Tips to Ensure That Your MacBook Is Not Exposed to Hazards

Your MacBook is one of the best things you own today. Agree? So, it’s your responsibility to take good care of your MacBook so that you can continue using the computer for many years. Well, your MacBook doesn’t demand anything more than proper handling and timely maintenance. And protecting your computer from viruses might not be enough.

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Tips to Ensure That Your MacBook Is Not Exposed to Hazards

Keep Your Pets & Meals Away

Keep your pets away from your MacBook even if you find it funny. Your pets, especially cats, are attracted to the warmth that they get from your MacBook. But, do not encourage this behavior. Your pet’s fur can get inside your device through the fan and can lead to overheating.

One more tip here. Do not eat your meals sitting in front of your MacBook. You have invested hugely in purchasing your device; therefore, it’s your responsibility to handle it with intense care. Even a tiny bit of food can attract uninvited guests- ants, cockroaches, and more.

Roll Your Cables Properly and Keep Them Organized

You must wonder about the best way to roll out your MacBook cables so that your setup looks more organized. Well, cables tend to tangle up with other wires and devices lying nearby. And it becomes a headache to untangle them if you do not pay attention right in the beginning.

Cords and cables, if not organized, become damaged or frayed out. Never wrap them around any sharp object as it will strain them and lead to charging problems. Twisting and wrapping your cables loosely around a holder can help to keep them organized and durable for long-term usability.

Buy a Laptop Cooling Pad

Buy a Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop cooling pads elevate the lifespan of your MacBook and other laptops by maintaining a consistent airflow to prevent overheating. It positions your laptop at a hard, non-fabric, and flat surface to promote airflow around and inside the internal components. Proper airflow can improve and enhance your system performance.

Cooling pads are important for maintaining the good health of your laptop, and they also facilitate the proper use of the device. If you have a habit of keeping your MacBook on the top of your lap, cooling pads can prevent skin rashes that occur as a result of device overheating.

Invest in a Reliable MacBook Cover

Leaving your laptop without a cover can damage it in many ways, and it could easily lose its sparkling glamour. It is recommended to buy a laptop case while you purchase your laptop as it enhances its appearance and performance. They are available in varied sizes and styles, and you can select one that best fits your personality.

Laptop covers prevent your MacBook from various damages that can occur due to sudden falls, scratching inside the bag, etc. With a lot of colors, patterns, and designs available in the market, laptop covers also give you a style statement. Isn’t it an added advantage?

Shutdown Your MacBook and Let It Rest for a Moment

You should always shut down your MacBook when you have completed your work rather than leave it on overnight. Users usually put their devices to sleep mode or hibernation when not in use. Without being shut down properly in several days, your system will tend to slow down and become unreliable over time.

Shutdown ends all the applications, clears all memory, makes it fast and responsive. So, if your MacBook is facing any performance issues, a simple shut down every 2-3 days (if not every day) can fix it. It will boost its performance and ensure that your system is not running slow due to exhaustion.

Keep Liquids Away from the MacBook

Keep Liquids Away from the MacBook

Don’t try to work on your MacBook with a drink in your hands, and do not allow your kids or anyone else to do so. A cup of tea, a mug of coffee, or even a glass of plain water can hazardously damage your MacBook, and you may find it impossible to recover or repair it to bring it to a normal working state.

Liquids are likely to make their way to the MacBook’s logic board as well as other internal components. If it includes any salt or minerals, the possibilities are that it may damage the silicone, fiberglass, and metal or lead to corrosion. Liquids can also cause sparks, shocks and results in inappropriate functionality of the hard drive.

Pay attention to your MacBook if you notice slowdowns or inconsistent functionality. Noisy startups and sudden freezes are some of the common warning signs that indicate that your MacBook is struggling inside, and you need to fix it with immediate effect.

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