6 Best Free Disk Cloning Software Of 2023 – Clone Your Hard Drive As A Backup

If you are looking for the free disk cloning software, your search is now over. We bring you the 5 best free cloning software. There are more than thousands of cloning software available on the internet. The selection of the top hard drive cloning software is depended on many crucial aspects.

The cloning software helps you to clone your hard drive as a backup. You can make a full and reliable copy of your hard drive. So, if your original hard drive crash or fails, you can easily reinstall the system by using this clone. You can continue your work without a system crash and any interruption. So, continue to read further to know about the best free disk cloning software.

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Free Disk Cloning Software

Features To Look In Best Disk Cloning Software:

Cloning software is an essential tool that helps you when your original hard disk fails. A backup drive can be set up and cloned within your PC chassis, or you can set it up as the external drive to allow you to store it off-premises as needed and easily take the backup of your original hard disk.

This cloning software can be useful when looking to upgrade your hard drives, such as to one with higher capacity or different types like HDD to SSD. Whatever you do with your hard drive, cloning software always backs you up by preventing file loss by taking backup.

Cloning software is an essential tool, so it should be reliable and free from malware and virus. Otherwise, you will be a victim of data theft. Some of the available cloning software can leak your backup on the dark web. So, you have to be vigilant while downloading cloning software. Along with security, we also consider these aspects:

  • Good cloud storage
  • Free, paid, or affordable business plans for cloud storage
  • Backup encryption
  • Data security and protection
  • Multiple disk formats and resizing
  • Compatibility with other devices

It is very challenging to find the best cloning software. So, we did this work for you, and these are the top free cloning software. Some software has premium versions for additional features.

6 Best Free Disk Cloning Software of 2023

#1. ManageEngine OS Deployer

Website: https://www.manageengine.com/products/os-deployer/disk-cloning.html

ManageEngine OS Deployer

ManageEngine OS Deployer is a complete disk cloning solution that enables you to seamlessly clone and deploy operating systems from a single console.OS Deployer allows you to create a master image of the OS and deploy it to desktops and servers independent of its hardware.

Customize your images according to your organizational needs. This software helps you save time and effort by seamlessly migrating user profiles. Provides reliable and convenient driver management to collect and distribute drivers automatically.

Perform live disk imaging by imaging a machine when it’s live and functioning in the network. You can also deploy the captured images to multiple systems independent of their hardware. We achieve this using the automated driver management feature.

Using this feature, we automatically collect the drivers present in the machines where the image is captured and store it in our driver repository. If some of the required drivers are missed during automatic collection, you can also manually download, extract, and store them in your driver repository.

Finally, deploy the image across multiple computers using unique authentication passcodes or MAC addresses. You can deploy images to users connected to your corporate network, users working from home outside the network, and users working from remote offices.

#2. AOMEI Backupper:

Website: https://www.ubackup.com/disk-clone-software.html

AOMEI Disk Cloning Software FREE for Windows PC

AOMEI Backupper is a free hard drive cloning software that is free to download and use. This software’s main feature is creating a clone of a large disk to a smaller SSD drive. You can copy sectors and partitions and essential files like boot.ini, NTLDR, BCD, winload.exe, and MBR.

This software protects your system from crashes and allows you to create free network cloning and image deployment. You can boot multiple clients using the LAN image file and restore individual files, apps, folders, and entire disk partitions.

It also offers features like free app support, data compression, data splitting, and backup encryption. With the help of this software, you can take the full copy of your hard drive. So, you don’t need to reinstall Windows while copying the clone to a new hard drive.

The intelligent cloning feature helps you only to copy overused space on the hard drive. The free and paid versions are available. You can buy the paid version for $39.95 for one PC license if you want an ad-free version with advanced features.

#3. Acronis Disk Director:

Website: https://www.acronis.com/

Acronis Disk Director disk cloning

Acronis Disk Director is a comprehensive software solution for disk cloning and disk management, including creating, formatting, and labeling partitions, resizing and merging partitions, and many other functions. It is also used to split and recover the volume of the disk. It is one of the best hard drive cloning software.

With the Acronis Disk Director cloning software’s help, you can also format disks virtually in any format, including FAT16, NTFS, FAT32, Ext3, Linux, SWAP, and Reiser3. Acronis disk director supports all Windows versions, from Windows XP to the recent version of Windows 10. However, it doesn’t support Linux or macOS.

The free demo is available for this cloning software; however, it is limited with a disk volume size of under 100 Mb, which is not acceptable for any serious use as most of the hard drive’s size is more than 500 Gb. It provides end-to-end AES-256 encryption.

The full premium version of this software is available with a one-time fee of $49.99 for a single license, and for 3 PCs, you can buy at $79.99, which is a pretty good deal. The full version of $79.99 provides free upgrades and support for a year.

#4. EaseUS Todo Backup:

Website: https://www.easeus.com/backup-software/tb-free.html

EaseUS Todo Backup disk Cloning

EaseUS Todo Backup is the only disk Cloning program that provides excellent functions and services, even in the free version. It offers various cloning functions like system cloning, hard drive cloning, splitting, and partition cloning for disk cloning.

It also provides multiple backup modes like full, scheduled, and incremental backups. EaseUS Todo backup software is a very simple-to-use disk imaging and cloning tool. The super user-friendliness and compatibility of this software are well known. It also offers email backup and offsite copy for backup or cloning.

The home tier version adds email notifications, offsite copies, files, and document exclusion. You can also take Outlook backup and recovery by using this tier. The home tier is available for one user license of $29.95 for a year, $39.95 for two years, and $59.00 for one license for one computer with lifetime upgrades.

The workstation tier is available for business users. It offers the home tier features plus some premium features like central management via the backup center, command-line backup, and a license covering that business usage.

#5. Macrium Reflect:

Website: https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree

Macrium Reflect free disk cloning software

Macruim Reflect is the best free disk cloning software for home and workplace use. The free version provides restoration of non-booting systems, scheduling backups with flexible templates, and creating live images of a running Windows OS. Unlike other software, it offers free licenses for home and business users.

This software supports the crucial task of direct disk cloning. The Free version provides some essential services and features. You can buy the paid-upgraded version of Macrium Reflect cloning software, which is not as expensive as other software. And also provide encryption.

It supports GPT and MBR which allows us to create bootable drives. It also helps SSD trim. The home tier offers encrypted backups, creates incremental backups and protects ransomware for $69.95.

The workstation tier also provides some additional features like logging events in Windows and central management using Macrium Site Manager. This software is also used to recover damaged disks and partitions.

With the help of this tool, you can create the exact copy and compressed files in backups. You can restore the exact images of partitions by allowing this software to upgrade hard drives or backup files. It can also mount images of files and folders as virtual images to enable you to restore them in the situation of a system crash or failure.

#6. Paragon Drive Copy Professional:

Website: https://www.paragon-software.com/

Paragon Drive Copy Professional software

This professional software is a package of the full range of disk duties, including disk cloning of the whole drive and advanced activities such as cloning by the partition and resizing the partition while copying or copying a hard drive to another with a different sector size.

It is one of the best cloning software available in the market. Paragon Drive Copy Professional has some cool advanced features like creating a virtual clone of your computer to a USB drive that can run from another computer or creating recovery media to boot a non-bootable PC with Recovery Media Builder 3.0.

As this cloning software is available for professional users, its price is relatively higher than that of other cloning software. But in return, it also offers many advanced features. So, it is value for money deal.


If your store your essential documents and files on your PC, you should use hard drive cloning software. This software prevents your hard drive from the crash and takes the backup of your entire hard drive.

Hopefully, from this article, you can easily find out the best free cloning software. You can also purchase the Workstation tier for professional use. Please write to us about your experience with these hard drive cloning software in the comment box below.

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