Working from Home Made Easy With RemotePC & The Future Of the Hybrid Office

As more and more companies have enabled their employees to work from home, it’s important that they provide the tools that will make connecting to their work computer easy, secure, and reliable, like a remote access solution such as RemotePC.

Since working from home often requires access to many resources that are kept on your office network, it is essential that employees are able to make a remote connection in order to ensure minimal disruption to normal work processes. Using a remote access solution such as RemotePC is the best way to be sure that employees are able to do exactly what they would be doing at work, from the comfort of their home.

RemotePC allows employees to have reliable, encrypted access from one computer to another simply by installing the software on their work computers and accessing it from whatever computer they choose. This gives businesses flexibility when it comes to situations where workers may not be able to make it into the office, but still need to remain productive from home.

access pc remotely with remotepc

RemotePC offers multiple plans that will fit the needs of businesses of many sizes, including the Consumer plan with access to two computers, SOHO plan for access up to 10 computers, the Team Plan for 50 computers or more, and the Enterprise Plan for 100 computers or more.

The Team Plan gives administrators the ability to:

  • Manage Users – Organize users into groups, view remote access/web activity logs for users, via the web console.
  • Create groups of users and move them between multiple groups.
  • Add any number of users by inviting them to create an account within the main account.

The Enterprise Plan gives admins ultimate control over their users, including features such as:

  • Remote Deployment – Allow deployment for users and grant them permission to install RemotePC on other computers and access them remotely.
  • Computer Grouping – Add computers, organize them into groups, and view the most recently accessed computers.
  • User Management – Create new user accounts, organize them into groups, provide access permissions and more.
  • Group Policy Management – Remotely deploy the RemotePC application on one or multiple computers via Windows Server.

Other great RemotePC features include RemotePC Viewer Lite enabling users to get secure remote access without having to download and install any software, RemotePC also works on Linux machines, and Multi-monitor support helps users view multiple monitors of a remote computer on a single screen all at the same time along with a host of other features.

For situations where face-to-face communication is necessary, RemotePC also offers RemotePC Meeting, a secure, business class online meeting solution. Meeting gives users instant video conferencing abilities, allowing for unlimited participants. RemotePC Meeting comes as a free add-on with all plans.

With the changing landscape of working from home, a remote access solution like RemotePC is critical when thinking about keeping production high for employees working remotely.

Since COVID-19 changed our lives drastically in 2020, workers around the world have settled into working remotely from the comfort of their homes or setting of their choice to avoid catching or spreading the virus. This has led to many questions going into 2021 for businesses who have to decide the best way to move forward, acknowledging the fact that many employees probably won’t be comfortable coming back to a full-time, in-office schedule as soon as things open up.

In fact, a survey in May by Stanford University concluded that 55% of US workers would prefer a mix of home and office working. This is what’s becoming known as the “Hybrid Office,” providing employees with the sociability and structure of going to the office, along with the flexibility and independence of being able to work from wherever is best for them. This will also help avoid crowded office spaces while society recovers from the pandemic in 2021.

Apart from the physical aspect of keeping their employees healthy, steps also need to be taken by companies to provide their employees with the tools they need to be efficient and successful working from home.

This is where a remote access service like RemotePC comes in. By enabling employees to access their work computers through any personal device including macs, PCs, or even Android and iOS devices, RemotePC allows users to have access to everything they need on their office network, making it simple to work from anywhere they choose.

While questions still remain for companies about when and how to open their doors, they can have peace of mind knowing that their employees can access everything they need on their office computer by using RemotePC.

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