Top 11 Best Duplicate Photo Finder For Windows [Free & Paid] 2022

Best Duplicate Photo Finder For Windows find similar photos from the computer for you and clear it.

In everyone’s phone gallery and PC system, the library has too many duplicates and similar-looking photos, which accumulate too much space. Ultimately it affects the device’s performance. Finding each duplicate image from the folder and deleting them manually is quite a tough and time-consuming task.

If we use the best duplicate photo finder, then we do remove this clutter within no time. It is a safe and most straightforward way of doing so. However, finding an ideal duplicate image finder is a bit of tough work as there is much such software are available in the market. The right tool quickly scans, finds, and deletes all similar-looking and duplicate images. And here, we have listed the top 11 such duplicate picture finder tools. Have a look.

We have created a list of Best Photo Management software and Best Image Resizer Software which you can use it.

best duplicate photo finder

Best Duplicate Photo Finder of 2022

#1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

The first and best tool in the list of free duplicate photo finders is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The robust scanning finds all similar and duplicate photos within no time.

The software is easy to use. After installing the tool, you have to launch it and add files and folders to scan. When you click on the scan tab, it will start its work.

Wait until the process completes. It will take a few minutes only. The advanced algorithm shows both similar-looking and exact-looking photos. And when you approve the result, it will delete the selected photos.

This award-winning tool offers various features and reasons to choose it as a duplicate image finder. It has an intuitive interface and easy to use process. It can quickly remove duplicate files and offer an organized gallery. You can empty up the occupied space in a few clicks. The matching and searching levels provide accurate results.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro support 14+ languages for effective operation. The auto mark feature is another highlighted feature that selects all duplicate files to delete in one click. It supports Windows. Android, iOS, and Mac platforms.


  • A free trial version is available
  • Advance and smart search algorithm for quick results
  • Based on the content, it detects duplicate files with accurate details
  • Auto-Mark duplicates files feature
  • Multi-language support
  • Offer preview option to double-check the data before deleting


  • The free version removes a maximum of 15 duplicate files


#2. Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner - duplicate photo finder software

There are many known and unknown free duplicate photo finders available in the market. Most of them offer plenty of options. These too many options do not help users all the time. Sometimes it may cause complications for some new users to find how to use it.

And in this context, Duplicate Cleaner is different from most of the tools of this list. The clean and easy-to-use interface with a simple scanning engine offers the most effective results.

Due to its advanced features to delete duplicate photos, this tool stands different from other names. Pick the basis on which you would like to find and delete files like the same name, size, content, etc. Don’t miss the tutorial video offered by Duplicate Cleaner for a seamless experience.


  • Clean duplicate files, documents, music, and images
  • Scan on a specific basis to find out duplicate files
  • Support all popular files formats including PNG, GIF, JPEG, etc
  • Image preview option available
  • 15-day free trial
  • Maximum two clicks and all your files are gone


  • The interface is a little stuffed
  • According to the size of data scanning, it takes time to find similar looking files


#3. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Now, this one is another best free duplicate photo finder windows 10 to find and delete duplicate files seamlessly and within a few clicks. The precise comparing method makes it the best tool. Even though there are no signs of similarity in name, photo size, or other aspects, yet it can detect identical images in a few minutes.

It can find out the resized or editing images with the same visuals. If your photo editor saves multiple files that are a replica of each other, then you can go for this name. You will surely like it.


  • In a single click remove or delete duplicate images
  • Adjustable scanning rate for faster result
  • Detect the identical image irrespective of specification
  • Allow selecting a specific folder to scan
  • Flexible search parameters
  • Robust features in one package


  • The free version need internet connectivity
  • For the offline version, you have to shift to the premium version
  • Manually added lyrics are not connected all the time perfectly


#4. CCleaner


CCleaner is one of the most famous names to find and remove all duplicated files and photos. Piriform developed it. Yes, I know this is a PC cleaner tool, but it has plenty of features and functions that you might do not know. One such feature is its duplicate picture finder capability.

It makes your system clutter-free and organized. It can find all duplicate images on your system and hard drive. The tool is easily located and categorized into groups to detect and remove all unnecessary files. In this way, it clears all unnecessary occupied space on your pc or laptop.


  • Quick installation
  • Multi-platform support
  • Located and delete files, videos, audio, photos and other files
  • Find the duplicate files based on name, date created, content, and size
  • Ideal tool for new as well as expert users


  • The installer tries to download other programs unless you deny the action
  • Scanning runs a little slow
  • The free version offers limited features


#5. Duplicate Image Remover Free

Duplicate Image Remover Free

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for the best duplicate photo finder, then Duplicate Image Remover Free is one such name you can consider. The advanced search option and best searching capabilities effectively search duplicate files and photos from your hard drive quickly. This easy-to-use tool does not need any technical knowledge. Anyone can use it seamlessly. The limited function makes sure that the user does not distract while performing the desired work.

The searching criteria distinguish images based on name, date, size, format, etc. You have to apply the filter to find exact duplicate photos and done. The software will do the rest of the work. Yes, you have to choose the folder to find duplicate files. Select the folder and click start, within no time it will find duplicate files, review the result, and delete all the files you want to remove.


  • The best tool for beginners
  • Identify similar looing and exact photos
  • Include comparison mode for accurate results
  • Pick different criteria to detect duplicates like newer, older, filters, size, name, etc.
  • Pause and resume scanning process
  • Allow users to save results


  • Offer very basic dashboard
  • Seldom take a little longer time to detect duplicate picture


#6. Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate Photo Finder

If you want to find and remove only exact duplicate photos, then your search to delete duplicate photos tool ends here. It offers the ultimate solution for your system. The incredible design, along with a bunch of functionalities, quickly scan, find, and delete unnecessary photos.

You have to launch the software, and it will automatically start scanning and find duplicate images. See, if the folder size is massive, then it takes time for scanning. So be patient until the scanning completes. On the completion of the scanning, it shows the results on your screen. Review it and either delete it to get rid of or rename it to keep it. Follow mass action and do whatever you want.


  • Lightweight duplicate image finder
  • Eye-catching dashboard
  • Allow users to add folders manually for quick actions
  • Show original and duplicate files side by side
  • Include copy, delete, and move option
  • One-click on the ‘-‘ icon and data will be gone


  • Set of limited features
  • Not suitable for advanced users


#7. VisiPics

VisiPics duplicate photo finder

Now let me introduce you to another free duplicate photo finder that has a clean interface without any over complications. Yes, VisiPics is one of the most accessible tools that use to remove all duplicate photos. Unlike other tools, it gives significant control to the users to find out and remove duplicate files from system memory.

With tons of functions and useable filters, you can segregate a similar-looking image. Even though the file names, sizes, orientations, dates, etc. may vary but this tool is capable of finding out the duplicate files from your system.

Download >> install >> launch the VisiPics. You can see a clear interface with understandable navigation. Select the folder and click on the start, and it will start the process. And within a few minutes, you have results on your screen. Select the filter to get the desired result.


  • Lots of tutorials to understand its working
  • Get accurate results through different modes which are strict, basic, and loose
  • Support all known file formats
  • Let user move, ignore or remain the file


  • Not regularly update
  • The scanning process take more time with a more extensive database


#8. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

The next excellent tool to find similar photos is Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. This software ensures that your photo gallery stays up to date and organized without any copy images.

You have to download the software and upload the folder or files to find out all similar or duplicate files. It features a drag and drops function to an easy and quick process. Just upload the folder and tap on the start button to start scanning.

After scanning, it shows all the exact and similar photos in the result. You can use the auto mark feature to select all the duplicate files for you so you can take manual action after reviewing them. Do not wait to take advantage of this Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder to remove all duplicate media that hold too much space in your pc.


  • Neat & clean intuitive interface
  • Shows similarity percentage for quick action
  • Representation of result in a classified manner
  • Easy to review and delete files
  • Let user include/exclude the particular file from scanning
  • Move the deleted files in recycle bin for safer side


  • A limited set of features
  • Installation is a little slow
  • No automatic deleting option


#9. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

With more and more duplicate files are holding unnecessary space in your pc, your storage and performance become entirely a mess. It leads to slowing down of the system and reducing disk space. If you don’t want the same will happen to you, then it is time to install Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder.

Out of your surprise, it will remove all the duplicate and exact files and declutter the library. Add the folder and select a filter for the desired result of the scanning. You can use it for free. However, the paid and corporate eversion are also available with some advanced functionality.


  • Simple and straightforward
  • Plenty of features to comparison
  • 3 versions of the tool: free, paid and corporate version
  • Photo review option
  • Manageable scanning with start/pause tabs


  • Need little knowledge to use it
  • Relatively slower than other names included in this list
  • Novice PC users Works on smarter algorithms


#10. Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer

No more manual search for duplicate files on your pc as you have Duplicate Files Fixer. It has lots of cleaning modules that compare and remove multiple copy images from different files and folders. Not only photos, but it can remove audio, video, multimedia files, documents, etc. in one go.

This best free duplicate photo finder windows 10 is a one-stop solution to get rid of all duplicate files in one click. No matter how big is the scan folder, it can effectively and accurately scan thousands of files and detect all duplicate photos.

The exceptional feature of this tool is its scanning capability of the external drive. Yes, it can scan pen drives, external hard disks, and memory cards, too. If you need a smart and smooth tool to scan, find, remove, and organize your storage, we suggest you look at this tool at least once.


  • East to use
  • Clearly labeled icons and functions
  • Easy to understand navigation
  • effective scanning
  • Fast, responsive and accurate results
  • Can scan thousands of files in one go
  • Move the files to recycle bin in case if you want to restore files later


  • Free version find duplicate files only


#11. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder

The last but not least name on this list is Easy Duplicate Finder. Many people think that duplicate photos and files do not hard the pc and its performance. But my friends, when there is unnecessary space is occupied, your PC’s performance gets affected, and it frequently hangs or works slow.

You can avoid such issues with this tool as it can easily spot duplicate files after accurate scanning. It takes a few clicks to remove the duplicate and similar-looking images. Launch the program >> drag and drop folder and start scanning. And in a few minutes, it will automatically show the result on your screen. And after your confirmation, it will delete all replica images.

It is not only capable of scanning and removing duplicate photos, but it can also do the same for documents, videos, music, archives, and other media files.


  • User intuitive and clear interface
  • Easy drag and drop feature
  • Quick actions to eliminate the duplicate files
  • Delete, move or rename files


  • Displayed scan results may differ from the deleted files

What Are The Advantages Of The Best Duplicate Photo Finder?

The duplicate image finder offers a bunch of features and benefits, and some of the significant advantages are listed below. Have a look at it.

  • It keeps your system up to date and well organized
  • Increase work productivity
  • Clean all unnecessary space and make your pc run faster
  • You can reuse the occupied space after cleaning
  • Offer major performance boost
  • Allow you to find out all the duplicate photos, videos, audios, and other files
  • Hassle-free and quick operation
  • Remove all duplicate files continuously and diminishes the confusion
  • Saves you lots of time and effort you waste in manual action


So it is all about the best duplicate photo finder tools to make your system clutter-free. Note that all these are software developed by different developers, and hence each has some advantages and disadvantages. However, when you chose any tool from this list, you are going to save lots of time as it scans and removes all the files, including images within a few minutes and max 2-3 clicks. Isn’t it like a dream come right thing?

Note that if you are using your persona pc or a single device, you can choose any free tools. But for your office or at an enterprise level, we strongly recommend you go for a pro or paid tool only. Why is it so? Because on the professional scale, you have some raw data images, and you can afford them to leak anyhow. Also, go for a tool that is compatible with different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

It is our recommendation, what is your choice? Let us know using the comment section below.

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