8 Best Digital Art Software [Free & Paid] 2022

Best Digital Art Software – Art is one of the most demanding professions right now. With revolutionary technology, art has been shifted from canvas to your monitor. Digital art is a difficult job but with some digital art software, it becomes a little easier. In this article, we are going to talk about the best digital art software in the market.

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best digital arts software
best digital arts software

What is Digital art software?

To conclude in a few words, it would replace the traditional mean of making art. Digital art software gives artists the freedom of creating anything, anytime, anywhere with just one software, be that simple color adjustment, background removal, company logo, GIFs, animations, memes, or anything It would replicate the effect of a paintbrush, colors, and shade and even enhance them to a greater length.

Here is the list of the best digital art software, which will help you unleash the true potential of being an artist.

Best Digital Art Software

#1. Adobe Photoshop


This Digital art software has been around for so long that it’s now become the norm and synonym for digital art. One of the best and resourceful software, which lets you create and edit photographs that can be stunningly beautiful.

Adobe Photoshop has some of the best features in the market and that is why it becomes the best Digital art software with a home run. Aligning layers to create beautiful pictures to the curvature pen stork, there are many features that are only for the pros. There is no buying option in Adobe so you have to pay them monthly or yearly. You can try Adobe Photoshop for a week for free in their trial software.

#2. Affinity Designer


This is more of a creative tool than just retouching. You can create dazzling digital art with this paid tool, which can also be used in Mac and windows as well. Unlike Photoshop, it doesn’t come with a subscription and rather a time buys an option, although you can use the trial version first too.

The feature list of this best digital art software is endless, but one of them is 1millionX zooming capacity. Yes, it can zoom up to 1, 00,000X time and that gives you the ultimate freedom to create something out of the box. It has also many advanced features too like Photoshop.

#3. CorelDRAW


This digital art software is almost as old as Photoshop and it has become better since then. With new features and comprehensive tools, it’s a must-have software for every artist. They are not supporting Mac users anymore, so you can use it only on windows.

Some of their vector tools are state of the art and they won’t disappoint the pro users. With features like the asymmetry drawing board, Pointillizer, AfterShot 3 HDR and Touch-friendly user interface make it the number one priority digital art software in the market.

#4. ArtRage 5


For the digital art creator, ArtRage is not a new name. This software can help you create some of the best designs and art, which is nowhere near the traditional ones. It can also run on Mac and windows and it is paid software, but you can use their free trial to get an idea about it.

Some of the features include a Watercolor tool, which lets you create digital paintings. Brushes, adjustable selection tools, composition tools, masking, Pattern and Gradient Fill, filters are the tools, which are helpful for the user to create realistic artwork. Also, you can record your screen while you paint with this best digital art software.

#5. GIMP


GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a freeware tool, which is as good as some of the best paid digital art software in the market. With some of the best tools, add-on and paid extensions, you can create digital art as no one has ever seen before.

Most people don’t like this free tool as it’s a little bit complicated. As its freeware and created by many people, they were more focused on providing the best software possible for digital art makers and less worried about the user-friendly design. You can try this tool and see it for yourself.

#6. PhotoDonut


This software is quite different from the rest of the list as it’s not actually a digital art creation tool but rather a pictures manipulation and picture digitalization tool. You can create amazing art with photos that are only possible with some of the best digital art software in the market. It is only available for Windows devices.

The features are categories in 4 ways, drawing, painting, photo effects, and Illustration. These categories are still enough to fulfill your every need if you are a photographer, designer or digital agency. They have a wide range of tools to use for every single category and they can serve anyone with good eyes and creative zeal.

#7. Sketchbook


Sketchbook by Autodesk is one of the finest contenders on our list to create digital art. It is one of the user-friendly software with not so complicated UI. It focuses on one thing and one thing only is to allow you to draw some stunning digital art.

With all the best drawing tools, you can make some of the best artwork with this software. It could be best to use it on a touch base device to get a good result. You can now scan anything and upload it to this software, which allows you to export it to the transparent background, and now it is ready for editing.

#8. Pixlr


This free web-based tool is on the list as you can ignore how useful it can be. it can work on the layers, photo editing and the basic image tool which lets you add stickers and others to the image. This web-based digital art software is not an advanced one, but it certainly has the caliber to replace the best art creating software.


All of these tools are useful to create digital arts and even if you are a beginner, you can still understand how to use them. Digital art is all the rage now and for that, you need the best tool you can have. We hope that this article would help you get a good look at the best digital art software, if you need help, just ask us in the comments.

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