fixed by this tool.

RAM Rush software can help you with a system crash due to malfunctioning. It prevents forestall system crashes and provides extra protection for a memory leak.

While installing this tool, it will ask for some permissions. This permission helps to gain control on the RAM usage. The less used or unused application put into hibernation by the RAM Rush tool. This software is free of cost and free from ads.

#12. Tenorshare Windows Care Genius:

Website: https://www.tenorshare.com/windows-care/free-disk-cleanup-download-tenorshare-windows-care-genius.html

Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

This cleaner is the best RAM cleaner for PC and laptops. Tenorshare is developed with intelligent coding, which helps free the memory usage from each corner of the RAM. Tenorshare will help minimize the laptop’s booting time by modifying the settings and memory of RAM.

This tool has an in-built automatic cleaner and CPU booster. It can schedule cleaning after 30 minutes, or the user can set the limit for cleaning. This tool helps to protect the browser history and other data of the user.

The user interface of Tenorshare is very comfortable and clutter-free. From beginners to experts, all kinds of users can work with this tool. The feature arrangement is straightforward but subtle. The application and implication of this software are easy and reach the expectation of the user.

Conclusion for Ram Cleaner:

The working speed and booting time are directly proportional to RAM. The poor health of RAM will reflect in the functioning of your device. It can cause the system to crash and malfunction in the processor. The best RAM cleaner for PC and laptops will increase the RAM space by deleting Cache, temp, and unused files.

Moreover, it put some apps into sleep mode to save to RAM. RAM cleaner helps to boost the health of RAM and will eventually increase the pace of the processing of your PC or laptop. These 8 RAM cleaners are the most reviewed and efficient tools to boost your RAM—comment below the name of your favorite ram cleaner Windows from this article.

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