15 Best Landing Page Builders in 2022

The straight forward answer for the best landing page builders is Ucraft, Instapage and Unbounce.

Landing pages do a lot more than support your business conversions. They serve as a gateway to convert your cold leads into successful sales or customers. But, with statistics suggesting that a well-curated landing page can offer up to 202% improved sales and return on investments, no one wants to curate them half-heartedly.

Unless you are an experienced web developer who can build landing pages from scratch, we’d recommend relying on landing page builders. The best landing page builder can simplify the process and render the best results.

best landing page builders

In this post, we will highlight the top 15 landing page builders that you can try out in 2022.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone webpage that a potential customer is redirected to. It could be from an email, a newsletter, a website or other digital sources.

Once your cold lead or prospect “lands” on the landing page, they are asked to take an action. It could be signing up for a course, making a donation, buying a product, etc.

A well-curated landing page consists of:

  • A clear message about the project or service
  • A value proposition
  • A call to action

Creating a landing page isn’t a one-step simple process. It involves a lot of planning and brainstorming to create a webpage that converts.

Below Are The Best Landing Page Builders in 2022

In this section of the article, we will highlight some of the best landing page builders that we believe are worth the time and effort. All of them feature unique traits and highlights worth considering.

#1. Leadpages

Website: http://www.leadpages.com/

Leadpages landing page builder

A public hit among the small business owners, Leadpages is one of the leading landing page builders. Over 40,000 small business owners leverage this software for creating landing pages.

Currently, they have two pricing plans – standard and pro. The standard plan costs $37/month while the pro costs $74/month.

With Leadpages, the sky is the limit because you can create unlimited landing pages. Another unique trait is that your account on the platform supports free hosting using a Leadpages domain. So, thinking of kickstarting a digital business? This is where you start.

Every template available on the website is unique and quirky. No boring colors and lack of attractive display anymore. With the lucrative templates, you can attract more customers and expand your portfolio.

Currently, the website offers over 160 templates for landing pages. You can also make use of their A/B split testing to check what works and what doesn’t.

Further paired with third-party software to refine and enhance your final landing page appearance and functionalities.

#2. Instapage

Website: http://www.instapage.com/

instapage landing page builder

Touted as the #1 landing page builder for marketers, Instapage isn’t joking around. Using this software can streamline your conversions and amplify your ROI by 400%.

Besides the available landing page templates, the platform also supports testing and optimization for the ultimate marketing success. Featuring an easy user interface, the software is popular among beginners.

They do offer a 14-days free trial before you switch to their basic monthly plan at $199/month. They have a custom plan, which you can contact them for further details.

Using Instapage’s landing page builder, you can create on-brand and mobile-responsive landing pages. With a powerful CTA, it isn’t long before you start seeing notable customer conversions.

Besides creating the landing page, Instapage also offers a unique AdMap feature. Under this, users can visualize their ad campaigns and attach them to the relevant landing pages.

Due to its efficient user interface, the platform is popular among small businesses and enterprise customers. Still, confused about how to tailor your landing page to create an appealing campaign? Instapage got your back.

Try Instapage

#3. Unbounce

Website: http://www.unbounce.com/

Unbounce landing page builder

Although not the first choice among beginners, Unbounce is advanced landing page software. They focus on helping create landing pages for businesses in SaaS, eCommerce, marketing agencies, etc.

With the lucrative features, anyone can get started with their software, even without any developer knowledge. Highly optimized landing pages can be created within a few minutes with the pre-equipped templates.

Despite the in-built templates, each step of the process is customizable. Brands can get started with any template and then improvise accordingly.

Currently, over 15,000 small and medium-enterprise businesses leverage their services. You also get access to a free 14-days trial, following which there are three plans to choose from.

Besides access to a customizable template, the platform also supports A/B testing, drag and drop editor, etc. For SEO purposes, the dynamic keyword insertion amplifies the landing page’s accessibility too.

Their basic pricing plan starts from $72/month and goes up to $180/month. You can publish the created landing pages using Unbounce to your domain.

Try Unbounce

#4. HubSpot – Free Landing Page Builder

Website: https://www.hubspot.com/products/marketing/landing-pages

HubSpot Free Landing Page Builder

HubSpot isn’t just a landing page builder. It is your one-stop destination for all your marketing queries. It is a reliable and reputable name in the B2B marketing space and for the right reasons.

Using HubSpot’s landing page builder, businesses can kickstart their marketing campaigns without basic web development knowledge. The platform also supports A/B split testing for a better assessment of the landing pages.

Without designing and IT knowledge, marketers can now leverage the software to create responsive and convertible landing pages. There is a vast library of pre-made and mobile-optimized templates.

Besides the free templates, the platform also supports an on-page editor. Once you are done completing the landing page, users can take a preview before publishing.

Since prospects enjoy a personalized experience, HubSpot prioritizes that. Each landing page can be designed to display a personalized message and CTA.

With access to the centralized dashboard, users can test the best converting language and amplify its outreach. Marketers can further amplify the accessibility using customized keyword suggestions.

#5. GetResponse

Website: https://www.getresponse.com/features/landing-page-creator


There are instances when businesses avoid using software due to unwanted expenses. No one wants to pay a hefty monthly subscription for using the service once.

With GetResponse, you pay for what you use. The free landing page creator enables you to create the best landing pages to attract customers.

Leveraging their templates, you can convert your online business into a profitable one. Featuring over 200+ landing page templates, users can test and try multiple options.

Paired with the drag and drop editor supports ease of work and enhanced creativity. With the simple functions, you can now build your landing page in minutes.

While crafting the custom landing pages, users can publish the pages under their free domains. Further, improve your landing page’s visibility using an SEO-optimized page title.

It doesn’t stop there. Not only can you create the landing pages, but GetResponse keeps you up-to-date with the metrics too. You can analyze the performance and get access to the insights in real-time.

Try GetResponse

#6. Swipe Pages

Website: http://www.swipepages.com/

Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages is yet another popular landing page builder that supports AMP landing pages in minutes. With an effective landing page, businesses can now amplify their ROI in minutes.

The platform has three viable plans – start-up, marketer and agency, starting from $29/per month. Users can also test the features with the free trial.

Since most of the customers are online via mobile devices, emphasis on mobile-optimized landing pages is at its peak. With Swipe Pages, you can simplify the process.

Besides AMP pages, the platform also support A/B testing, e-commerce integrations, global blocks, etc. With 25+ advanced drag and drop modules, creating fully-responsive landing pages is not a difficult task anymore.

Swipe Pages prioritizes customizations. No longer will you have to stick to generic templates. Instead, the responsive and attractive templates will support higher business conversions.

With correct CTA and integration, businesses can now direct their captured leads to the app or website. Integration of dynamic text enhances the personalized messaging experience too.

#7. Landingi

Website: http://www.landingi.com/


Besides flexible pricing plants, Landingi is one of the fastest landing page services you can leverage. No longer will you have to worry about high-paying services in the future.

The simple drag and drop page builder makes the platform accessible to beginners. Trusted by leading brands, you can create faster and convert your prospects faster too.

Home to 300+ templates, each template is customizable according to the brand’s needs. Every tool is available at the user’s disposal.

In case you are stuck on the website, their quick response team are here to guide you through the process. You can now create an actionable landing page without coding knowledge.

Integrated with additional web analytics tools that support easy navigation and monitoring. Not once will you have to worry about putting a halt to your creativity?

Landingi also supports A/B testing and supports the creation of unlimited landing pages without any restrictions.

#8. Elementor

Website: https://elementor.com/

elementor landing page builder

For businesses using a WordPress domain, Elementor is an ideal landing page builder for them. The highlight of this software is the flexibility it offers.

Featuring over 300+ templates, marketers can now pick a template that resonates with their brands. The drag and drop widget simplifies the editing process even more so.

As a creator and user, everything is under the user’s control. Elementor offers a host of available tools and resources that allow creating a personalized landing page from scratch.

Besides their 14-days free trial, there are four other pricing plans, starting from $49/month. The highlight of this software is the optimal WordPress compatibility.

You can use your existing plug-ins for your landing pages on WordPress without any complications. They have a separate builder tool that enables creating custom pop-ups too.

#9. Ucraft

Website: https://www.ucraft.com/free-landing-page-creator

Ucraft Landing Page Builder

Although predominantly a website builder, Ucraft also enables you to create a responsive landing page. If you are looking for a viable platform to project landing page creation from scratch, Ucraft is the best bet.

Besides creating websites using a drag and drop editor, the website offers a lot more. Users can leverage the resources to create logos, personalized layouts and designs too.

Ideal for e-commerce and blogging websites, creating a personalized landing page shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

The platform has a free plan but offers limited features. If you want to amplify your business’ outreach, we’d recommend investing in one of their monthly plans.

What sets it aside from the rest of the landing page builders is access to free SEO tools and resources. From SEO tools to analytics, users can maximize their landing page creation in no time.

The availability of templates is comparably low. You get to choose from 80 templates on the website. But, Ucraft’s multilingual feature makes it stand out from the rest.

Try Ucraft

#10. Wishpond

Website: http://www.wishpond.com/


A one-in-all marketing tool, Wishpond takes care of four factors – landing pages, popups and forms, contests and promos and marketing automation.

We’ll highlight more about their landing page builder. Featuring an intuitive landing page builder that maximizes business growth and conversion.

With over 100 mobile-friendly templates, you can now create a responsive landing page for every industry. Also, creating a landing page with Wishpond takes a few minutes.

Integrated with the simple drag and drop editor, users can now create a landing page with IT or programming knowledge. Once done, you can publish your landing page everywhere.

Backed by Wishpond’s powerful portfolio of tools, marketing your landing page shouldn’t be difficult. With pop-ups and A/B testing, marketers can analyze what works and what doesn’t.

Besides the landing page, Wishpond also supports creating customizable forms. Designed for both desktops and mobile devices, you can create a responsive landing page in no time.

The software has three pricing plans. The base plan or Starting starts from $49/month.

#11. ClickFunnels

Website: https://www.clickfunnels.com/


Predominantly a sales funnel builder, ClickFunnels also supports landing page creation. Used by over 90,000 entrepreneurs, landing pages created with the platform brings you closer to your audience.

Besides sale funnel resources, the individual landing page functions are one of a kind. Paired with the drag and drop editor, creating landing pages has never been easier.

With the right template and actionable content, you too can generate leads without any buffer. The funnel features on the website are worth considering as well.

Some of the built-in features on ClickFunnels streamline marketing automation too. There are three available pricing plans, starting from $97/month.

The available templates for the landing pages are quite simple yet interactive. With the right choice, you can create a landing page that aligns with the voice of the brand.

#12. ShortStack

Website: http://www.shortstack.com/


If your primary objective with creating a landing page is to create a contest, ShortStack is your answer. It is one-in-all software that addresses your marketing needs.

With direct access to a customized web presence, users can seamlessly create landing pages and mini websites without any delays.

In case you don’t have an active domain, ShortStack offers a free domain for publishing the landing pages.

Besides the unique traits, ShortStack features a drag and drop editor, where even novice marketers can create their landing pages.

Not only the creating part, but ShortStack offers in-depth analytics too. You can now leverage the feature to see the effectiveness of the landing page.

You do get to create mobile-focused landing pages, which is quite promising. Also, the unique feature enables easy collaboration with other users while creating the landing pages.

#13. Makeswift

Website: http://www.makeswift.com/


Although a one-stop website builder, Makeswift also supports creating interactive landing pages. Ideal for independence and teamwork, with this software, you get to create landing pages with ideas for every teammate.

Pushing aside the hassle of coding, the platform enables users to create intuitive landing pages from scratch. Every design is accommodating for both desktop and mobile devices.

Access to instant layouts makes the choice a lot easier and more streamlined. Every website and landing page created on the platform is backed with automatic SSL encryption.

The addition of dynamic and configurable components to the landing pages further enhances usability. Moreover, the flexible form builder features different layouts to create an interactive form on the landing page.

The platform has three available plans – build, publish and extend. The build is 100% free but comes with a few limitations. Publish costs $15/month, which is one of the cheapest in the market.

#14. LanderApp

Website: http://www.landerapp.com/


The penultimate option on the list is Lander. With 1.5 million users and the trust of 3000+ brands, Lander isn’t one to play around with.

This is your one-stop destination for everything related to landing pages and more. Access the best of the tools with 100+ readymade templates.

Lander is one of the few landing page makers that use the dynamic text replacement feature. With this, you can create your landing page in minutes.

SEO-optimized features support PPC ad campaigns by integrating the PPC keywords with the ad campaigns. Not only does it maximize outreach, but it saves you a lot of extra time and effort too.

Backed with drag and drop editor and A/B split testing, you can create landing pages fast and test them before publishing.

Besides the standard tools, Lander also offers unique features like auto-fill forms, analytics, confirmation pages, etc. There are two plans available – Basic and Professional. The Basic plan starts from $49/month.

#15. Systeme.io

Website: https://systeme.io/

systeme landing page builder

Although an underrated choice, Systeme.io is your one-in-all marketing solution. Trusted by over 10,000 entrepreneurs, the platform has answers to all your marketing needs.

The individual landing page resources are interactive, easy to use and highly accessible. You can pair your final landing page with additional marketing tools for amplifying its outreach.

Besides user-friendly controls, the platform offers a host of free templates across varying niches. As a marketer, you can scroll and leverage an option that best aligns with the brand’s look.

Every landing page created on Systeme.io is mobile compatible for seamless access across different devices. Users can also leverage drag and drop functions with A/B testing before publishing the created landing page.

Currently, Systeme.io has three active price plans, starting from $27/month. The other two options include $47/month and $97/month.

Try System.io

How to Choose the Best Landing Page Builder?

With such a diversity of choices on the internet, picking a landing page software can be challenging. Not only do you have to consider the expenses, but you also have to be mindful of the tools and resources.

You need to ensure that the platform you choose meets your landing page requirements. From easy access to templates to easy editing choices, there’s a lot you have to consider.

Ideally, we’d recommend sorting your needs concerning a landing page first. Do you need a lot of templates? Do you need analytics and A/B testing? Do you need an easy user interface?

Once you have answers to these questions, making the final choice shouldn’t be difficult.

How much Does it Cost for the Landing Page Builder?

There is no standard pricing plan for the landing page software on the internet. It will vary from one service provider to the other.

You have platforms charging $15/month and then you have platforms charging $100/month. Ideally, we’d recommend looking at the features.

Instead of focusing on just the price, check the flexibility and limitations of the website. Doing so definitely makes the choice easier. You can also assess if the price is worth what you are paying.


Landing pages are an asset to a business’ growth. So, it isn’t surprising that the popularity of the best landing page builder is at its peak. With our top 15 picks, we wanted to bring you a list that resonates and lives up to the user’s expectations.

You can read through the individual reviews to find the best one to suffice your needs. Also, prioritize the features of these platforms before you look into their pricing.

Sometimes, the cheapest ones offer the most flexible features while the most expensive ones don’t.

FAQs for Landing Page Builder

Do you need a landing page builder?

If you aren’t well versed in coding, relying on a landing page builder is your only choice. With premade templates and an easy user interface, you can create your ideal landing page in minutes.

Are there free landing page builders?

There are a few free landing page builders but we wouldn’t recommend using them. Not only are they limiting, but their interface also is complicated and affects the creative process drastically.

How many hours does it take to create a landing page?

Building a landing page from scratch can take hours. However, using landing page software can streamline that process effectively. You can now churn maximum results for minimal effort.

Do I need to know coding to use a landing page builder?

Landing page builders are available so you don’t have to code. They offer pre-made templates, where you can edit and insert your content and publish the landing page.

Can I create unlimited landing pages with a builder?

Most the paid landing page builders allow users to create unlimited landing pages under their paid plans. We’d recommend checking the features beforehand.

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