13 Best Product Information Management (PIM) Software [2022]

When your business scales and product catalog grow, you must use the best PIM software. This Product Information Management software is the key to time-effectiveness and product micromanagement for expanding your business and managing various product information. It is the time of Omnichannel marketing.

Usually, customers browse and find products across various channels and marketplaces. So, retailers need to sell their products across multiple channels and marketplaces, and you can do these effectively with the PIM tool. If you are confused about selecting the best PIM software, continue to read this article to know about the Best Product Information Management (PIM) Software Solution.

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Best Product Information Management (PIM) Software

What Is Product Information Management?

Product Information Management is a system of managing and fulfilling product information and associated digital assets across various channels to provide a great product experience and successfully sell the product across multiple sales and marketing channels.

In Product Information Management, generally, the Lift and shift approach is used. It is also called rehosting in which you can use to shift applications like data warehouses to the cloud. In this approach, these apps are moved to cloud resources, which will not affect any business workflows, core logic, and data. You don’t need to re-architecture the whole application from the bottom as you make it cloud-native.

PIM solutions are the master-data fuelled and process-driven app for enhancing the product content. PIM software the single and central platform to aggregate, manage, control and enrich product information and content, and distribute it to various teams like marketing, sales, and eCommerce channels.

You can easily upload, edit, and distribute SKU-Level data across various eCommerce channels by using PIM tools. It will boost your data quality and product information accuracy. It allows you to manage information in an organized way. These are the several types of data stored and synchronized through Product Information Management Software;

  • Core product data (Product name, title, description)
  • Product attributes (SKU, cost, pricing)
  • Product specifications (e.g., dimensions, warranty and packaging info, etc.)
  • Channel-specific information (Shopify, Amazon, etc.)
  • Product-related metrics
  • Store-specific information (POS registers, product catalogs)
  • Product listing copy, assets, and media
  • Supplier information
  • Multi-language content

PIM software is the hub of product information and pushes the data listed out to various sales and marketing channels. If you use this PIM software, it helps you to convey high-quality product information to customers and sell them.

Best Product Information Management Software

There are three main things that you should consider while buying the best Product Information Management Software; Industry specificity, Product Scaling, and Physical versus virtual storefronts. After analyzing these three factors, you should go for the PIM tool.

1. Industry Specificity:

PIM System should be industry-specific; if you are looking for PIM software for a garment company, you should search for the related software. PIM software has various features and functions according to the industry and application. For example, industries like clothing, automotive parts, and computer part sales require special functions, and many PIM software is design for such market sectors.

This specific software is designed to be customized by end-user, or qualified developers can also do the same. You should consider the balance between the cost of customization with particular industry specificity.

2. Product Scaling:

Generally, people think that PIM software is cost-effective only for larger multichannel organizations. However, various PIM software is available in the market that offers small to midsize companies’ services. This software is less expensive, but they have limited performance for database. When the database size increase, their performance reduces.

Ensure you select the product that can meet your business goals and manage your requirement’s database size. It must provide robust solutions to data migration issues.

3. Physical Vs. Virtual storefronts:

Many PIM software offer to manage brick and mortar channels with eCommerce platforms. Many physical store locations are only for inventory control and point of scale purchasing.

And retailers want to do business on the internet that can also impact the features of PIM software. So, you should consider the cost-effective PIM software that is specifically designed for eCommerce.

Best Product Information Management (Pim) Software Solution List

#1. Akeneo

Website : https://www.akeneo.com/

Akeneo Product Information Management Software

Akenoe is an enterprise-level PIM solution. It is specifically designed to boost your omnichannel and cross border commerce platforms. It can handle large quantities of product information, and a database like it can take hundreds or thousands of SKUs and hundreds of product attributes. You will find all product-related information on one robust platform.

It can quickly distribute product attributes and data across multiple channels. It offers to create rules and validation workflow for supplier data, which is a great functionality. Akeneo has many advanced features for big industries and many essential elements for the small-sized sector. So, it has something for each type of industry which are looking for a PIM solution.

Akeneo has two software editions; community and enterprise. Akenoe community edition is a free open source software, almost all necessary features for small-sized businesses. You need to pay a subscription for the enterprise version, and you can reach to the Akeneo team directly for a pricing quote.


  • Centralize all product information
  • Multichannel data distribution
  • Rule & validation workflow creation

#2. Salsify

Website : https://www.salsify.com/

Salsify Product Information Management Software

It is a cloud-based Product Information Management software. It gives all authorized personnel across the organization the same real-time data from anywhere across the globe. There is no requirement for a high physical memory disk as the data are stored in the cloud. This software can easily integrate with all ERP, DAM, and various eCommerce platforms.

You can do real-time collaboration on this software. So, your teammates can see the update in product data instantly. Unlimited Users can be using this software from the organization, and it offers complete workflows, channels, and storage. This software supports various international languages. You can set one-click reminders to get product data or images from your suppliers.

Salsify is excellent software for retailers who have various products. It is fully customizable and has collaborative tools and audit history capabilities, and it’s a perfect tool for ever-changing product data. Salsify is not providing price publicly. You need to send mail to the Salsify team to get a pricing quote as per your requirements.


  • Real-time collaboration
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Unlimited users, workflows, channels, and storage
  • Scalable platform
  • One-click reminders to request

#3. Riversand

Website : https://www.riversand.com/

Riversand Product Information Management Software

This software offers data management tools designed to make up-to-date product information for all retail businesses, including sales and merchandising, IT, accounting, and many more. The enterprise version of this software effectively manages workflow from initial product designing through marketing and final selling.

Riversand offers multi-region supports in multiple languages, currencies, and classifications. You can use e-catalogs and print media for help. The reference material will be provided to customers, creating automated workflows and effective business processes, and this software is designed for large organizations.

When the enterprise is big and has multiple teams working on various products, you need such software to manage proficiently. Riversand doesn’t publicly share pricing information. You need to send a request for a pricing quotation. You can also send an email to the sales team of Riversand for more detailed information. It is an excellent tool for a large organization with various products.


  • Multi-region support
  • Offer reference media
  • Automated workflows and business processes

#4. Plytix

Website : https://www.plytix.com/

Plytix Product Information Management Software

Plytix is all one solution for Product Information Management for omnichannel marketing. It offers digital asset management (DAM), brand portals, product data syndication, product sheets, and analytics, and you can easily edit product data directly and in bulk. Users have permission to import and export functions. It offers unlimited customer attributes.

Users can effectively create product feeds with XML, CSV, and XLSX. This software has excellent customization options and has features that suit all types of enterprise. The free version of this software is most suitable for a small business that is new to product information management. For midsize and larger enterprises, the Pro plan will be more effective.

In the Plytix free plan, the user can store up to 10 GB of data and 100 SKUs. It is enough for the small organization which has recently started Product information management. Users will get API access in the Pro plan. Pro plan offers a dedicated account manager and other advanced features that can be useful for the mid and large-scale organization. Pro plan will cost you $80 per month.


  • Direct and bulk editing of product data
  • Import and export functions
  • Product feed creation (XML, CSV, XLSX)
  • Unlimited custom attributes

#5. InRiver PIM

Website : https://www.inriver.com/

InRiver PIM Product Information Management Software

This PIM system helps you to distribute product information to virtually any channel, including eCommerce websites, catalogs, in-store PoS systems, mobile devices, and many more. InRiver PIM offers extensions for Magento-based stores, which is an excellent feature because many companies use this technology.

It has one dedicate feature for the supplier. It has the supplier onboarding tools that allows to improve information quality and reduce errors. It has enhanced search capabilities and great query building functionality. You will get access to the Planner app through this software, and this Planner app helps you in future campaigns, product launches, and promotions.

This PIM tool is designed for both B2B and B2C type of retailers. It is an ideal product information management system for any business with lots of product data in multiple channels, including those with many online consumer participation. InRiver Don’t publish the pricing on the website. You need to send mail to the InRiver Sales team for pricing quotation.


  • Extensions for Magento-based stores
  • Supplier onboarding tools
  • Enhanced search capabilities and query building
  • Planner app for future campaigns and promotions

#6. Pimcore

Website : https://pimcore.com/en

Pimcore Product Information Management Software

It is an open-source, robust enterprise digital platform. It has excellent functionality for Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Master Data Management (MDM), and eCommerce tools.

This software is useful for software integrators, agencies, and enterprises to manage their product information, master data, and digital assets to improve customer experience. This software is scalable and robust.

It offers connectivity with various enterprise systems like CRMs, ESBs, ERPs, Bis, and 3rd party apps. Users can see the user-specific dashboards. This software has built-in editors, widgets, snippets, and responsive design. For more effective management, it offers Google Webmasters and Analytics integration.

It has a Free Open-source Community edition which has some basic features that is helpful for small business. The enterprise subscription is an advanced version with various features and functions.

You should ask the Pimcore sales team for a pricing quotation as they are not publishing their prices on the website.


  • Highly scalable
  • Connectivity with enterprise systems
  • User-specific dashboards
  • Built-in style editors, snippets, widgets, and responsive design
  • Google Webmasters and Analytics integrations

#7. Catsy

Website : https://catsy.com/

Catsy Product Information Management Software

This PIM system helps your brands centralize all product information in one location; it smoothens the sharing of content with online sellers, sales reps, eCommerce websites, and print documents. It is called a centralized product content hub. You can effectively link the product information and digital assets.

Users can easily create, import, and share retailer/distributor ready content. This Product Information Management system doesn’t provide prices publicly. You need to send an email to the Catsy sales team for pricing information.

This PIM software is specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses and manufacturers.

It offers training via all communication modes, i.e., in person, online, webinars, and provides documentation. This software is for all manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers who sell the product on multiple channels, including their eCommerce website.


  • Centralized product content hub
  • Link product information & digital assets
  • Easily create, import, and share retailer- /distributor-ready content

#8. Agility Multichannel

Website : https://www.agilitymultichannel.com/

Agility Multichannel Product Information Management Software

It is an advanced Product Information Management software that provides dynamic workflows, streamlines the process, and efficiently produces product content. It offers default integration tools that help in the info-gathering and importing process. This software makes these processes more straightforward and effective.

This software has contextual views that allow you to customize and adapt data for a specific channel. It can easily integrate with the existing eCommerce systems or platforms, and users can set automated workflows and processes. It offers real-time financial reports and performance analytics.

This software is suitable for B2B and B2C retailers who want a customizable data management solution. It offers excellent visibility on performance and financial information benefits. It provides perfect integration with your business and helps you to gauge your product content quality and performance at a glance.

Agility doesn’t offer pricing information publicly. You need to send an email to Agility sales time for pricing quotation as per your requirement.


  • Contextual views let you customize and adapt data to each specific channel
  • Real-time financial and performance analytics
  • Integrates easily with existing eCommerce platforms
  • Workflow and process automation

#9. Syndigo Content Experience Hub

Website : https://www.syndigo.com/content-experience-hub/

Syndigo Content Experience Hub Product Information Management Software

This Product Information Management system is a point to point solution to create, syndicate, manage, and optimize your product content across multiple channels. It gives retailers, distributors, and manufacturers access to product data and digital assets from one platform. This software is on the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), and it is GS -1 certified.

It offers support for industry-specific data like in-depth nutrition information and automotive parts information. It offers a transparent price synchronization and is one of the best tools for enhancing product content and media.

All kinds of retailers and manufacturers from various industries use this software to properly fit for business in highly regulated pr specialized areas like foodservice, automotive, and healthcare. Syndigo doesn’t publicly publish the pricing for software. So, you need to request for quotation from the Syndigo sales team.


  • On the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)
  • Support for industry-specific data, such as in-depth nutrition information and automotive requirements
  • GS1-certified
  • Improved product content and rich media
  • Transparent price synchronization

#10. Informatica MDM Product 360

Website : https://www.informatica.com/products/master-data-management/product-information-management.html

Informatica MDM Product 360 Product Information Management SoftwareInformatica Master Data Management software is a comprehensive, holistic hub of information. It distributes product information across retailer’s channels and platforms. This software is integrated with massive systems like HCL Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Google, Amazon, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, Intershop Commerce Suite, and many more.

These PIM solutions are configurable in task ad role-based user interfaces. It has a self-service portal for suppliers/retailers onboarding, and you can easily manage all of your digital assets with this fully-automated processing capability.

You need to request for pricing quotation as they don’t enclose the price publicly. This software will increase the product launch four times when the solution deploys in the B2B and B2C environments.

This tool boosts the product introductions across all channels, including online, mobile, catalogs, retail stores, point of sale, procurement, and many more. You can impress your customers by providing high-quality information. This software can easily manage by the marketing teams and agencies.


  • Configurable task- and role-based user interfaces
  • Integrated with major systems
  • Self-service portal for supplier onboarding
  • Digital asset management
  • Automated data processing capabilities

#11: Widen

Website: https://www.widen.com/solutions/product-information-management

Widen for product information management

Widen is a popular PIM software that is targeted toward optimal asset management for the marketing, sales, and e-commerce teams in question. The primary objective of Widen is to help its customers simplify how their content is shared in the market. Leveraging Widen Collective enables companies to manage data and content using cloud-based software.

Optimally designed for digital asset management, product information management, and even brand management, Widen is a multipurpose service-provider solution. Using Widen’s PIM software, users can now organize all the content into one system. This streamlines distribution and offers optimal coordination.

Integrating better product listing accuracy creates a compelling brand and reduces the risks and complaints of negative reviews. With automation, users can easily cut out the manual steps and instead automate with Widen’s PIM software. The centralized syndication of the software supports easy omnichannel distribution across websites, catalogs, etc.


  • Supports PIM and DAM in one SaaS platform
  • Launches the products faster for a more responsive workflow
  • Sync data across different systems for easy later access

#12. Feedonomics

Website: https://feedonomics.com/


If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your product management solutions, Feedonomics takes care of them and more. Touted as the #1 full-service product feed management platform that augments and boosts your product sales. The highly customized and targeted features of the platform ensure that the software can pull all the relevant product data from any shopping platform.

With Feedonomics, customers can list their products and the software will then automatically optimize each and every product listing is automatically marketed out to hundreds of different search, social, and affiliate marketing channels for optimal exposure and better conversions.

The creators and developers at Feedonomics are consistently working towards providing access to scalable and flexible feed technology with automation to transform user experience and take it to the next heights. The software also supports full-service feed set-up and optimization with round-the-clock support that ensures optimal user experience for the consumers.


  • Using artificial intelligence to accurately publish and categorize product listings
  • Keeps product inventory up to date with optimal synchrony with the website
  • Integrates with Google merchant center account for alerts

#13. Productsup

Website: https://www.productsup.com/


Productsup is a reliable and tangible product-to-consumer platform that is designed for small and large-scale brands to transform their business on a global and strategic level to master the process of product-to-consumer information chains without any excessive external inputs. The platform supports functionalities like feed management, marketplace experience, and product content synchronization.

With over 900+ brands already on-board, Productsup has been providing its services to brands, retail services, and directly to marketplaces as well. The functionalities of the platforms allow businesses to stay in control and maintain consistency across all sales channels.

Users leveraging Productsup have an easy way for data integration, mapping, and transformation. Backed with machine learning features, the system connects raw product information to the specific sales channels for optimized growth. With over 250+ drag and drop editing options, tailoring product catalogs is never a tough task with Productsup.


  • Supports easy data integration from the shop to PIMs
  • Leverages machine learning to integrate product processing
  • Allows quicker cleanse and tailoring of the product catalogs


These are the 10 best PIM software that you can use for your business. These PIM tools are the key to success and growth. You can easily manage your business and increase the sales score using it. Hopefully, this article helps you to find the best PIM system for you. Comment below if you have any questions.

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