How Stellar Converter for OST is the best – A Product Review

Stellar Converter for OST is a comprehensive tool that will manage to open inaccessible OST file and extracts data from it. The application exports to various formats including PST, PDF, EML and other but mostly it imports directly to Exchange or Office 365. Let’s think that you are working offline using Outlook and you save a lot of work locally. Something happens to your Outlook and the only way to solve it is to remove and re-create your Exchange or Office 365 profile. In this case, the problem is solved but all your work has been lost.

Stellar Converter for OST

Other scenarios to use Stellar Converter for OST

From Outlook 2013 onwards when you set up an account using IMAP, Outlook does not create a PST file as other predecessors. In Outlook 2013 onwards you will be presented with an OST file. As we know, OST file can only be opened by the profile and cannot be ported to another machine or profile; hence you will not be able to export or recover from the file since it is a proprietary format of Microsoft. What could go wrong in this case? If something happens I still have a copy of the mailbox on the server. Well, what if the server fails and your mailbox is lost? In this case, your only choice is the OST file in your Outlook and by the use of Stellar Converter for OST you will be able to export your OST file to PST.

Another common scenario is a failure for Outlook to open, after a lot of internet searches and trying to identify and solve the issue, the only solution would be to remove and re-create the profile. What if you still had some emails, contacts, tasks or calendar entries that were not yet synched with your Mailbox? In a normal situation these will be lost and if you use Stellar Converter for OST you will be able to browse the OST file and all your mailbox folder, view the contacts, tasks and calendar entries and you can selectively export the missing items to PST or evenly export them directly in your mailbox being Exchange Server or Office 365. You don’t even have to export to PST and then import them to your mailbox.

Another scenario thou drastic but very realistic is that something happens to your Exchange Server like malware or ransomware and the server goes down along with its storage. An Exchange Server can go down and due to other issues like hardware or software issues that could corrupt your data. Since the server is no more and the only source of the mailboxes to the last minute are the Outlook machine with the OST files holding all the items, with Stellar Converter for OST you will be able to restore each and every mailbox in no time. You gather all the OST files into one repository and open them using the application. Then you can import them directly to a newly created Exchange Server.

How is the process done? When we open the application it will ask for the OST file to open. If you don’t know the location of it all you need is to click on the Find button and the application will look for all the OST files in the location you search for.

find ost file

Once you find the OST file you wish to recover, click on the Convert button. At this stage the OST is being scanned and converted on the stop. It might take some time depending of course on the size and if there is any damage on the OST file.

convert ost file

Once complete you can save the scan on the OST file so that if you would need to re-open the file to extract more data you don’t have to go through the pain of re-scanning the file, especially if it’s a large OST file. You will be presented with an Outlook-like screen with all your mailbox information, even the hidden ones so that your admin can retrieve items which are not visible to you as a user.

out look mail box

On the left you will find the tree and structure of your mailbox, in the middle you will have a list of the email found in the respective folder you highlight and on the right you will have a full preview of the email being plain text or HTML. By default, all the folders and items will be selected but by unticking the box near the folder, you can exclude them from the export. Once ready to export you can click on the Save Converted File button and simply select the format. If you wish to include deleted Items, tick it as by default it is un-ticked and give it the destination and click OK.

Save Converted File

Other formats of export include MSG, EML, RTF, HTML and PDF. The option to export directly to an Office 365 tenant or an on premise Exchange Server will only be available to the Technician or Toolkit version.

The Technician license and Toolkit, both come with unlimited mailboxes to export while the corporate which is basic license comes with 5 mailboxes. The Technician version come with the Batch conversion, compact and splitting of PST files, export to live Exchange Server or Office 365, can also export to MBOX, DBX and contacts export to CSV. The Toolkit version come with a bunch of other features that it would take long to list them here.

The view of the application is like looking at Outlook and considering that it can convert an OST to a PST is great, but it can enhance the export process since if you click on the bottom of the left navigation pane you will see the icons to view the Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Journal and notes, plus you can configure the Navigation Pane Options to enable, disable and display settings of the features.

Navigation Pane Options

The view is what you would see in Outlook for the calendar, tasks, contacts and other, which makes it easier and more user friendly. You will immediately be confident in using the application.

outlook calendar

out look cantact folder

The application has a great search option which is seamlessly in-built in the application. If you browse you will notice the top toolbar in the middle pane and you can just type in the from, to, subject and date and it will automatically start searching as you type.

automatically start searching

This of course will search into the highlighted folder, but if you want to search into the whole OST file there is a more refined search by clicking on the Find Message in the Home ribbon where you can make a search and then you can refine your search.

find message

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