Tips to Create The Magical Whiteboard Animation Videos

You must have heard a lot about the power of whiteboard videos. It is an incredible way to educate your potential audience about a complicated concept and sell them an idea. A survey concluded numerous videos are uploaded on YouTube every hour on this subject, which clearly reveals the popularity of whiteboard animation. Tips that will give your whiteboard animation videos an edge over others should be well understood before starting the project. You may come across a lot of ineffective pieces of advice that will not work.

However, effective whiteboard animation software can lead to the delivery of the illustrative video of a business house in the most effective way.

whiteboard animation video tips

Let’s find out the proven tips which would enhance the quality of the whiteboard animation illustrative videos.

1. Add a compelling story

Before creating an animation with fancy characters, first of all, you must consider the story that should be like the heart of your video. You can get away with a mediocre quality video, but no one will stick to your clip if you have a complicated story. Every explainer video script must have a hook, story, and call to action. If you are not an expert copywriter, you may a copywriter, or learn the art on your own, which might take a lot of time. After completing writing the script, distribute it to your team, read it aloud, and make some possible modifications to it.

2. Do not try to deviate from a classic whiteboard style

The technology and taste of the people are the major factors in making the story interesting a lot. However, the reason for the whiteboard animation video’s effectiveness is still the same.

3. The traditional style of whiteboard video has three things

First is the white background second is the drawing hand and the last but not the least is the continuous drawing.
You can use modern fancy technologies and add effects to make your whiteboard animation video more entertaining, but you should not divert yourself from the classic whiteboard style.

4. Add interesting animated characters:

The character’s animation plays a vital role in making the video interesting. It would be best if you chose compelling characters related to the story you are creating for your audience. It is also essential to ensure that the figures of your story glimpse your viewers’ taste and preference, as it will add a personal touch and make the whiteboard animation video memorable and enjoyable as well.

5. Do not miss out on the drawing hand:

These neurons allow us to feel the joy, pain, and satisfaction of others by observing them. A whiteboard animation video is so beneficial in realizing people to take action because of the drawing hand. We feel like we are involved in the particular activity that is happening on the video by observing the video’s drawing side. We get second-hand satisfaction from it.

5. Play with the vibrant colors, however, restrict it to be sober:

A traditional whiteboard video is all about black ink drawing and a plain white background and the recent whiteboard animation video contains many colorful characters, It flourishes the video’s effectiveness if you do not divert a lot from the traditional principles of a whiteboard, which is the key to the power of the whiteboard video.

You can add colors to the prominent parts of the video and along with it learn the psychology of many different colors and make sure that the color suits the brand and characters effectively that will be helpful in delivering the required message.

6. Insert emotions:

It has been scientifically proved that people make their buying decision based on their feelings and later justify their decision with logic. It is not about any tangible goods, but how you make your viewers feel that encourages them to share your video with others in great numbers. You must add emotional lines according to your video’s nature and the taste and preference of the audience to whom you are serving. It could be happy, funny, empathetic, sympathetic and so on.

If you keep them emotional until the end of your video, you will be on the right track to compel them to take the required actions you want from them.

7. Add education with a touch of entertainment

An educating video is all about simplifying the complex topics and that has the capability of imparting the viewers with the desired knowledge that you want to share with them. However, the entertainment factor plays a vital role in performing this action that not only creates an interest in the viewers but educates them also that is the key motive of the video. Most likely, it can be obtained by adding a new script, bright characters and background, music, and so on. The people who see your videos that are full of fun, have a higher chance of understanding the message that you want to convey. Check out the video, which is educational and entertaining simultaneously which can be very easily created by easy-to-use whiteboard animation software.

8. Create suspense to make the video interesting with your innovative script

Your audience must glue their eyes to the video by considering with great wonder, “What’s next?” You should create suspense with a continuous drawing of interconnected characters, which will keep them anticipating the future of the video. Also, create a twist in the video by coming up with scenes that can surprise the viewers, for which they can never have any expectation.

9. Consult with professionals or a whiteboard video production company:

If you are not so dexterous, there will be no need to take any chance trying to do everything on your own. A low-quality video will spoil your brand image on the internet. You must consult a professional or whiteboard animation studio to take benefit of their expertise. You can also use whiteboard animation software to produce expressive, empirical and productive videos.

Wrapping up

A whiteboard animation video is a powerful tool that is helpful in order to communicate your message more effectively. The steps that I’ve mentioned will definitely work, but you need to devote your precious time in the whiteboard animation video creation process for integrating the tips.

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