10 Best eBook Creator Software [Free & paid] in 2024

Find the best eBook creator software to create an eBook online.

Ebook creator software is gaining increasing popularity as books now take a digital platform. Books are an essential tool for information and strategies for business owners. They can help generate fresh ideas and help boost the business by honing the business owner’s skills.

If you are looking to write an ebook in your area of expertise, books significantly widen your horizon. Many people are using ebook creation software since most of the world is digital. The ebook has become extremely popular amongst readers as it provides easy access to millions of books with just a few touches.

More and more readers prefer ebooks over paperback these days. There are several options available for ebook writing software. We are going to help you by narrowing it down to the best and most organized options. The options provided in this article are easy to use and have an excellent user interface.

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Best Formats For Ebook

The most common and accessible formats for ebooks provided by your ebook creation software should be:

#1. PDF:

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a standard and widely used format used. Writing your book and getting the output in this format will help you get the best results to publish on the internet.

Most of the devices are compatible with PDF, and it is also a very user-friendly format. It means everyone, no matter what device, can access your ebook is available in a PDF format. Most of the ebook creator software will have the PDF format option, so you don’t need to worry about that.

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#2. ePub:

ePub or ePublication is another ebook format that is popular amongst readers. It is a standard format for many e-readers such as iBooks, Kindle, and Google Books. Most of the eBook creation tools do offer this format.

#3. Mobi:

Mobi is also known as Mobipocket Reader. This format is standard among Kindle readers. As Amazon is set to be the best in the business in publication profits, formatting your work to Mobi can be profitable. It will help it reach larger audiences. However, it might limit your reach if you are only distributing it through Amazon.

Best Ebook Creator Software in 2024

#1. Atavist:


Atavist Ebook Creator Software

Atavist is amongst the best ebook software on the market. It is also an ebook publishing software that permits you to put up your work online. It does not require sophisticated knowledge of technology to do so. You can publish your magazines and photobooks online and can get published ebooks.

It also helps you connect with the ebook publishers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, including their digital format, Kindle, and Nook. It also has options for formatting content to fit mobile devices.

There are various options for formats and features to create content online. It allows you to embed different media such as videos and photos in your book. You can also combine different template formats. It also checks your work, so you do not face any issues while uploading.

It also has a guide to show you how to protect your work and decide whether the book is for the public or profit. Other software support features help you figure out how to use the software.


  • A variety of online publishing tools are available
  • In-program tutorials make it easier to learn how to use their features
  • Has mobile-friendly building tools


  • Need a subscription to access all the features of the software
  • Some difficulty in combining the file types
  • Might be a little overwhelming for first-time publishers

#2. Pressbooks:


Pressbooks Ebook Creator Software

Pressbooks is another ebook publishing software and ebook formatting software for people looking to monetize their work. It has some issues with templates, but it still allows you to create a professional ebook. The software is also straightforward to use.

There are different format options available such as magazines, photo books, and many others. You can also design family scrapbooks or make one for your family. There are two kinds of Pressbook publications; novels and training manuals.

The feature has tools to create a unique project with the help of different branding options, customizable fonts, photos, and transitions to enhance your reader’s experience.

There have been some issues regarding the speed of loading in the software. However, it provides an easy way to share your work in different formats, such as in Kindle and CreateSpace.


  • Offers excellent support features, such as tutorials
  • Has multiple branding options
  • Has numerous customizable features for writing your book


  • Does not offer that many template types
  • Rather slow in loading input

#3. Ultimate ebook Creator:

Website: https://ultimateebookcreator.com/

Ultimateebookcreator Ebook Creator Software

It is another best ebook software with several languages that you can publish your work. This free ebook writing software offers more than eighty styles. The format options may be a little outdated and aren’t as easy to use as the other systems.

There have been user complaints of getting overwhelmed with the project options available in the software. It does not offer magazine or comic book options. However, you can make picture books, novels, and guides.

There are also photo rendering tools available in the system. It helps you make your images look cleaner. The software has a connection with different publishers, making it easy to monetize your books or projects. A Wi-Fi connection is not required for you to access it as it is desktop-based.


  • Offers over eighty languages to write in
  • Make picture books, novels, and guides
  • Photo rendering tools are also available


  • Does not have many options for formats

#4. iBooks Author:


IBooks Author Ebook Creator Software

The eBook creation tool iBooks provides an array of templates to create content on Mac devices. It also includes photobooks and presentations. In the book, you can also combine different file types and insert photos or videos into the book.

There are various templates to help you with creating your unique projects. It also offers a great design and user-friendly interface. For people who want to write a book and already have an Apple ID, all your projects are in one place, and it will spare you the effort of creating separate accounts.

It lets you work on different devices using your Apple ID and does not charge anything for the application. This ebook formatting software has a better design and offers a high-quality template than many of the other applications; it has multi-lingual translational tools as well as branding features. It has format options in Mobi, PDF, and HTML.


  • Projects back up to your iCloud
  • Offers a variety of templates and formats
  • Visual richness to e-books
  • Combines different file types to provide the best content creation experience


  • Load a little slowly
  • Works on Mac only
  • Very restrictive copyright guidelines.

#5. Lucidpress:


Lucidpress Ebook Creator Software

Lucidpress is another free ebook creator with various formatting and project options. It is also the most flexible tool. It has an updated interface and offers attractive layout options; It has an excellent user interface and is far more accessible than other software.

This free ebook creator online does need the internet to access its software as it is a cloud-based software. A sign-up for a free trial is required to be able to access its features. It provides open access for students and teachers.

Software diversity is what makes it a great option to opt for. It has different publishing formats available for businesses as well as educators. It aims to make learning more accessible and engaging. It also provides a space for personal projects such as a family scrapbook or personal mementos. It is effortless to add pictures and other media to your project.


  • Offers a variety of formatting and project options
  • Different publishing formats are available
  • Diversify options and attractive layout


  • Need Wi-Fi connection to access the software

#6. Microsoft Word:


Microsoft Ebook Creator Software

It is an entry-level free ebook creator. It does seem like a convenient choice for making an ebook. Most people use this program, and you’ll already be familiar with all the features and tools in the application.

However, it is limited to PDFs as its output option. Many ebook platforms accept MS Word formats or PDF formats, so that might be a plus. You can save your document as Word and then, later on, format it on the internet according to your needs.


  • Best ebook writing software
  • Offers an easy-to-use interface
  • A most versatile tool for content creation
  • Few best editing options


  • Does not offer many template styles
  • Limited to PDFs as its output format

#7. Pages:


Pages Ebook Creator Software

Pages is another free ebook creator online that is available exclusively for iOS users. The Pages application is technically the word for macOS. Mostly all the Apple devices will have this. You can format it into epub and PDF. It also offers different template options.

It is easy to customize fonts, look, personalized text styles, and add graphics. You will surely access the most powerful features. 70+ beautiful Apple-designed templates, progress reports, and effortless results make it the best ebook creator software for all Apple devices.

• Free tool for Apple users
• Attractive yet straightforward user interface
• Visually dazzling templates

• Lacks draft view
• Can’t set word format as default

#8. Draft2Digital:


Draft2Digital Ebook Creator Software

Draft2Digital is an ebook generator that is known for its premium quality. It has free formatting tools for ebooks. You can write your manuscript in Word and format it using the Draft2Digital software. This software also has cloud storage. It has a lot of options in layout and sizes.

Some of its notable features include automated end matter, error detection, pristine metadata, and live status announcements. It is a powerful marketing tool for the authors and helps them to max extent.

It does not charge any fees for updating or formatting the book. But if you distribute through its network and make any sales, you will be charged 0% of the book’s retail price. It means you have to pay when you earn money. Other than this, there are no hidden charges on the name of service packages or fees.


  • Amazing set of features
  • Easily format your Word docs into any format
  • Can set the price of the book; free or any amount


  • Can’t edit your work in this software

#9. Vellum:


Vellum Ebook Creator Software

Vellum is another exclusive app for Mac users. It is an ebook generator that has various formatting options to choose from. It offers different designs and layouts to make your work pop out. It has epub and PDF format options.

Its classic touches like custom drop caps and ornamental flourishes are for both ebook and print editions. In short, you will get a beautiful and professionally formatted book with Vellum. Yes, you can export your book quickly, but for that, you have to pay.


  • Variety of layout and formatting options
  • Include custom drop caps


  • Available for only Mac

#10. Kindle Create:


Kindle Create Ebook Creator Software

Kindle Create is the latest addition to the list of ebook creator software. However, it offers a great user interface and makes for excellent formatting software. You will have to write your manuscript in a Word doc and then use this to format it.

It is useful for first-time Kindle users who want to try a simple book like a novel without formatting and only want chapter titles. It is best for all novice writers. However, it takes more time in formatting and uploading than the format in Word and then covert in HTML.


  • Free software
  • Connected with the Kindle Publishing platform
  • Suitable for writers who don’t want to format


  • Take more time in format compared to other platforms

Key Features To Look For Free Ebook Creator Software

Before looking for the best ebook creator, we have some features that you should look for while an ebook writing software. Be mindful of these things while trying to find ebook software.

#1. User-friendly:

You will need an ebook writer software that is the easiest to use. Writing a book can be quite frustrating and tiresome, and thus, you need software that is not clunky and complex. Look through the options given below and see which software has the most straightforward and effective user interface. The software’s layout and accessibility play a massive role in deciding which software will be the easiest to use.

#2. Multi-lingual:

Always look for ebook writer software to suit your language needs. If you prefer to write in more than one language, then check the ebook creator software before moving forward with getting it.

The software you are looking for should have options to select from multiple languages. Find software that allows you to switch between languages quickly. It could be an extremely convenient tool for you if you speak and write in more than one language.

#3. Cloud-based vs. Desktop-based:

Another vital thing to look out for in ebook creator software is where it stores your writing. If you like writing on multiple devices, the best ebook creator should have cloud-based software.

It saves your work on the cloud so that it is accessible anywhere. It will also help you keep a backup of your work if one of your devices crashes and you can’t access the software from there. In this case, cloud-based software can be a lifesaver.

If you only work from your desktop and use that as a writing device, desktop-based software is the option for you. It will ensure that all your work gets saved on your computer rather than the cloud. It might be problematic as once you lose the writing on your desktop, you might not be able to retrieve it. Keep a backup of your book.

#4. Formats:

The best ebook creation software will let you have as many format options as possible. It will give you flexibility in publishing your ebook if you wish to have different formats such as journals, magazines, guides, manuals, comic books, and many other book formats.

There is an ebook creation software that offers support to writers in the form of tutorials, manuals, and other contact information. It guides the writer and software with such features gains much higher popularity.

#5. File Formats:

The best ebook creation software should offer multiple output file format options. It will be convenient for you to share your work on the Internet. You will need software with output formats such as EPUB, PDF, PDB, video, LIT, HTML, and MOBI.

There is software that also helps you with your social media content for self-publishers. They let you connect with other writers and professionals who have published. It allows you to network within the software, which can be a great tool.

#6. Licensing:

Be aware of contracts and print that your ebook creator software provides. Before signing anything, ensure that you know your rights as an author mentioned in the agreement—research a bit on trademarking and licensing and educate yourself on the useful information regarding the matter.


It is all about ebook creator software. You can use any of the above ebook writing and editing software for your writing needs. Make sure that you check all of its available features and tools before downloading any software.

There are some great choices where you can first write in your Word or pages and then format your book accordingly. You can also get software for networking and making connections. Each software comes with its own set of features, so it is best to choose whichever fits your preference.

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