10 Best Email Marketing Software in 2023

Review and comparison of best email marketing software. Select the top email marketing tool to promote your business with the email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing software is a part and partial of digital marketing. It is crucial to organize email marketing to grow and connect with your customers. Email marketing software helps you with this purpose. This software allows you to engage with potential customers and track their customer journey.

If you are confused about selecting the best email marketing tools, you reached the right place. The email marketing software has numerous tools and features to help you with email marketing. We bring you the best email marketing software. Continue to read further to learn more details about email marketing software.

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What Is Email Marketing Software?

Without any software, it is very tough and challenging to do email marketing. You may think what is email marketing? It is a crucial part of digital marketing. You often come across promotional emails about offers and discounts; it’s a kind of email marketing. Engaging with your customers and making them potential customers is the main aim of email marketing.

The Email Marketing software helps you manage your contact list and draft compelling emails to engage with the customers. Email Marketing Software is not costly, and if you look at its benefits, you find this software more cost-effective. You can keep customers’ databases at your convenience, like in list format or category-wise.

It is effortless to use email marketing software and teach someone in just a few days. This software has text-based templates, and if you know HTML or JavaScript, you can also use complex ones. It has a customer relationship management (CRM) system and also has an inventory management system.

Best Email Marketing Software in 2023

Below is the list of the best email marketing software to check.

#1. GetResonse Email Marketing Software

Website: https://www.getresponse.com/GetResponse Email Marketing Software
GetResponse is a reliable email marketing software the small to medium-sized businesses. It is also best suited for initiating digital marketing. GetResponse offers multiple integrations with third-party software that helps you with email marketing.

It also has some essential analytic tools to track the progress of campaigns. It is effortless to add new contacts in the GetResponse software. There are various ways to do the same. You can also start with spreadsheets or upload files from a third-party application like Zendesk support, Google, and SalesForce.

You can also add contacts through URLs. You can create an email or newsletter using the drag-and-drop editor or use an HTML editor. You can make your templates and drafts with the help of HTML code.

If you don’t know HTML, hundreds of various templates are available that are flexible to use. It has new marketing automation templates, which are very easy to set up. It offers a marketing automation suite that helps you to engage with your contacts more effectively.

The automation workflows depend on three elements: Actions, conditions, and Filters. It takes actions like which message to send the Contact, what list to add contacts and other possible activities.

It has multiple great workflow features that put interactive and responsive email marketing in your hands. The auto funnel feature shows you the process of actually selling the products. So, you can track the progress, and results, and review your campaigns. It integrates with e-commerce software like the Point-of-sale process.

At $15 per month, you can purchase the email tier, which lets you contact 1000 subscribers. You can buy the Plus plan for $49. Small businesses have a particular plan of $25 per month, which lets you contact up to 2500 subscribers. The price range is well balanced and value for money.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Effective autoresponder
  • Various email marketing functions and features


  • Doesn’t have 24×7 customer live support
  • Analytics tools are fundamental.

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2. SendX Email Marketing Software

sendx email marketing software

SendX is a new software established in the year 2016, and since then, it has come a long way. SendX has a strategic and progressive view of the world of email marketing and surely can deliver massive traffic to your website.

SendX indeed has one of the most friendly user interfaces in the industry. People have trusted SendX and also appreciated its affordability. The platform includes a decent pricing plan that is quite subtle.

It comes with a free trial version too, and along with that, it has a wide consumer base of around 3000 companies which is quite huge considering the amount of time that the company has stayed in business.

The pricing of SendX starts at about $9.99/month and includes any number of mail of supreme quality. The marketing automation tool that SendX provides is quite efficient too.


  • 24/7 customer support is available to help you out in case of any issues
  • The 14-day trial version doesn’t require any credit card information
  • The quality of the email to be delivered is quite great


  • Compared to other platforms, it seems to be weaker
  • A few minor bugs

Now, the thing is that considering the quality of the services and the decent pricing, SendX provides one of the most efficient services. In a short period, it has crossed the 3000 users mark, which is not easy. It can be said that SendX has a bright future ahead of it.

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3. SendinBlue Email Marketing Software

Website: https://www.sendinblue.com/SendinBlue Email Marketing Software
SendinBlue is a bulk email marketing software explicitly aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. It is well-designed and has a user-friendly interface. It not only functions for email marketing; it also includes features for the newsletter, automation, and customer relationship management.

It also offers SMS functionality with email marketing. SendinBlue partnered with Vonage by taking over Vonage’s Nexmo to provide the SMS service for SendinBLue customers. Due to this partnership, many other features are added to this tool.

It is super easy to set campaigns and emails for contacts due to the step-by-step guide and straightforward design. When you add users successfully, you will get an email alert that informs you about the list of contacts. You can export users from six to 7 sources simultaneously.

This software allows you to segment the users as per the data that you have collected. It is beneficial in automatic triggers or for the autoresponder. You can add CSV files and TXT files to import your contacts. The conventional manual typing and copying and pasting methods are also applied in this software.

You can also upload the emails or SMS that you want blacklisted means contacts who choose different services. You can add contact details like name, surname, email, and SMS. If you want to build a new workflow, you can use SendinBlue’s marketing automation features. It is very effortless to use these tools.

There are eight basic workflow templates available, which can be easily customizable. You can redesign various tasks and emails with these templates like birthday messages, welcome messages, abandoned carts, product purchases, etc.

The plans for this software include unlimited contacts at different prices. You can opt for unlimited contacts and 300 emails per day for free of cost. It is the best free email marketing tool available on the internet. The lite plan costs $25 per month for 40000 emails, and it increases up to 350000 emails per month with more cost.


  • CRM functions are impressive
  • Efficient autoresponders


  • The initial account setup process is lengthy
  • Doesn’t offer online customer support

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4. Campaigner Email Marketing Software

Website: https://www.campaigner.com/Campaigner Email Marketing Software
Campaigner is one of the best email marketing software available in the market. It has so many new features and automated options also. Campaigner supports dozens of third-party integrations and 24×7 customer chat. This software has a very intuitive and well-designed interface. It makes it very easy to select various templates.

This software is the best email marketing software for small and mid-sized businesses, and it is the best editor. It is effortless to use the software as the features and functions are well-sorted and have a user-friendly interface. Campaigner provides a well-designed and easy-to-navigate user interface.

This software allows you to add contacts in various ways to the system. You can copy and paste information directly into the all, and you can also upload multiple file formats like CSV, VCF, XLS, and XLSX to the Campaigner software. You can sync your Google or Yahoo contacts.

It has various useful tools like Smart Email Builder that offer you different templates and layouts, and the other one is a Full Email editor. You can also enter the HTML code into the system. This feature of uploading raw HTML code into Campaigner helps you bypass the email editor option.

You can purchase this software with various plans from $19.95 to $449.95. The e-commerce plan starts from $65.95, and it also offers integration with Shopify and Magento. The basic plan of $19.95 includes a limit of 1000 contacts, and the $449.95 plan offers a 100,000-contact limit. Also, the advanced features and functions will increase with costly plans.


  • Provide 24×7 live chat support
  • Productivity focused User interface
  • Numerous templates and comprehensive online resources


  • You need to provide credit card details for a free trial
  • No free version with limited functions

5. HubSpot Email Marketing Software

Website: https://www.hubspot.com/Hubspot Email Marketing Software
HubSpot is an advanced marketing automation subscription service provider. It can easily integrate with a variety of CRM, email marketing, and sales solutions. It is the best email marketing software for small businesses.

Although HubSpot is slightly pricey, it has many comprehensive tools for email marketing and digital marketing. This software is easy to use for a new learner, and there are many customizable options available.

HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing tool, so it has multiple templates for email creation in different fashions. It also provides formidable contact management and integration with many social media tools.

HubSpot offers a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution and automation and email marketing features. It also provides desk services for HubSpot CRM. The HubSpot CRM is integrated into the HubSpot Marketing Hub software. So, you will get almost all the necessary tools and functions for digital marketing.

It helps you with end-to-end customer-facing marketing and support. With its dynamic web-based editor, it is straightforward to use this tool. There are tips and helpful instructions given for new users. It is a straightforward tool for email creation.

You can easily edit the existing templates very effectively, and it also provides original designs. It has advanced automation workflows and custom builders. By clicking on “Start a New Workflow,” you will have three options: Standard, Fixed Date, and Property-based.

As per the specifications and requirements of your business, you can select any of these.

HubSpot offers three tiers: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. This software is among the most expensive software in the market. The Starter plan starts at $50 per month with 2000 emails, and you can add 1000 contacts for $20.

You can select a maximum of 15000 contacts for $280 per month. It comes with full marketing suites, custom workflows, and lead nurturing.


  • CRM integration with social media management options
  • Marketing automation provides integration with other software


  • Expensive tools

6. Mailchimp Email Marketing Software

Website: https://mailchimp.com/Mailchimp Email Marketing Software
It is a dominant player in email marketing. The controls, numerous templates, robust integration with other tools, and automation features make this software one of the top email marketing solution providers. Now the Mailchimp company is branching out its expertise to accumulate all aspects of small business marketing.

This software can easily integrate with Instagram, Facebook, Google ads, social posting, etc. It is easy-to-use software with multiple functionalities. It also provides CRM and automation for email marketing.

This tool is a comprehensive engagement studio for many companies with features like website building and domain hosting. Its features like segmentation and search marketing are way more comfortable than other software from the market.

It also provides digital marketing support with Facebook and Instagram ads. Its Artificial intelligence (AI) offers better recommendations to optimize marketing campaigns. Mailchimp also has an iOS and Android mobile application that lets you craft and send campaigns even from a mobile.

Famous email marketing software like Campaigner doesn’t have a mobile application like Mailchimp. It allows you to add promo codes and landing pages, and re-market via Google Ads. It also provides 24×7 live customer chat support.

This software also allows you to use subscriber data from the service to create custom ads on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can use a Facebook ad builder from this software. This software allows you to use different platforms.

There are various plans available for this software. The free plan is a great starting point to introduce yourself to email marketing software. It also provides some essential functions, but you need to buy the versions with more than 1000 contacts for professional use. You can buy 5000 subscriber plans for $74.99 per month.


  • A comprehensive tool for email marketing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Effective custom auto-respond
  • Reliable user insights and analytics


  • Customization is limited
  • Contact importing may be problematic for the first time

7. Constant Contact Email Marketing Software

Website: https://www.constantcontact.comConstant Contact Email Marketing Software
Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing service providers. With its attractive and user-friendly interface, Constant Connect email marketing software helps you design appalling emails to multiple Contacts.

It also offers a 60-day free trial. So, if you want to find the best free email marketing software, Constant Connect is your answer. It integrates with Facebook, Eventbrite, Salesforce, WordPress Shopify, and many more.

Constant Contact provides you with various ways to add contacts. You can directly copy and paste or manually type it in the form. You can also upload CSV, TXT, XLS, and XLSX files to upload contacts. You can also import contacts from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and other CRM tools.

You can assign tags to your Contacts in this tool. This feature is helpful if you are required to track things like how they signed up or other relevant details.

Creating a campaign is very easy with Constant Contact. You need to choose email, email automation, survey, and event, and you can also copy or revisit the campaign. For this, you have to search by the date or keyword.

This tool is easily integrated with the marketing calendar to schedule emails at your convenience. You have to drag and drop various layout options from the editor tool. To make your emails more interactive, you can add PDFs or blog post teasers. You can build your template with your company’s logo, color scheme, and social media links with the Template Builder tool.

It offers up to a 500 subscriber limit is $20 per month, and it increases up to 50000 subscribers for $335 per month. A custom plan is also available for this software. It also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Social media campaign integration with various platforms
  • Provide commerce and event integrations
  • Easy to use


  • Limited templates with limited flexibility

8. Infusionsoft Email Marketing Software

Website: https://keap.com/infusionsoftInfusionsoft Email Marketing Software
Infusionsoft is one of the most reliable email marketing solutions available on the internet. It easily integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation features.

If you are struggling with data entry, this software helps you enter contact in less time. It is a reliable email marketing service provider. Sales and marketing are not considered separate functions, and if you believe the same, you can use Infusionsoft to enhance sales and marketing.

Although Infusionsoft is not one of the cheap email marketing software, it offers the CRM meets an email marketing solution, building a strong relationship with customers. When you start to use this software, your journey will begin with a guided tour and video tutorial on Lead Management, sending emails, managing automated tasks, and building campaigns.

After that, you will navigate to the main dashboard. The customizable layouts and the drag-and-drop widgets for the dashboard help you to do work effectively. It is straightforward to create and manage the Contact with the Infusionsoft tool. By clicking the Plus button from the top-right side of the dashboard, you can quickly add contacts.

With the help of a quick action bar, you can add things like tasks or appointments, send Contact an email, view recent quotes and sales opportunities, and lead score. You can add contacts by using CSV files or copying and pasting methods.

The advanced features of Infusionsoft allow you to broadcast email, fax, letter, and voice mail. To broadcast email, you can create an email by yourself or take the help of email builder and editor tools. This option provides you flexibility and an HTML code builder if you know that programming language.

The plans begin from $199 per month with 500 contacts and one user. It also provides a flat 50% off on all plans from the first three months. If you want to add more contacts, you need to pay more.

For 50000 contacts, you need to pay approximately $500 per month. You will get unlimited emails, marketing automation, CRM, sales automation, and many other tools.


  • Combination of CRM with Email Marketing
  • Easy to add contacts
  • Subtle learning material for beginners


  • Expensive than other options

9. Zoho Campaigns Email Marketing Software

Website: https://www.zoho.com/campaigns/Zoho Campaigns Email Marketing Software
For SMBs, Zoho Campaigns is the most suitable software for email marketing. It is a product incorporating the Zoho ecosystem, especially Zoho CRM. It offers various pre-set templates and guidance to create appealing emails and newsletters.

Its super easy interface and new functionality make it a Software-as-a-service solution for businesses. When you start with Zoho, the first thing you need to do is to create a contact list. In Zoho Campaigns, various ways to import contacts like adding manually, importing from Excel spreadsheets, syncing contacts, etc.

You can also sync contacts from other CRM software. You can use CSV, XLS, and XLSX files to import contacts. You can create various email campaigns with this software like a regular newsletter, survey campaigns, A/B tests, eCommerce campaigns, and social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

To set up campaigns, you need to add the company name, address, and phone number to comply with the anti-spam policy. It’s a very positive feature of this software that concerns the anti-spam policy and guides the user. After starting your email campaigns, you can track the campaigns from the Email Campaigns or Reports lab tabs.

The Report lab reflects the top 5 campaigns, the link for five opened campaigns, and five clicked URLs. Zoho Campaigns offers marketing automation. The available integrations allow the trigger-based workflow. It helps in engaging contacts and letting customers know about your products.

You can configure the workflow as per your requirements. It is a trusted email marketing solution provider. The basic plan offers 250 emails for $6, 5000 for $80, and 100000 for $750. The monthly plans provide unlimited emails from $5 for 500 subscribers and go to $350 for 100000. It also provides a free plan of up to 2000 subscribers.


  • Great integration with Zoho ecosystem tools
  • Well-developed campaign and marketing tools


  • Costly for short-term use
  • Doesn’t offer online customer support

10. Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Automation

Website: https://www.campaignmonitor.com/Campaigner Email Marketing Software
Campaign Monitor is an innovative email marketing service provider. It offers various tools to track the customer journey and automate marketing responses; it provides the best customer insights and campaign analytics. This data helps a lot in the construction of marketing strategies.

It is one of the best online builders that offers a wide range of email and newsletter solutions for SMBs. The flexible designs and robust analytics tools make this software the most unique from others. It has a very excellent ability to handle the desktop and mobile versions of emails and newsletters. The pre-set templates help in creating appealing emails.

Campaign Monitor has particular branding and HTML functionality for expert users. The template modification is limited but very efficient. You can use the drag-and-drop technique to design products like Website builders. It provides a hassle-free design and excellent workflow for automation.

It offers options like newsletters, announcements, deals, feedback, offers, and events. You can also upload the HTML templates by using HTML code. It helps certain users with specific branding. The addition of a call to action is very similar to this software. This feature is also available for mobile and desktop versions of the software.

It is essential to track the campaign results after initiation. In the Reporting tab, you can see the Report, which illustrates the bounces, opens, unsubscribes, link clicks, social shares, and much more relevant information. You can’t access the detailed campaign tracking; you need to register for the full version for this.

The basic plan starts at $9 per month for 500 subscribers and 2500 emails. You can also opt for 2500 subscribers & 12,500 emails for $29 per month, and it increases to 50000 subscribers and 250000 emails for $299 per month. Custom plans are also available for SMBs.


  • Versatile email marketing software
  • User-friendly WYSIWYG interface
  • Effective autoresponders
  • Robust insights and analytics


  • Initial Contact importing is difficult
  • Doesn’t offer online customer support

Significant Trends To Consider In 2024:

In previous years, older email marketing solutions were designed for desktop and PC-based customers. The templates and email design were mainly focused on the PC. However, now the trend is changing. The approximate mobile internet traffic is now at 50.5 percent of all internet traffic, according to research conducted in the USA, in 2020.

Nowadays, more than more people are using emails on mobile devices; they call them “Smartphones.” It is effortless to check email frequently on Smartphones as these devices are compact, and people always carry them with them. Along with emails, purchasing is also much more straightforward than the previous days.

The integration of paid apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay allows users to purchase things directly from emails very efficiently and effectively. It makes it very essential to send product links directly to the emails. Mainly people now consider email templates, and they judge the reputation of the company from the email templates.

You should also consider specific protocols and Google algorithms. You cannot overlook these things; otherwise, you will be punished by Google. It is essential to create a short, sweet, and point because people tend to summarize information. With these Smartphones, email marketers have a golden opportunity to enhance their company’s sales and revenue.

Conclusion Email Marketing Software:

Email Marketing Software is a crucial part of digital marketing. To engage with a wide range of customers, you should use the appropriate email marketing software according to your application and business type.

Hopefully, from this article, you know about the best email marketing software available on the internet and the significant trends to consider in email marketing. Comment below if you have any questions.

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