Audio Renderer Error ‘Please Restart Your Computer’ [How to Fix]

One of our users ask a question that he is facing an audio renderer error ‘please restart your computer’. And we try our best to answer this below.

Windows 10 users frequently face audio renderer error. If you are struggling with the same error on your computer, now you don’t have to search anywhere else. Windows 10 has many advanced video and audio playback features, but this Audio renderer error is frequently rising due to some issues.

You can’t play a video or audio if this error pops up. You need to remove this error to enjoy your favorite movies and songs. Many people suggest that if you face an audio renderer error please restart your computer, but honestly, this doesn’t work all time. Please continue to read this article to know how do I fix the audio renderer error on YouTube.

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Audio Renderer Error ‘Please Restart Your Computer’

How to Fix Audio Renderer Error Please Restart Your Computer

It’s a Saturday night, and you are in the mood of watching your favorite movie on a laptop. Then you click on the mp4 file and then suddenly “Audio renderer error. please restart your computer” appears on the screen. What are you going to do?

This error Is disturbing at some times. It may also bother you even you are in a meeting you want to present them any video from your laptop or computer. No matter if you are using Windows 8 to Windows 10, this error will not leave you. Almost all Windows users encountered this error.

This problem is due to the recurrent bugs of some motherboard models. This error may appear if there are any issues with audio drivers. The conflict between Windows Sound Drivers and the ASIO drivers also causes this error. So, if your PC has any of these issues, you will frequently face this error.

If you think that this error will not be impacted if you open videos from YouTube, you are wrong. Even if you open any podcast, you will face the same issue. Don’t worry. It is easy to fix this error. Some proven methods help you to solve this error. So, let’s know the ways that can solve audio renderer error YouTube.

Step #1. Restart your computer:

Generally, the computer is requesting you to restart your computer; you should probably do that. And in most cases restarting the laptop is the best way to deal with the error. For restarting your computer, you need to first go to the Windows menu and then select the power button and choose the Restart option from the Power menu.

restart computer


Step #2. Unplug or Re-plug your headphones or earphones:

It may sound silly, but you have to believe me, for some people, this method was useful. So, give it a shot. If you listen to your earphones and face this issue, first unplug the earphones and then plug it again in the audio jack properly. If you are still having this error, try the next method.

Unplug or Re-plug your headphones or earphones


Step #3. Use Audio Troubleshooter:

Windows is a robust operating system. So, it has included many troubleshooting options if you face any errors. There is an audio troubleshooter in the windows program that identify the problem and resolve it. Follow these steps to solve audio renderer error through audio troubleshooter.

Step #1. Open the Windows search bar, and type “Audio troubleshooter,” and press enter.

Step #2. Now click on the Audio troubleshooter to open the settings windows.

Audio troubleshooter settings

Step #3: From the Audio troubleshooter window, click on Troubleshoot audio playback.

Troubleshoot audio playback

Step #4: You can now start the troubleshooting for playing audio, and after a few seconds, it will show some audio-related problems.

Step #5: Click on troubleshoot to solve these audio-related problems.

Step #4. Disable and Re-enable Audio Drivers:

Step #1: You need to Press Windows + R simultaneously to open the Run search dialog box.

open windows run box


Step #2: Then type “devmgmt.msc” in the Run box and then press the enter key. It will open the Device Manager window.

Step #3: Then you need to select Video, Game, and Sound Controller menu.

sound controller

Step #4: Now, you need to disable these audio adapters, and after a few seconds, you have to re-enable these drivers. For doing this, you need to the right click on it and select the enable option.

Step #5: You should restart your computer and see whether you are facing this issue or not. If yes, then follow the next method.

Step #5: Update the audio driver:

If you are using the outdated audio driver, you may also face “audio renderer error please restart your computer.” For updating your audio drivers, you can use third-party software like the driver easy. You can also manually update the audio drivers by yourself. If you don’t know much about this, many videos on YouTube will teach you how to update audio drivers.

Step #6. Change the Audio format:

If you still face this trouble even after performing five methods, you should try to change the file’s audio format. It is advisable to copy that audio file first. Then do these changes in the one file, and if it helps, you can try this to all files.

Step #1 First, you need to click on the speaker icon and select the “Playback Device” option.

Step #2 Now you can see all connected playback devices and then click on the active playback devices.

Step #3 Lastly, click on the audio format. You can try 16-bit, 4410 Hz. It works for many users.

It is how you can change the audio format, and it will resolve the audio renderer error.

Step #7. Update BIOS

It is the most advanced solution for this problem; you need to know BIOS because if you do this without any experience, it may disturb your PC’s performance. This method is only useful for Dell users. SO, you can directly update BIOS from the firmware, and it will update the whole system, and your audio renderer problem will be resolved.

It is risky to make changes in BIOS. If you change any undesirable settings, it can crash your operating system. So, make sure you have proper guidance from an expert, or you can also visit the Dell support center for updating BIOS.


These are the seven effective methods of resolving audio renderer error. Audio error is frustrating trouble because you can’t see movies, songs, or podcasts. So, you should know these methods before this error ruins your weekend plans. Comment below if you have any questions.

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