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Windows 10 is gaining rhetoric popularity with every passing day courtesy of its outstanding features. This is also creating a big demand for the software which can protect all users of Windows 10 from potential chances of data loss. However, whenever users try to upgrade their computer to a brand-new HDD or SSD, the very thought of initiating the Windows installation system from its scratch causes them to have sleepless nights. Today we are going to discuss iSunshare CloneGo software and how it can help to clone Windows 10 OS.

iSunshare CloneGo Review
iSunshare CloneGo Review – Best Option to Clone Windows 10 System

What is iSunshare CloneGo

CloneGo is the reliable Windows partition/system clone software which can assist users in copying, backing up as well as restoring both partition data and Windows system. It thus serves as the perfect choice for users who wish to duplicate their Windows operating system with all of its configurations to a new HDD or SSD within a short span of time.

What Does iSunshare CloneGo Offer

  • Users can copy their Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP operating system into another hard drive, HDD or SDD for making the same bootable disk. All of this can be done without reinstalling your original Windows OS.
  • SSD can be added to your computer without having to format your HDD with this versatile software which can create an exact copy of your original Windows OS in another hard drive. Such attributes help in booting your computer from SSD having a similar OS. This simple process can be attained with just a few clicks and on completion of this; you can keep HDD as data partition while booting your computer from SSD.
  • Users get to back-up the partition data in the form of a file in another partition or hard disk. They just have to restore it quickly before using the same.
  • This versatile software even allows creating a backup of the entire partition in a single file which can then be stored in the cloud, SSD/HDD or a USB device.
  • Cloning of dynamic volume to a basic disk becomes easy with this Windows cloning software.
  • It also allows the creation of WinPE which assist in running the program without logging into the computer.

How to Use iSunshare CloneGo

Here, with this Windows partition clone software, you are offered two ways to backup Windows 10 OS. You can choose to clone all Windows 10 system partition data to another hard drive with the Copy function or create a compressed file of the operating system using the Backup function.

Directly Keep a Copy of Windows 10 System Partition

Step #1. Firstly, launch the CloneGo software and in “Select the source target” part, choose the Windows 10 system partition. Usually, the Windows system is installed in local disk C.

Select Windows System Partition
Select Windows System Partition

Step #2. Next, you will have to “Select a destination target” for storing your copied system. It is advisable to back up the destination partition data well in advance as CloneGo tends to format the selected destination target. The destination target should be any partition from a different hard drive.

Choose Destination Target
Choose Destination Target

Step #3. In the third step, you will be required to click on “Start” appearing at the lower right corner of the screen followed by OK when a popup screen appears asking for confirmation.

Format Destination Partition Screen
Format Destination Partition Screen

As the copy of Windows system is completed, you will have to click on OK. You can now boot another laptop or your own computer from the HDD or SSD for running the copied system.

Back-up and Restore Windows Partition Using iSunshare Clonego

After launching CloneGo, you will be required to click on the “Backup” icon appearing at the left side of the interface. Then, you will have to choose the Windows 10 system partition for backing up under “Select a volume to back up” option.

Select System Partition to Back Up
Select System Partition to Back Up

Next, you will have to click the “+ Choose” button appearing under the “Select a path to save the backup file” section. It also becomes possible to rename the backup file before clicking on “Save”.

Set Backup Path
Set Backup Path

Once you are done the above steps, you will be required to click on the ‘Start’ button appearing at the lower right corner of the screen and then tap OK. This will cause a small popup window to open asking users for permission to back-up the system or partition.

Start Backup
Start Backup

After completion of the backup process, you will have to click OK. This indicates that the Windows system partition has been successfully backed up. Users will have to primarily restore the “icg” file if they wish to run the same.

For restoring the backup of Windows system, you will have to select the partition of another disk like an external SSD as the restoration destination. It is thus advisable to select the empty partition of the new hard drive. Restore operation can lead to formatting of the target partition:

  1. First, you will have to select the “Restore” option appearing in the CloneGo user interface.
  2. In the next step, you need to choose a partition having adequate space for serving as the restoration destination of the backup file. It is imperative to note here that the restoration destination of backup partition cannot be the same as that of the partition where your operating system is currently installed or the partition where the backup file is saved.
  3. In the third step, you will have to open the backed-up image file prior to restoring the same by clicking “Choose” button. This helps indirectly importing the “icg” file.
  4. Fourthly, you will have to confirm your operation of formatting the restoration destination by clicking the “Start” button.
  5. On completion of the restoration process, users will receive a notification regarding the same.
Restore The Backup Windows System
Restore The Backup Windows System

That’s all you can backup the Windows 10 operating system with iSunshare CloneGo. Also, the above steps are applicable to Windows 8.1,8 and Windows 7 computers. And you can also copy & backup data partition in Windows with this software. It will never cause any data loss during the whole process.

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