15 Best Language Learning Software of 2022

If you are searching for software that helps in learning the language you want then we are sharing the best language learning software here.

Languages are complicated. You grow up learning what you hear around the house and then a few more during your school days. But, in an intertwined world where we often have to work with people of different nationalities, learning different languages becomes a mandate.

But, is learning a new language as easy as it looks? The advent of technology has made things a lot more mainstream. Leveraging the best language learning tool, you can learn a new language in a matter of weeks.

However, with so many available languages learning software on the internet, which one should you opt for? Ideally, that’s where you have to stop and make a decision.

To make the process easier for you, we have researched the top 15 language learning software online to bring you the best choice.

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Best Language Learning Software

What Are the Best Language Learning Software?

Getting started with language learning software can be intimidating. It isn’t even a question that learning a new language takes a lot of time and effort. So, while curating the list of the best language learning software, we wanted to make a versatile list.

Let us walk you through our top 15 picks:

#1. Duolingo

Website: https://www.duolingo.com/

Duolingo language learning software

For the users looking for free language learning software, Duolingo is the best pick. With over 300 million downloads across multiple countries, Duolingo supports over 37 languages under a single platform.

With effective and efficient courses and learning experiences, Duolingo makes language learning a fun experience. Top that off with a personalized and self-paced learning experience and you won’t ever have to complain in the future.

Integrated with gamification and an interactive layout, the platform makes learning a new language extremely fun and engaging. Not once will you get sidetracked by the boredom of learning something new?

In case you want to avail yourself of more of the exclusive features of the platform, they do have Duolingo Plus. This is a premium and paid version of the app with more features and a lot more language options for you to learn from.

However, we’d recommend sticking to the free version because it contains a holistic learning experience. The majority of the “common” and useful languages are available in the free version, so you don’t have to pay extra.

Also, the learning experience is self-paced, which means that you can learn anywhere and at any time of the day, which is quite rewarding in itself.

#2. Rosetta Stone

Website: https://www.rosettastone.com/

Rosetta Stone language learning software

Next up we have Rosetta Stone, which is another one of the best language learning programs. Unlike most language learning software, they have distinguished options, one for schools and another for enterprises.

This molds the individual courses according to the target audience, enabling them to make the most of their learning experience. Each of these software supports over 25 different languages for the users to pick and learn from.

Instead of sticking to boring theoretical learning, Rosetta Stone focuses on teaching language with real-life practical examples. This makes the learning experience fun and enables the learner to implement what they learned in real-time.

At your pace, Rosetta Stone introduces learning new skill sets that will support your language learning experience further. Also, there is an interactive feedback mechanism that allows you to practice your pronunciation and get immediate feedback.

Their pricing models cater to three target audiences – individual learners, k12 schools and enterprises. You can pick an option that best suits your needs. They have also collaborated with over 9000 non-profit organizations, further adding to their expertise.

There are over millions of individual learners that rely on Rosetta for their foundational learning of different languages. However, the one downside is that they lack actionable exercises, which can make the learning experience lengthy and not actionable.

#3. Babbel

Website: https://www.babbel.com/

babbel language learning software

Don’t get deterred by the name of the software because it’s highly customized and personable language learning software. With a single click, you get to optimize your learning experience and take things out at your pace.

The platform is available in two formats – Babble App and babble live. If you want to have a more handy learning experience, the babble app is a highly recommended option.

With over 10 million subscriptions sold, and 92% enhancing the learning experience, Babbel is competing as a front-runner in the market. The study material and the overall learning experience are curated by over 150+ language experts, so you know you are getting what you pay for.

Instead of learning simple words in new languages, Babbel teaches you the language concerning real-life situations. Every excerpt and learning module makes learning more fun and interactive, something you’d be appreciative of in the long run.

The exclusive Babbel method is curated by 150+ language experts and is proven to make learning a lot quicker and simplified. Their holistic learning approach ensures that you learn the language and not the words.

Besides the standard course, there are learning activities every step of the way which ensures to hold you accountable for what you have learned until now. There are interesting games, podcasts and lessons to look into.

#4. iTalki

Website: https://www.italki.com/

italki language learning softare

As quirky as the name of the platform is iTalki is equally rewarding and the best program to learn a language. The online language platform connects you to experienced language teachers that make the overall learning experience a fun and fruitful one.

With over 150 languages in-store, the platform offers a one-on-one learning experience for organized and accountable learning. When you subscribe to their platform, you get access to the interactive iTalki community, where you can interact with other learners.

Their learning modules are beyond the standard confines of the classroom. You can get started with the standard and free language assessment, following which you can choose the language prompts and your pace of learning.

One of the unique features of iTalki is that they host the iTalki Language challenge that makes the learning experience fun and engaging. Not just for standard conversation practice, the modules are also curated specifically for enterprises and exam sets.

iTalki believes that learning a new language is a timeless skill. So, over time, you get to hone the skill and make the most out of it in real-time. They also hire language experts to teach their subscribed students.

#5. Pimsleur

Website: https://www.pimsleur.com/

Pimsleur language learning software

Although quite an underrated language learning platform, Pimsleur enables you to learn a language to make you a conversationalist. Their learning modules have a holistic approach that allows you to explore the depths of the language and learn it for life.

There are three primary learning lessons – core lessons, reading lessons and speakeasy challenges. With these, the user gets to learn the words, understand their implementation and correct the pronunciation along the way.

Some of the other learning materials on the platform include digital flashcards, build your skills and speed round games along with lightbulb moments. With an interactive app design, users can maximize their learning experience and use the app offline too.

Since the learning modules are so interactive, you can spare just 30 minutes a day and learn a new language in no time. Their statistics suggest that around 75% of their customers have learned a new language in their downtime.

Honing the visual learning experience, the digital flashcards enable users to learn basic vocabulary, their meanings and their pronunciation. Some challenges like Quick Match and Speed Round games further allow learning a new language simply.

#6. Lingoda

Website: https://www.lingoda.com/en/

lingoda language learning software

What makes Lingoda different from the rest of the language learning platforms is that the lessons are given by native speakers. So, you get the best learning experience without any complaints or worry about the way.

You get to avail of the 7-days free trial, following which you can look into their subscription plans. Ideal for beginner to advanced learners, the self-paced learning modules are moderated by native language experts. You get to learn in real-time with live classes and one-on-one sessions.

Not just for individuals, Lingoda is also a platform for professional teachers who want to upscale their existing skillset. Lingoda currently offers over 550k live classes each year. So, instead of working according to their schedule, you can pick classes according to your schedule.

For the users who aren’t comfortable with learning and speaking a new language, Lingoda’s teachers speak in the native language during the class. This makes it easier to learn the language, sharpen your pronunciation and make the most out of your investment.

The available curriculum at Lingoda is backed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for heightened learning proficiency. Also, the platform supports over 25 languages that you can learn.

#7. Lingvist

Website: https://lingvist.com/

Lingvist language learning software

If you are looking for the best Spanish learning software, Lingvist is your best choice. They specialise in training vocabulary, further equipping the learner for real-world conversations. Currently, the app has over 8.5 million downloads.

With the individual beginner to advanced levels, learners have complete autonomy over their learning progress. Learning the vocabulary in real-life and practical contexts further enables the learners to understand and implement syntax and grammar on the go.

A unique feature of Lingvist is that they use neural networks to assess your grip and understanding of the language you are in the process of learning. This enables Lingvist to curate a learning module that supports your overall learning experience.

Each module has bite-sized sessions with a general language deck that supports a holistic learning experience for the individual learners. Also, the website is accessible on both desktop and mobile for easy access from anywhere around the world.

#8. Memrise

Website: https://www.memrise.com/

memrise language learning software

Looking for an authentic and personalized language learning experience? If you nodded your head yes, Memrise is your one-stop solution for that. Scouring over 60 million learners globally, Memrise hosts 22 foreign languages for you to learn.

Instead of teaching your basic vocabulary and boring theories, Memrise enables you to learn using thousands of video examples. These are recorded and published by native language experts and speakers to reflect aptly on your learning experience.

Modules are designed by native speakers; the course uses practical phrases that you’d need to implement in real-life. Pair that with the gamified tests and challenges, you get to track your learning progress along the way.

Overall, users get to experience an immersive learning experience that makes them feel like they knew the language for a long period. The teachers also use proven memory techniques that are rooted in science.

Unlike a regular class setting, Memrise enables you to learn twice as fast and with interactive classes. Also, the modules cover your basic holiday etiquettes to longer learning goals. Also, with a single account, you can access learning 23 languages at a time.

#9. Language Drops

Website: https://languagedrops.com/

Language Drops language learning software

Drops is one of the best foreign language programs that feature illustrative learning experiences. If you are one of those people that enjoys learning visually, this platform is the one for you.

Besides their free version, the premium version supports 43 foreign languages that you can learn in real-time. The premium version of the app also offers unlimited access to the languages and unlimited learning time.

Users can also learn offline and get early access to the new content with the premium subscription. With over 35 million happy learners, the platform is a worthy investment in your language learning experience.

Their platform promotes visualization, further making the word to image association a lot more seamless. There are unique social features on the platform that enable the learners to interact with native speakers for a quicker learning experience.

The only downside to the platform is that they don’t provide any CEFR-approved certifications after completion of a course. So, you can leverage this platform for personal learning and not for professional aspects.

#10. Busuu

Website: https://www.busuu.com/

Busuu language learning software

Another free-based online language learning software is Busuu. They do have a subscription-based option but they also stand out with their simple free version.

Curated compact lessons from language experts across the globe enable the users to learn from a community of native speakers. The individual bite-sized lessons make the overall learning experience seamless and fast-paced. You can learn a new language in your downtime without putting in the excess effort.

Besides the recorded lessons, Busuu has one-on-one sessions that the learners can sign up for. These intimate classes are highly interactive and worth the extra investment. With a personalized session, you can polish your pronunciation and build confidence in the individual language you are learning.

Smart study tools and study plans make memorizing individual lessons a lot simpler and manageable. The smart tech interface allows you to learn the lessons and revise when you have the time for it.

Live support from the community experts will pick you up if you are stuck somewhere during the learning process. With over 120 million active learners, Busuu is a trusted learning software like no other.

#11. Yabla

Website: https://www.yabla.com/

Yabla language learning software

Touted as an immersive language learning experience, Yabla allows you to watch a show, play a game and learn along the way. The platform offers an initial 15-days free trial, following which you’d have to avail of their subscription.

Integrated with the unique and Smart Subtitle Technology, Yabla supports a dual-language learning experience. With subtitles on the bottom, memorizing and visualization are a lot more profound. The immersive learning modules allow the learners to learn using TV shows, documentaries and lessons.

If you are stuck in a certain part of the lesson, pause and relearn. Everything is at your pace, allowing you to pick up the lesson where you left of. Besides the interactive videos using webinar software, each lesson ends with a learning worksheet that tracks your progress.

With their desktop and mobile-friendly website application, users can now access the platform from anywhere and at any time. Since there is no stop to learning a new language, the creators are consistently adding new videos to further nurture your learning experience.

#12. Lirica

Website: https://www.lirica.io/

lirica language learning software

Amidst all the language learning software programs, there’s nothing like Lirica. You get to bypass the boring recorded videos and grammar and vocabulary and learn with music.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? You get to learn every aspect of a new language with music. Science and research suggest that we have a better memory and retention when we learn with music. And, that’s exactly what Lirica is based on.

Besides individual learning experiences, the platform hosts several rapid-fire exercises that track your progress along the way. So, while you master a new language based on music, you also get to keep track of what you learned along the way.

When it comes to the diversity of languages, Lirica takes care of that too. From staple British singers to popular Latina artists, the songs are diverse and versatile. Currently, you can learn Spanish, German and English on Lirica but they are in the process of expanding things further.

#13. Mondly

Website: https://www.mondly.com/

mondly language learning software

Like Duolingo, Mondly is online language software you get to access for free. There are no hidden or extra charges that you have to pay to access their learning modules. Catering to over 100 million learners, the platform currently offers access to 41 languages.

Accessible across multiple devices, their desktop app is mobile-friendly too. Their smartphone application is available for both Android and iOS devices, further making it a worthy investment.

Backed and integrated with over 1000 language combinations, Mondly enables you to learn a native language from experienced experts. With over 50 different topics from real-time examples, learners get to indulge in interactive learning experiences that stay with them for a long period.

Integrated with 36 different vocabulary builders, the platform enables users to learn every language at a quicker pace. There are separate grammar features and conjugation tables that further streamline the daily lessons in question.

#14. LingoDeer

Website: https://www.lingodeer.com/

LingoDeer language learning software

For people particularly looking to learn Asian languages like Korean, Chinese and Japanese, LingoDeer is your ideal pick. Supporting over 10 million learners, the platform offers 200+ lessons for learners to indulge in real-time.

What makes this platform stand out from its competitors is the expert-set curriculum. The grammar-based curriculum is particularly curated by language experts and offers a real-time learning experience with practical application.

Each lesson features a detailed explanation of the words, sentences and instances explained. This enables the learners to correlate, and establish a better understanding amidst all the complexities.

Since most of the lessons are recorded, the developers ensure to provide HD quality audio to enable the learners to understand each word carefully. The robotic TTS audio isn’t a staple on this platform, making it stand out from most of the other competing software programs.

Another standout feature of LingoDeer is its flashcard function. This tracks your progress and enables you to commemorate everything you have learned so far. You can choose from the quiz and assessments to further learn about your progress.

#15. Tandem

Website: https://www.tandem.net/

Tandem language learning software

Last on the list of the best language learning software is Tandem. This isn’t your standard or straightforward learning program, especially because it focuses on language exchange.

Once you sign up to the platform, you get to directly chat with real people and perfect the language you are learning. It enables the users to learn in real-time and get instant feedback on their pronunciation and vocabulary.

Instead of having language experts and recorded sessions, Tandem leverages its users to teach other people. It is a close-knit community of people who exchange their language and learn something new in the process.

Paired with an intuitive and interactive UI, Tandem supports messaging functions and language tools that make learning a rewarding experience for everyone involved. The steps involved in the platform are simple. You have to join the community, find a partner and then learn from each other.

Conclusion for Language Learning Software

How many of these language learning software did you know about? Given the rising competition, it isn’t surprising that people globally are getting into learning more than what they grow up knowing. These language learning programs simplify the process and make the learning experience a lot more interactive. Which one of these would you sign up for?

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